Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - Ampharos Conkeldurr - burwell423

2-2-2 Amphoros (non prime)
2 Elgyem (First contact)
4 landorus
1-1-1 Gigalith (Core Cannon)
1-1-1 Conkeldurr (Ability)
1 Druddigon
Pokemon Total = 19

2 dual balls
2 great balls
4 Pcomm
2 revive
2 switch
3 rocky helmet
2 engineer adjustment
3 PElm
2 Interviewer's questions
Trainer/Supporter Total = 24

3 lighting
14 fighting
Energy total = 17

Overall Strategy
Ideally you'd start by getting elgyem out to fill up the bench.  Then you build up an ampharos to be able to use acceleration bolt to build up the energy on the benched pokemon.  This is a great way to speed up pokemon that have heavy attack costs.

Pokemon Analysis
While I like Elgyem, Pichu is a much better choice.  It allows you to fill up the bench on one turn rather than over a few turns and if it stays asleep, can keep your opponent from attacking for a few turns.  I do like the idea of using ampharos' acceleration bolt to attach energy to the benched pokemon.  Since ability conkeldurr can really become a tank with multiple fighting energy attached, I'd focus on this pokemon.  Running a higher line of 3-2-2 or 4-2-3 of both ampharos and conkeldurr will ensure that they'll be able to work well together.  I like the landorus as well since it can discard energy back from the discard pile, but would reduce that number to 2 or 3.  I'd drop the gigalith completely to make more room for the others.  I might also consider running a single shaymin to move around energy as well.  You can always use landorus to get the energy from the discard pile, ampharos to get energy from the deck and once you have a couple of tanked conkeldurr, just keep on attacking. 

Energy Analysis
Instead of running lightning energy, I would consider running rainbow energy instead.  That was, it can help both your ampharos as well as your fighting types.  Maxing out 4 rainbows should give you a better chance of getting that ampharos starting to work fast.  You shouldnt need that much fighting energy in the deck.  9 should be more than enough (for a total of 13 energy).  Using the extra space for trainers and supporters is what will make this deck work.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
This section is where I'll be making the most suggestions. 4 collection and 4 communication will ensure that you can get your basics out as fast as possible in addition to being able to swap a basic for an evolution at any time.  You'll need more draw power like 4 PONT, possibly a couple of N (nice disruption against your opponent) and 3-4 cheren.  With 2 stage 2 pokemon, you'll need 4 rare candy to speed up their evolutions. I might also add a couple of sage to increase the chances of hitting them early.  Since your pokemon are quite bulky and you'll be spending some time getting the energy built up on them, you'll likely lose a couple of prizes early on.  So adding 3 twins will help you catch up later in the game. 

I like a little recovery in a deck like this, like super rod (I prefer it over flower shop lady since it doesnt use your supporter for the turn).  I'd also recommend a couple of catcher to be able to bring up certain pokemon on your opponents bench.  Adding in 4 junk arm will allow you to reuse any trainer over again.  To make room for these suggestions, I'd take out the elm, engineer, revive, great ball, dual ball and at least one interviewers (with enough draw and search support, you shouldn't need to waste your supporter for the turn trying to get out energy).  Rocky helmet could be useful, but I'd at least reduce it to 2 and if you find you still need more room, consider reducing it even more. 

Right now a lot of fighting decks have a great chance to do well since lightning decks are currently what's been the big winner in tournaments (Eel variants).  So if you can get a couple of conkeldurr set up, you should be able to knock out anything lightning your opponent throws at your.  Since conkeldurr is such a tank with all the fightning energy attached, you have a great shot at standing up to a lot of other types of decks as well.  You'll find that it will be difficult to get set up, so don't get discouraged if you're often behind on prizes.  Once you get set up, your opponent is going to have a hard time knocking you out.

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