Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eeveelutions - Kennethih

1 Magby
1 Tyrouge
1 Cleffa
4 Eevee
1 Umbreon
1 Espeon
1 Vaporeon
2-1 Cinccino
1 Absol PRIME
1 Spiritomb
3-1 Mismagius
1 Lugia
Pokemon Total = 20

7 Psychic
7 Water
4 Dark
Energy Total = 18

2 Potion
1 Revive
1 Life Herb
3 Pkmn Communication
2 Switch
2 Dual Ball
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Research Record
2 Team Rocket's Trickery
1 Collector
1 Twins
1 Interviewer's questions
1 Copycat
1 Juniper
Trainer/Supporter Total = 22

Pokemon Analysis
You have quite a few different pokemon in your deck and I think you'll often find when playing it that you're unable to get the specific evolution out that you want because you only run one it.  When you only run one of a card, you'll often find that when it's prized, it can severely hurt your game.  So my first suggestion is to focus on only a few different pokemon.  Cincinno is a great hitter since it can do 100 with a full bench.  So I'd increase the line to 4-3 or 4-4.  You have quite a few eeveelutions, but perhaps focusing on only a few of them will help.  Umbreon can block powers and bodies while espeon can move damage counters around. So I'd run 2 of each and drop the vaporeon.  While babies are useful in the format, too many babies will mean that you're giving up easy prizes.  One cleffa should be all you need for a hand refresher/staller.  However, tyrogue may be useful as the extra bench space to power up cincinno, so if you have the room, it should be safe to include as well.  All the other pokemon in the deck can be dropped to make room for the new additions.   If  you find that you really need another great attacker, zoroark from BW would be a great addition (a 2-2 line).

Energy Analysis
Since you no longer run water if you're dropping vaporeon, you won't need the water energy.  You can easily make use of double colorless energy, primarily with cincinno, so I'd max them out at 4.  Since you run some different energy types, I'd include rainbow energy since it can fit well with any of your pokemon.    Since you're running a lot of special energy, you could suffer from a deck that runs a lot of lost remover trainers, so adding in a few basic energy should finish off your energy line (2-3 of psychic and dark).  If you find that you don't have a lot of lost remover in your area, you can easily make your basic dark into special dark so you can hit more.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Now that we've streamlined your pokemon lines and reduced your energy, we can work on your trainers and supporters, which will determine if this deck can run or not.  4 pokemon collector will ensure that you get a full bench early in the game.  4 pokemon communication will help you get out the exact pokemon you need for evolutions.  You'll probably lose a few prizes early in the game, so 2-3 twins will help you finish setting up to be able to make a comeback. I'd reduce your switch to one since you have pokemon with fairly low retreat costs.  Increasing your PONT to 4, 2-3 cheren and 2 juniper will help you shuffle/draw into what you need.  You'll need 2-3 pokemon catcher to be able to bring up heavy retreaters to stall or bring up weaker/vital tech pokemon for knockouts.  4 junk arms will allow you to reuse any trainer in your discard pile.  A super rod will provide a little recovery.  The other trainers/supporters in the deck should be safe to drop (potion, revive, life herb, dual ball, energy retrieval, research record, team rockets trickery, interviewers and copycat).  By running multiples of a card, you run a higher chance of being able to draw into it.

Now that everything is more focused, you should have an easier time running the deck.  Good luck!!

Kingdra Cincinno - ccastan15

3-1-3 kingdra (2 prime, 1 non)
4-4 cinccino
1-1 zoroark
2 manaphy
Pokemon Total = 19

4 double colorless
2 rescue
6 water
Energy Total = 12

4 rare candy
4 junk arm
3 communication
2 dual ball
2 collector
2 revive
1 flowershop
1 twins
4 pluspower
3 oaks
2 elms
Trainer/Supporter Total = 28

Pokemon Analysis
This is one of my favorite non-meta decks and one that I have built currently.  I prefer a single cleffa over the manaphy since it's something that you may never use in a game.  With catcher, I'd like to increase the horsea number to 4 as well as add in another seadra in case you encounter a lot of trainer lock.  I'd include one more kingdra prime so that in case one if prized, you can ensure getting at least 2 set up fairly early.

Energy Analysis
Perfect, I wouldn't change a thing.  Maxing out your DCE is perfect since both zoroark, cincinno and the non-prime kingdra can utilize them, rescue is going to help you reuse your pokemon and water is for attacking  with kingdra (just in case).

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd max out your collector to 4 instead of having a combination of dual ball and collector.  I'd swap your flower shop for a super rod since it doesn't use your supporter for the turn and you can reuse it with junk arm.  I'd drop the pluspower since kingdra will allow you to put the additional damage on that you need.  You can also drop the revive and the elm since you need at least 2-3 catcher in the deck as well as some more shuffle/draw power.  In addition to the 3 oaks, I'd consider adding in 2 juniper and some cheren (2-3).

I don't have too many suggestions for your deck since it already appears to be pretty consistent.  The slight change in trainers/supporters should help you get set up a little faster.  If you find that you need a little more room in the deck, you may be able to drop the zoroark line since hitting for 100 with spreading damage counters should be enough to take out quite a few different types of pokemon.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chandelure Crobat - jmdilley02

2 cleffa
2 tornadus
2-1 garbodor
3-2-1 chandelure
3-2-2 crobat prime
Pokemon Total = 20

1 N
1 FSL (flower shop lady)
2 Interviewers
2 pokemon collector
1 rare candy
1 xtransceiver
2 pokemon comm.
2 pluspower
2 rocky helmet
2 switch
2 pokemon catcher
3 junkarm
Trainer/Supporter Total = 26

12 psychic energy
2 double colorless
Energy Total = 14

Pokemon Analysis
I think you have an interesting idea combining chandelure and crobat prime.  While garbador and tornadus can certainly have their uses in the deck, I think you'll have a more consistent and powerful deck if you focus on only those 2 pokemon as attackers.  I would recommend a chandelure line of 4-2-3 and a crobat line of 4-2-3 as well.  This will ensure that you can get both pokemon up.  So you don't have to pay a retreat cost for chandelure or always rely on a switch, I'd add dodrio (2-2 line) which will give you free retreat.  That way you can easily move them back and forth and when you use your switch could, attack more frequently.  I'd keep in one cleffa in case you need a new hand or need to stall, but would drop the garbador and tornadus.    If you have any extra room in the deck I would consider adding jirachi which de-evolves your opponents pokemon (and can get energy back from the discard pile).  That way you can spread quite a bit of damage and then take out the pokemon as basics. 

I think you can easily drop to 10 energy in the deck.  Chandelure is the only pokemon that needs a signficant amount of energy, and you don't always need to attack with it (you'll mainly want it for the ability).  Crobat only needs one energy and he'll be your main attacker.  So I would have 8 psychic energy and 2 rescue energy.

You'll want 4 pokemon collector to ensure that you get a fast start setting up your bench.  3 communication and 4 rare candy (since you have two stage 2 pokemon lines) will ensure that you can get them up fairly fast.  Instead of running flower shop lady, I'd recommend super rod.  It doesn't waste your supporter for the turn and you can always reuse it if you need to with junk arm (which I recommend increasing to 4).  I would keep in your two switch so you can move between multiple chandelure and still be able to poison your opponent with crobat.  I might consider increasing your catcher to 3 so you can drag up something with a heavy retreat so that they can't get out of the poison as easily. 

The last suggestion that I'd make is to increase your number of hand refreshers/draw cards.  2-3 N, 3-4 PONT, 2-3 cheren.  To make room for these changes I'd drop the elm (communication/collector works just as well and is much faster), interviewers (since you don't need much energy to attack you should be able to easily draw into it with N, PONT and cheren), rocky helmet, xtransciever and pluspower.  Pluspower will only work when you're attacking with chandelure since crobat is damage counters rather than damage.

I think this deck has a lot of potential if it was just chandelure, dodrio and crobat.  With a solid trainer/supporter line I could see this deck spreading a lot of damage and then taking quite a few knockouts with jirachi.

Pokemon Deck Review - Reshiram Typhlosion Zoroark- Pok3m0nSt4r

4-2-4 Typhlosion
4 Reshiram
2 Cleffa
2-2 Ninetales
2-2 Zoroark
Pokemon Total = 24

2 Twins
1 Professor Juniper
2 Flower Shop Lady
4 Rare Candy
4 Junk Arm
4 Pokemon Collector
Trainer/Supporter Total = 20

14 Fire Energies
2 Rescue Energies
Energy Total = 16

Pokemon Analysis
While I see how zoroark can be useful, it's more consistent to drop it to increase your trainers/supporters.  You only need one cleffa as well (many games you'll find that with the right hand refreshers, you wont need to use it). The rest of your pokemon lines are very strong and I don't think they need to be changed.  If you find that you're running into a lot of trainer lock, then perhaps adding a quilava would help.

Energy Analysis
16 energy is pretty high for this type of deck.  While rescue is great to recover those reshiram, you should be easily able to go down to 10 fire energy (total of 12 energy in the deck).

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have a great foundation with 4 collector to get out basics, 4 rare candy to get up the typhlosions 3 PONT for hand refreshers, 2 twins in case you're behind and 4 junk arm to reuse your trainers.  I'd add in 3 communication to be able to swap out pokemon in your hand for the ones that you need.  I'd increase your juniper to 2.  This will speed up the deck quite a bit and ensure that you can get what you need faster.  Instead of 2 flower shop lady, I'd use one super rod for recovery.  Junk arm will allow you to reuse it if you have to (or if you had to toss it with juniper).  I'd add in 3 catcher to bring up benched pokemon and 2 pluspower to be able to get the KO's on other dragons like kyurem and zekrom without having to waste another attack.  I'd consider adding in a single switch in case your cleffa is sleeping or in case you don't want to use energy to retreat. 

Reshiphlosion is one of the most consistent decks in the format.  While it's starting to lose popularity, it's still continuing to do well in tournament.  After a few tweaks to your trainers/supporters, I think you'll have a better build that will do very well in tournament!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - Eelektrik Zekrom Thundurus - yugioh4ev

4 thundurus
4 zekrom
3-2 eelektrik
3-2-2 reuniclus
Pokemon Total = 20

3 catcher
4 eviolite
4 comunication
3 rare candy
4 collector
4 pont
2 sage training
2 cheren
Trainer/Supporter Total = 26

12 thunder energy
2 double colorless
Energy Total = 14

Overall Strategy
Eelektric's ability allows you to attach one lightning energy from the discard pile to one of your benched pokemon per turn.  With 2 eel set up, you can attach 3 energy each turn (one from your hand) allowing you to power up a thundurus or a zekrom.  Thundurus is your ideal starter since it can attach energy from the deck to itself as its attack.  This helps the energy acceleration.  It's second attack forces you to discard an energy, but that's okay, since you can reattach it with your eels, allowing you to power up a heavier attacker like zekrom. Reuniclus allows you to move damage around to be able to outrage rather than bolt strike with zekrom for knockouts.

Pokemon Analysis
While I see how reuniclus is useful, in a non trainer lock deck, it's going to be big catcher bait with such a low HP.  I think it would be better to take it out and focus more on the other pokemon.  Increasing your eel line to a 4-3 will allow you to get a third eel up if one is knocked out.  The extra basic ensures that if you lose one early to catcher, you can easily recover.  I find that with only 2 eel in the deck, often one is prized, which can make your game very difficult.  I also like one cleffa in the deck in case of horribly bad hands as well as being a free retreater to serve in the active position once something is knocked out.  That will allow you to use your eels to get something powered back up, then free retreat into that pokemon.  I try to avoid the 30 HP tynamo because of kyurems glaciate as well as chandelure's ability.  Both do 30, so your tynamos would never have a chance to become eels. 

Energy Analysis
I find that it's more consistent to run straight lightning energy rather than including the DCE.  Often I find in eel variant  decks that rescue is a better special energy option.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
If you take my suggestion about dropping reuniclus, then you can also drop the rare candy.  3 communication should be enough to search out for what you need, especially since everything is a basic except for the eels,. I'd add in a super rod just in case you need to prevent yourself from decking out, or if you have crucial pokemon prized and lose some early (mainly the eels).  I'd add in 4 junk arm to be able to reuse any trainers.  Junk arm is also great for getting lightning into the discard pile.  Increasing your sage to 3 will also help you get the lightning in the discard pile.  I'd add in one switch, just in case you don't want to pay the retreat cost of your active. I find that a switch is particularly useful when I dont have a free retreater on the bench and I need to power something up on the bench after a knock out.  I'd also consider adding some N rather than cheren.  Once your eels are set up, you can live off of the field and a low hand size shouldnt hurt you.  However, your opponent may not have a deck that can live off the field, so bringing their hand size down to a few cards can really hurt them.  N can also serve as a great hand refresher early in the game as well (when you have most of your prizes left) yet still serves as a bit of disruption.

Eel variant decks are currently doing very well in cities tournaments because they can utilize big HP basics as main attackers and can keep a fresh stream of energy going when one is knocked out.  While the reuniclus is a good idea, I think it's just catcher bait (especially since it's lower stages are so weak).  I feel like too many of your resources would be used on getting it out, and a lot of the speed that eel decks have would be lost because of it.  I hope my suggestions help!

Pokemon Deck Review - Ampharos Conkeldurr - burwell423

2-2-2 Amphoros (non prime)
2 Elgyem (First contact)
4 landorus
1-1-1 Gigalith (Core Cannon)
1-1-1 Conkeldurr (Ability)
1 Druddigon
Pokemon Total = 19

2 dual balls
2 great balls
4 Pcomm
2 revive
2 switch
3 rocky helmet
2 engineer adjustment
3 PElm
2 Interviewer's questions
Trainer/Supporter Total = 24

3 lighting
14 fighting
Energy total = 17

Overall Strategy
Ideally you'd start by getting elgyem out to fill up the bench.  Then you build up an ampharos to be able to use acceleration bolt to build up the energy on the benched pokemon.  This is a great way to speed up pokemon that have heavy attack costs.

Pokemon Analysis
While I like Elgyem, Pichu is a much better choice.  It allows you to fill up the bench on one turn rather than over a few turns and if it stays asleep, can keep your opponent from attacking for a few turns.  I do like the idea of using ampharos' acceleration bolt to attach energy to the benched pokemon.  Since ability conkeldurr can really become a tank with multiple fighting energy attached, I'd focus on this pokemon.  Running a higher line of 3-2-2 or 4-2-3 of both ampharos and conkeldurr will ensure that they'll be able to work well together.  I like the landorus as well since it can discard energy back from the discard pile, but would reduce that number to 2 or 3.  I'd drop the gigalith completely to make more room for the others.  I might also consider running a single shaymin to move around energy as well.  You can always use landorus to get the energy from the discard pile, ampharos to get energy from the deck and once you have a couple of tanked conkeldurr, just keep on attacking. 

Energy Analysis
Instead of running lightning energy, I would consider running rainbow energy instead.  That was, it can help both your ampharos as well as your fighting types.  Maxing out 4 rainbows should give you a better chance of getting that ampharos starting to work fast.  You shouldnt need that much fighting energy in the deck.  9 should be more than enough (for a total of 13 energy).  Using the extra space for trainers and supporters is what will make this deck work.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
This section is where I'll be making the most suggestions. 4 collection and 4 communication will ensure that you can get your basics out as fast as possible in addition to being able to swap a basic for an evolution at any time.  You'll need more draw power like 4 PONT, possibly a couple of N (nice disruption against your opponent) and 3-4 cheren.  With 2 stage 2 pokemon, you'll need 4 rare candy to speed up their evolutions. I might also add a couple of sage to increase the chances of hitting them early.  Since your pokemon are quite bulky and you'll be spending some time getting the energy built up on them, you'll likely lose a couple of prizes early on.  So adding 3 twins will help you catch up later in the game. 

I like a little recovery in a deck like this, like super rod (I prefer it over flower shop lady since it doesnt use your supporter for the turn).  I'd also recommend a couple of catcher to be able to bring up certain pokemon on your opponents bench.  Adding in 4 junk arm will allow you to reuse any trainer over again.  To make room for these suggestions, I'd take out the elm, engineer, revive, great ball, dual ball and at least one interviewers (with enough draw and search support, you shouldn't need to waste your supporter for the turn trying to get out energy).  Rocky helmet could be useful, but I'd at least reduce it to 2 and if you find you still need more room, consider reducing it even more. 

Right now a lot of fighting decks have a great chance to do well since lightning decks are currently what's been the big winner in tournaments (Eel variants).  So if you can get a couple of conkeldurr set up, you should be able to knock out anything lightning your opponent throws at your.  Since conkeldurr is such a tank with all the fightning energy attached, you have a great shot at standing up to a lot of other types of decks as well.  You'll find that it will be difficult to get set up, so don't get discouraged if you're often behind on prizes.  Once you get set up, your opponent is going to have a hard time knocking you out.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - Blastoise Cincinno Kingdra - PokePieProductions

3-3-3 Blastoise
2-2 Floatzel
2-2 Cincinno
2 cryogonal (uncommon #32)
2-1-1 Kingdra Prime
1 Cleffa
Pokemon Total = 24

2 Energy Retrieval
1 Super Rod
3 Pokemon Communication
3 Professor Elm
2 Rare Candy
3 Potion
2 Switch
1 Blackbelt
2 Interviewers
1 Junk Arm
1 N
Trainer/Supporter = 23

12 Water Energy
1 Rescue Energy
Energy = 13

Overall Strategy
Floatzel is the energy acceleration for this deck, allowing blastoise to hit anywhere it likes for 100 each turn.  Kingdra's poke power allows  you to place a damage counter each turn, maknig it easier to get those KO's in one hit with blastoise.  Cincinno can also hit for 100 each turn as long as there is a full bench and is a nice non-water attaker.

Pokemon Analysis
You already have quite a few water pokemon in this deck, so I dont think you need the uncommon cryogonal.  While it can one-shot donphans, so can your blastoise.  The uncommon cryogonal is really only a good donphan counter in a non water deck.  Dropping it will give you more room for other cards. If you can increase your kingdra prime to a 3-1-2 line, this will ensure that you can get at least one, possible 2 up in a game.  I might increase your floatzel to a 3-3 line just in case you lose one.  Ideally you'll want two on the bench at all times. I'd also change your blastoise line to either a 4-2-3 or a 4-3-3 depending on the amount of trainer lock decks in your area.  This will allow you to be able to lose a squirtle early in the game, but still be able to get several blastoise going through the rest of the game. 

Energy Analysis
While you say you don't have DCE, this is a deck that really needs it.  Not only can your blastoise benefit from it, but your cincinno can as well.  Without it, you'd have to manually power up a cincinno and that could take time if you only have one floatzel on the field and need to  use your energy attachment for the turn to recharge blastoise. I would look at an energy line of 3 DCE, 2 rescue, and 8 water energy.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You'll need 4 pokemon collector to get a fast start.  Since you run 2 stage pokemon, maxing out your rare candy is a necessity.  I think you can safely drop the potion and the elm.  Your communication will help you search out the pokemon you need rather than wasting your supporter for a turn.  I dont think you need interviewers either, but perhaps keeping one would be helpful.  While you say that you don't have twins, I'd look into getting some.  Black belt is useful, but   twins is better for the long run.  Adding a couple of twins will help you get set up, especially when you're behind.  I'd max out your junk arm to 4 to be able to reuse pokemon.  You should be able to go down to 1 switch since most of your pokemon have one 1 retreat and blastoise is the pokemon you typically want to be active anyways.  Increasin your PONT to 4 will really help you refresh your hand to be able to get the cards that you need.  I might even increase your N to 2 since you can work off of the field once you're set up.  Using N when there's only a few prizes left won't hurt you nearly as bad as your opponent as long as you have a floatzel and blastoise on the field.  While you say that you don't have catcher, that's another card that is a necessity in every deck (except trainer lock), so I would look at getting/adding 2 of them.  You can easily catcher up heavy retreat pokemon and snipe around them with blastoise.  

Your biggest threat right now is all the Eel varient decks that are going around right now.  Most of your deck is weak to lightning, so even though you can deal quite a bit of damage, you're likely still going to be getting knocked out in one hit.  Reworking your trainer and supporter line to be able to get your pokemon out faster will give you a change.  You might also want to look at a feraligatr prime line instead of floatzel.  While it's harder to set up, it's not weak to lightning, so you'll have a secondary attacker to rely on.