Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - ThePokemonProject911 - samurott emboar reshiram

1 reshiram
3-2-2 emboar (one ability, one non)
2-1 simisear
3-2-1 stoutland
1-1 Suicune and Entei legend
4-3-2 Samurott (1 ability, 1 non)
pokemon total = 28
11 water energy
11 fire energy
energy total = 22
4 potion
3 switch
1 pokemon communication
1 legend box
1 cheerleader's cheer
trainer/supporter total = 10
Pokemon Analysis
You have quite a few different pokemon in this deck, mostly being split between fire and water.  The only pokemon that doesn't fit is the stoutland.  I dont think the stoutland has a strong enough attack to remain in the deck, so I'd drop it.  Since you don't have a starter in the deck like cleffa or manaphy, you may want to keep a 2-2 line of herdier, but only the ones that allow you to draw cards. That could serve as your starter pokemon. 
I would also recommend dropping the suicune entei legend.  It needs 3 energy to be able to attack, but with pokemon catcher, it can easily be brought up from the benched and KO'd before you can build it up.  That's going to allow your opponent to take 2 easy prizes since its a legend.  I woudl also drop the simisear, since the others are much stronger.  So the pokemon that are left are the reshiram, emboar and samurott.  I would add in one more ability emboar so that you can make sure that you're always able to attach as many fire energy as you like per turn.  Ideally, you'll be able to use your one energy attachment per turn for the water energy on samurott, while adding on as much fire as needing to your reshiram and other emboar to be able to attack each turn.  I like the split between ability and non ability pokemon since the non ability emboar has a more powerful attack and samurott non ability can snipe.
Energy Analysis
22 energy is quite high for this deck, even though you have to discard a lot of them to attack.  All of your pokemon can benefit from double colorless energy, so I would add 4 of them.  This is going to allow you to be able to attack faster while you get your stage 2 lines of pokemon set up.  I would keep the deck primarily fire, with around 7 fire energy, and include only 4 water energy.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Only 10 trainers and supporters are not going to help you get your pokemon and energy out when you need them.  Hopefully by dropping some of the pokemon lines and energy will have made quite a bit of room for additional trainers/supporters. 
You'll need 3-4 cards to search out basics like pokemon collector and dual ball.  Increasing your communication to 3 will help you throw those basics back into for higher stage pokemon.  3 rare candy will allow you to evolve faster and 3-4 junk arm will let you reuse all of your trainer and supporters.  To draw into what you need, add 1 juniper and possibly 3 cheren.  To refresh your hand, add in 4 professor oaks new theory. 
You're discarding quite a bit of energy, so you'll need some recovery cards.  First, twins can help get the cards you need if you're behind in the game.  Flower shop lady will put energy and pokemon back into your deck. Finally, you'll need a combination of energy retrieval and fisherman to put the energy from your discard pile back into your hand to allow you to be able to immediately reuse it.  I would probably try 2-3 of each and see how they work out for you. 
Add in 2 pokemon catcher in case you need to bring up something heavy to stall or bring up something for an easy knock out.  Drop your number of switch down to 1 since you can always reuse them with junk arm.  You can drop the cheerleaders cheer since cheren does the same thing but doesnt help your opponent, potion and legend box.
I hope my suggestions help this deck become more consistent and win a few more games!  As it is, you're going to have a hard time drawing into what you need, when you need it.  With the changes, it should be much more consistent and effective. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - BoosterKracker - Reshiram Ninetales Typhlosion

3 reshiram
1 zekrom
3 cleffa
1 tyrogue
2-1-2 emboar
1-1 ninetales
1-1-1 typhlosion
1-1 rayquaza deoxys legend
3 electric
11 fire
3 collector
2 sage
2 juniper
4 communication
3 candy
2 revive
2 reversal
3 retrieval
2 junk arm
1 switch
Overall Strategy
This deck revolves around reshiram who can hit for 120, but must discard 2 energy.  Techs like typhlosion and emboar allow you to add those energy on fairly quickly.  Ninetales allows you to draw 3 cards when you discard 1 energy.  The rayquaza deoxys legend is great for the late-game, being able to take 2 prizes when it knocks out a pokemon.
Pokemon Analysis
You have both ability emboar and typhlosion for adding energy to reshiram.  I would choose one or the other for consistency.  With yanmega and magnezone decks constantly judging you, you'll want to rely on something that doesn't focus on what's in your hand, therefore typhlosion is the better play.  4-3-4 or 3-2-3 would be best, although you can always decrease the stage 1 and increase rare candy.  I would increase your ninetales to 2-2 since it will be a great target for pokemon catcher.  I would take out the zekrom since you'll be hitting hard enough to knock out most water pokemon.  You can always rely on RDL to take out a really big water pokemon if needed.  Reduce your number of cleffa or replace them with manaphy so there's a smaller risk of being donked by your opponents tyrogue. 
Energy Analysis
I wouldn't change anything.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I would add in one twins if you're behind since yanmega decks will typically take the first prize and flower shop for recovery of not just energy, but also pokemon.  Increasing your junk arm would allow you to be able to reuse your trainers more often, and also allow you to safely reduce your communication to 3.  If you decide to focus more on typhlosion rather than emboar, you can easily reduce your energy retrieval down to 1-2.  The only reason I would keep them would be to use ninetales body or get the energy you need to attach for the turn rather than afterburner.  With multiple juniper, you're more likely to run through your deck pretty fast, so I would decrease it to 1.  Increasing your sage, PONT or adding in cheren, would allow you to get what you need faster.   Now that catcher is out, you can replace your reversals (being able to reuse catcher is another reason why you want to increase your number of junk arm). 
This is a great deck as long as you increase your lines of tech and focus only on one, rather than both.  I like the idea of RDL in a reshiram deck since your opponent wouldn't expect it outside of a magneboar deck.  I can easily see it getting set up in one turn with the use of 3 typhlosions, so it wouldn't be bait for catcher.

Pokemon Deck Review - CyberGalaxyPegasus10 - lucario samurott

3-2-2 Samurott
2-2 Simisear
3-2-1 Stoutland
2 Basculin
2-2 Lucario
2-1/1 flareon jolteon
2 pidgey
pokemon total = 30
8 fire
9 water
1 special dark
energy total = 18
1 rare candy
1 elm
2 sage
2 communication
2 interviewer
3 juniper
trainer/supporter total = 12
Pokemon Analysis
30 pokemon is a bit too many for a deck.  Pidgey is your starter pokemon, helping you search for other pokemon that you need.  While it can't be knocked out as easy as baby pokemon, I feel that the shuffle power of babies and manaphy are a bit better for decks.  You have an excellent line of non ability samurott.  It's second attack can hit pretty hard while its first attack can snipe.  Unfortunately, this is the only pokemon that I like in this deck.  While I like the variety of different types, none have strong attacks without having to build up quite a few energy on it.  Since samurott is weak to lightning, you need a strong fighting type.  Lucario's best attack is dimension sphere, but it needs pokemon in the lost zone, and you don't have any way of doing that. However, you have a strong line of lucario, so I think we should still focus on that pokemon. 
There's a few ways that you can get your pokemon in the lost zone.  I would recommend either mew or absol prime. Mew allows you to search pokemon out from your deck to put them in the lost zone, while absol requires that you use put a pokemon from your hand into the lost zone as part of its attack.  It's body also does damage when your opponent plays basics, so it would be a great starter too.  I might actually recommend a combination of both of them and not worrying about any other starter in the deck.
So essentially, you'd run a combination of mew/absol as starters while you build up samurott and lucario on the bench.  Drop all the other pokemon to make room for them.  I'd run about 2-3 of each starter, 3-2-3 or 4-3-4 samurott, and 3-3 lucario. 
Energy Analysis
So if you decide to go with my idea about lucario, I would recommend adding 4 double colorless energy since samurott and lucario can use them.  Absol will need dark energy, so add 4 special dark so it can hit harder.  Mew will need psychic energy, so include 4 and samurott will need water, so I would include 4 of those for a total of 16 energy.  This is still pretty high, but you can always go back and take out a few later.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Now that we've reduced the lines of pokemon and energy, we can fill those spots in with cards to get what you need.  To refresh your hand, increase your PONT to 4, reduce your line of juniper to 1 (so you don't deck yourself by discarding too many), and possibly add in a few cheren to draw into a few more.  Since you run so many energy, I dont think you'll need the interviewers, but you can always leave one in if you think you need it.  I would add in some cards to search for basics, like pokemon collector and dual ball (a combination of 3), increase your communication to 3 and add in 3 junk arm to be able to reuse your trainers. 
You'll need some recovery, so add in one flower shop to get cards back from the discard pile and 1 twins to help you get what you need if you're behind.  I would also add in 2-3 pokemon catcher to be able to get as many easy knockouts as you can, or to just stall your opponent until you can get set up.  I'd also increase your rare candy to 2.  To make room for these changes, you can drop the sage and possibly the elm. 
The deck that you have at the moment is pretty scattered as far as pokemon go.  But if you streamline is a bit, reduce your energy and increase your trainers/supporters, you should have a much more sucessful deck.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - CookieCruncher94 - togekiss blissey tyrogue and many others!

3 Mareep
3 Pikachu
1 Tyrogue
1 Hitmonchan
1 Sandile
3-1 Blissey
3 Clefairy
2 Patrat
4-2-1 Togekiss
1 Lunatone
pokemon total = 26

1 Energy Retrieval
1 Energy Returner
1 Energy Search
1 Plus Power
1 Poke Ball
1 Potion
1 Revive
1 Switch
1 Engineer's Adjustments
1 Professor Elm's Method
1 Professor Juniper
1 Sages Training
trainer/supporter total = 12
20 energy
Pokemon Analysis
As a new player, you may not have a lot of pokemon to work with, but typically just from opening a few packs, you can get a few lines of pokemon together.  Blissey is actually a decent attacker, able to do 80 per turn.  The problem is that it damages itself, however, you can reduce that damage with defender.  While I'm not a fan of togekiss because if you flip tails, you can't do anything, you run a pretty strong line of it.  Tyrogue is a great card because it can possibly knock out other baby pokemon and if it can stay asleep, can't be hurt. 
For the rest of the pokemon in the deck, I would really try to find their evolutions (sandile, mareep, pikachu, etc....).  Otherwise they're just not very strong pokemon.  You can easily trade for them online, at pokemon leagues, if you have some other cards to trade.  They're also relatively cheap too (I could potentially sell you some).
Energy Analysis
You didn't list the types that you run, but I would recomment including some double colorless energy (which you can get just for playing at leagues).  Other than that, I would add in basic energy of the types that you're running until you get around 14.  Some decks can easily run with fewer, but as a new player, you're going to want to be able to draw into them easily.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have some good cards in this section such as the switch, juniper and elm.  Sage could possibly work in this deck, but could also hurt you since you have to discard.  Energy cards in the discard pile aren't useful, so I wouldn't recommend the engineer either.
First you need cards to search for basics (pokemon collector and dual ball), then pokemon communication to swap them out for higher pokemon that you need.  While you do have the energy retrieval, flower shop is much better for being able to recover pokemon as well.  If you decide to decrease your energy line, you may want to add the retrieval, but I wouldn't recommend it.  While juniper is a great hand refresher, I would also add in 4 professor oaks new theory and possibly a few cheren,
I would add in twins in case you're behind as well as some defender for your blissey.  It reduces the damage it does to itself as well as damage from attacks for one turn.  I would add in 3-4 junk arm so you can reuse your trainers.  If you can get some pokemon catcher, I would also add a couple of them in to be able to get the easy knockouts.  Any trainer that I haven't mentioned here can be dropped to make room for the ones that I've suggested.

Pokemon Deck Review - samisnotweird123 - Scizor Ampharos Raichu

2 Zekrom
2-1 Raichu prime
2-2-3 Ampharos (2 prime, 1 non)
2-1 Electrivire triumphant
2-1 Scizor prime
1 Cleffa
1 tyrogue
2 shuckle promo
1 shaymin
pokemon total = 23
2 rare candy
2 pokemon communication
1 switch
1 energy retrieval
1 lost remover
2 revive
1 pokemon collector
1 flower shop lady
energy total = 14
13 electric energy
6 special metal
energy total = 22
Pokemon Analysis
This is mostly a lightning deck with a bit of a steel twist.  It's got some strong attackers in it, but I think it's a bit too spread out.  Both zekrom and raichu are hitting for the same amount, but obviously have their differences. Zekrom is a basic, but does damage to itself.  Raichu can move energy to itself, but has to discard the energy when its done.  I would choose one or the other, possibly raichu if you can add a second one.  Ampharos is a great addition to the deck to speed up energy attachments with the non prime or do small amounts of damage with the non primes body that forces your opponent to take a damage counter each time it attaches an energy.  I would increase the mareep to 3, possibly 4, to ensure that you can get both ampharos out.
The electivire has a nice second attack, but most decks don't spread out their energy that much, so I don't know how useful it would be.  I like the scizor prime as another attacker, but with all the fire in the format, I don't know how long it would stay alive.  Shuckle promo is nice to be able to draw more, but then you have to rely on the raichu to pull the energy off or the bench space for the shaymin.  With 10 different pokemon, you simply won't have the bench space.  So I would take out the shuckle, shaymin and electivire and increase the scizor prime to 2.  Your starters of cleffa and tyrogue are good.
Energy Analysis
22 energy is way too many energy in the deck.  I like the DCE since both ampharos can use it, but would probably drop it down to 2.  You can only have 4 special energy, so I would take out 2 special metal to meet that requirement, and include 2 basic metal energy.  I would drop your lightning energy to 8 for a total of 16.  That's still pretty high, so if you're finding that you need more room for trainers/supporters, I would take out the basic metal and further reduce the lightning energy.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
To search out for basics early on, increase your basic search cards like pokemon collector and dual ball.  Increasing your pokemon communication to 3 will allow you to swap the pokemon in your hand for what you need at the moment.  One of the biggest parts of decks is being able to refresh your hand a bit.  You can do that by adding more professor oaks new theory (4 total) as well as a few cheren from the new emerging powers set.  I would also add in one juniper in case you need a nice big fresh hand. I would take out the energy retrieval since you already run so many of them (you can also get some with flower shop lady), but add in one twins in case you need to come back from behind.  I like the switch to get sleeping babies out as well as the 2 rare candy to speed up ampharos' evolution.
To make room for some of these changes, I would take out the lost remover and revive.  They can both help, but there are others that are needed more in this deck.  I would also add in 3-4 junk arm so you can reuse any of the trainers that you've already used.  Since pokemon catcher will be released soon, I would add in 2 of them so you can use them to either stall by forcing your opponent to bring up heavy pokemon that aren't ready (and hopefully they don't have the switch) or can bring up pokemon that you want to knock out.
I think once you streamline your pokemon a bit, reduce your energy and increase the trainers and supporters, this deck will run much more consistently for you.

Pokemon Deck Review - thesnowwarrior deck - Kingdra Samurott

3-2-3 Kingdra (2 prime, 1 non)
3-2-3 Samurott (2 ability, 1 non)
2-2 Floatzel (unleashed)
1 Manaphy
pokemon total = 21

x13 Water Energy
energy total = 13

x2 Seeker
x1 Twins
x3 Junk Arm
x2 Prof. Oak New Theory
x4 Rare Candy
x4 Pokemon Catcher/Reversal
x2 Judge
x3 Pokemon Communication
x2 Pokemon Collector
x1 Flower Shop Lady
x2 Energy Retrieval
trainer/supporter total = 26

This is pretty much a straight water deck with some of the strongest water pokemon in the format.  Kingdra prime is primarily for the spray splash poke power that places one damage counter per turn.  The other kingdra can hit for 80 if you return an energy to your hand.  Samurott is a tank, reducing all damage done to it by 20, but also being able to hit more for each water energy attached.  The non ability samurott is perfect for sniping the bench while being able to do some damage to the active.  Floatzel allows you to attach extra energy per turn to itself.

Pokemon Analysis
While floatzel is a great way to increase the amount of energy you can attach per turn, but without shaymin or blastoise, you can't move it around.  Otherwise, it's not a terribly strong attacker.  So I would drop it completely, unless you plan on running either of those pokemon.  I might increase your basics to 4, rather than 3, because with pokemon catcher there's a higher chance of them being KO'd before you can evolve them.  I might also increase your manaphy to 2, to increase the chance that you'll draw it on the first turn and reduce the chance of it being prized.  Other than that, I think you have great lines of pokemon.

Energy Analysis
Since both samurott and the non prime kingdra can utilize double colorless energy, I would include 4 of them and reduce the water energy to 8-9.  If you decide to include a pokemon to move around the extra energy attached with floatzel, then maybe you can stick to all DCE.  But otherwise, DCE will greatly speed up the deck. 

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
To increase the chances of getting basic pokemon out early, I would increase the line of pokemon collector to 3-4, adding in dual ball if you don't have any more collector.  I don't really like judge in this deck, because you don't have a pokemon draw engine like magnezone to be able to recover from it or a card that needs to control the hand size of your opponent like yanmega.  I think increasing your professor oaks new theory and possibly adding in a cheren would be more beneficial. I would add in one switch in case something is catcher'd up before you're ready so you don't have to pay the energy to retreat.  I would drop the seeker since without BTS, it's going to be difficult to set a stage 2 pokemon going again.  However, if you decide to keep the seeker, adding in switch's become even more important.  I doubt that you'll need 2 energy retrieval in a game, so I would decrease that to 1.  I would also increase your junk arm to 4, and consider decreasing your catcher and rare candy since you can always just use junk arm to reuse them.   Getting more hand refreshers like cheren and PONT in your

I think this is already a pretty good deck.  The pokemon lines are really strong and there's not that much that I can suggest that could improve the deck.  Thanks for submitting it!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - epicskittles14 - Magnezone Emboar Reshiram RDL

2-1-2 emboar
3-1-3 magnezone
2 reshiram
1-1 rayquaza deoxys legend
1 tyrogue
1 cleffa
pokemon total = 18

12 fire
4 electric
2 rescue
energy total = 18

3 energy retrieval
3 communication
3 elm
4 rare candy
2 switch
2 junk arm
2 twins
2 energy search
2 reversal
1 collector
trainer/supporter total = 24

Overal Strategy
This is your standard magneboar deck.  Ability emboar allows you to attach as many fire energy as you want per turn.  Magnezone acts as your draw engine as well a heavy hitter, allowing you do send energy to the lost zone hitting for 50 for each energy.  Since you don't always want to be attacking with magnezone since you'll lose a lot of energy that way, you run reshiram to hit for 120 per turn.  Emboar allows you to attach those energy that you discarded as long as you can get them back into your hand.  Rayquaza deoxys legend is great for mid-late game to grab 2 prizes per knockout.  Cleffa is your lone baby starter, allowing you to refresh your hand as its attack, while tyrogue is for hopefully getting the donk on other baby pokemon.

Pokemon Analysis
I might consider adding one more magneton to the magnezone line if vileplume starts becoming more of a problem.  Other than that, I think your pokemon line is perfect.

Energy Analysis
18 is a bit high, even for a deck like this that forces you to discard and lost zone a lot of energy.  I don't think you really need the rescue energy, so I would drop them (I prefer to use a flower shop).  However, if you really like them, I would just drop a couple of fire.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I really like the energy retrieval, but I also like fisherman in case you're under trainer lock.  I think you'll be fine with 3 rare candy rather than 4.  I typically only see one switch per deck, but with catcher coming out, you'll want to have 2 in case your magnezone's are dragged out.  Your line of pokemon communication is great, but I like to see more basic searching cards.  I would increase your 1 collector to 3, possibly 4, relying on those communication to swap them out for evolutions.  If you don't have collector, you can always try dual ball.  When catcher comes out, I would replace the reversal with it, but I'm sure you were already planning on that. 

While I like the twins in the deck in case you're behind, I don't think you need two of them.  I would stick to 1 and add in 1 flower shop lady so you don't have to rely so much on your rescue.  Increase your line of junk arm to 3-4 since you run quite a few trainers, most of them cards that you'll want to reutilize.  With a strong line of communication/collector, you won't need the elm, but if you really like it, keeping 1-2 shouldn't hurt.  I don't think you'll need the energy search since you run so many energy cards as it is.  Magnezone's draw power will easily let you draw into them.  I would also run a card to help you refresh your hand a bit/draw a little more.  You have a few options, but I would consider judge (since magnezone can easily increase  your hand size), sage (since you can always use junk arm to reuse trainers that you had to throw away), or engineer.  You run a high number of cards to get energy back and if you add the fisherman to that, engineers would be a great addition.

This is a really solid deck and I'm impressed by how nice your pokemon line is (many variants of magneboar are pretty scattered, but yours seems pretty streamlined).  My trainer/supporter suggestions might help this deck be a little more consistent, but overall, it's still a really great deck!

Pokemon Deck Review - Athbi2000 - zoroark zekrom and many others!

1-1 servine
1 maractus (wring out)
1-1 dewott
1 basculin (BW)
1-1 simipour (BW)
1-1-1 emboar (non ability)
1-1 klang (BW)
1-1 musharna
1-1 zoroark (BW)
1-1 zebstrika
1 zekrom
1-1 tranquil (BW)
total pokemon = 22
2 fire
3 scramble
1 call
3 lightning
3 water
2 grass
2 dark
1 metal
1 psychic
2 fighting
total energy = 20
1 pokedex
1 full heal
1 potion
1 super scoop up
1 plus power
1 energy search
2 energy retrieval
trainer/supporter total - 8
total number of cards in deck - 50
Overall Strategy
I honestly can't say what the strategy of this deck is.  There's a pokemon line for almost every energy type and I think it was just built on whatever he had rather than having a specific idea in mind.  One big problem is that there are not enough cards in the deck.  A legal deck must have 60 cards in it and this only has 50.
Pokemon Analysis
While this deck is kind of all over the place as far as pokemon go, there are some good lines such as the 1-1-1 emboar, 1-1 zoroark and zekrom.  Since zoroark and zekrom are promos, you should be able to relatively easily get a few more to increase the line of zoroark to 2-2 and zekrom to 3 or 4.  The common tech with zekrom is pachirisu and shaymin, but those are quite expensive, so I would go with the cheaper option of the rare ampharos from HGSS or CoL (they have the same attacks, it's just been reprinted).  Ampharos' first attack will allow you to search for lightning energy to attack to zekrom.  While the emboar line is complete, it just doesn't go with this deck, so I wouldn't include it.  It's going to be pretty difficult to retrieve and attach all those energy without the ability emboar. 
Since zekrom and zoroark are weak to fighting and donphan is your biggest/most common fighting pokemon out there, I would increase your line of water pokemon.  Basculin isn't terribly strong, but you've already got a nice start to a possible samurott line.  I would try a 3-2-2 line of non ability samurott (non ability since you can snipe and they're easier to get than the ability samurott).  All the other pokemon you can drop.  If you have anything like manaphy, cleffa, smeargle, stantler, pichu or any other good starter pokemon, I would include at least 2 of them.
Energy Analysis
20 energy is way too many.  If you take my suggestions and reduce your pokemon to samurott, zekrom, ampharos and zoroark, then I would run 2 double colorless energy, 4 water and 7 lightning energy.  Running so many different types of energy makes it very difficult to get what you need for the right pokemon.  Also, scramble energy is no longer legal since it's from a set that's been rotated out.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
One of the biggest things to remember when building decks is that you might have great pokemon in it, but it doesnt matter if you can't get to them.  That's why trainers/supporters are so important.  I would add 3 cards to search out basic pokemon, like pokemon collector and dual ball.  Add 1 flower shop to recovery pokemon and energy in the discard pile and 1 twins in case you're behind in the game.  You'll need a few hand refreshers like professor oaks new theory and I might even add some cheren from the new emerging powerrs set to allow you to draw more.  The card defender is great to use with zekrom, so I would add 3 of those.  You'll need at least 3 pokemon communication to make sure that you can get out the exact pokemon you need and maybe even 1 rare candy to evolve that samurott faster.  I'd add in 3-4 junk arm so you can reuse all of your trainers.  2 pokemon catcher (if you can get your hands on them) are great for pulling up your opponent from the bench.  Honestly, I would probably drop all of your current trainers and supporters.  You might be able to use the pluspower occasionally, but everything else isn't very useful.  If you're having trouble drawing into your energy, you can add an interviewers questions.
The way that your deck is now, it's going to be very difficult to get exactly what you need out to win.  Hopefully my suggestions will help you streamline the deck to be more effective!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - TheCharizardFang - Yanmega Metagross Klingklang

2-2-2 klingklang
4-4 yanmega
1 manaphy
2-0-2 metagross
2 tyrouge
Pokemon total = 21
2 Twins
2 Rare candy
2 Black belt
3 Pkmn catcher
2 Junk arm
2 Plus power
1 Juniper
2 Oak
2 Defender
1 potion
trainer/supporter total = 19
13 Grass energy
10 metal energy
3 rescue
4 double colorless
energy total = 30

Deck Total = 70 (you can only have 60)
Pokemon Analysis
The biggest problem with your pokemon line is that there are no metang in your metagross line.  This line goes beldum, metang, then metagross.  Without rare candy, you have no way to get out your metagross.  So I would add in 2 metang.  You should only need one tyrogue, so I would drop the other one. . Since you didn't put that yanmega is the prime version (and since you don't run copycat or judge) I'm assuming its the other version.  I think metagross is the stronger attacker of the two (even if it is a bit flippy), and would increase your line of metagross to 3-2-3 and decrease the yanmega to 3-3.  The klingklang are there only for the ability to move energy around, so a 2-2-2 line should be fine.  You might be able to easily go down to a 2-1-2 line.
Energy Analysis
You have way too many energy which has caused this deck to go 10 over the limit of 60 cards per deck.  I would keep the 4 double colorless since you can use them for both yanmega and metagross to speed up their attacks, but with pretty large lines, you shouldn't need the rescue.  I would add 4 special metal to decrease the amount that opponents can hit you for by 10 when attached to a metal pokemon (like metagross).  Reduce the number of regular metal to 2 and grass to 4 (since yanmega only needs one grass energy for either attack and the rest can be colorless).  That should be a total of 14, which should still be more than enough to easily draw into.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
The first thing I would add to this deck are at least 3 cards to search out for basics (pokemon collector and dual ball, depending on what you have).  Then add in at least 3 pokemon communciation to be able to help you find the cards that you need.  You currently run 4 cards that require you to be behind on prizes, 2 twins and 2 black belt.  You don't want to be behind the entire game long enough to have to use all of them.  If you do, there's a good chance that you'll probably lose anyways.  So I would decrease those to 1 twins.  The extra space can be used to help get your pokemon going.  2 rare candy for those metagross and klingklang are perfect, but I would increase the junk arm to 3 or 4 in case you need to reuse them or any other trainer.
3 pokemon catcher and 2 pluspower are a good number, but I dont think you need the defender and potion.  With fire being big right now and yanmega having only 90 HP, you'll likely be getting KO'd in one, possibly 2 hits.  Defender will probably not help much and I doubt you'll be able to use the potion for anything significant.  Instead I would focus those extra spaces on hand refreshers like increasing your oak to 4 and possibly throwing in some copycat.  I would also add in 2 switch.  Since yanmega forces you to swap with something on the bench, you're going to want to be able to get something heavy like a metagross out of the way if possible, without having to discard all the energy.
Overall Analysis
The metagross can be great if you can flip enough heads, but you'll have to be very careful with all the fire pokemon running around.  If you find that reshiram is a big problem for you, you might want to decrease the line of metagross down and add in a 2-2 zoroark who can knock out the reshirams in one hit with the double colorless energy that you already run.

Deck Review - MrIceyCream - Yanmega Donphan Zoroark Cincinno

3-3 cinccino
2-2 donphan prime
2-2 zoroark
1-1 yanmega prime
1 reshiram
1 cleffa
1 tyrogue
1 smeargle
Pokemon total = 20

3 copycat
4 proffesser oaks new theory
3 proffesser juniper
4 pokemon collector
4 pokemon communication
2 pluspower
1 switch
3 junk arm
3 pokemon reversal
Trainer/Supporter total = 27

4 fighting
3 special dark
2 rescue
Energy Total = 13
Pokemon Analysis
The starters are smeargle and cleffa to either draw into a new hand or use two supporters in one turn (and hope your opponent doesnt have a lone juniper in hand).  I would drop the smeargle in favor of the cleffa. The tyrogue is to hopefully get easy donks or even to stall.  The reshiram is there to prevent kingdra prime from taking out your donphan since when a fire pokemon is in play, it's base damage is reduced from 60 to 20.  Since you run double colorless energy, you can also attack with it! Donphan is a great counter to the extremely popular magnezone, zoroark can copy your opponents attacks and cincinno can do a powerful 100 if it has a full bench. Your lines of these pokemon are fine and don't need to be changed.  Yanmega can snipe the bench and attack with no energy if your hand size is the same as your opponent.  If you can get a few more yanmega, I would increase this line to 3-3 if possible (to make the room you can always drop a 1-1 cincinno).
Energy Analysis
Since you only run one yanmega, the rescue is essential.  Even if you can get ahold of another yanmega, I might throw in one more yanma to be able to play another yanmega immediately after one is knocked out.  I would increase your line of fighting energy to 5 and drop one of the special dark.  You may not always need the extra 10 hit for zoroark (especially since you run pluspower), and I think having more fighting so you can possibly build up donphan for heavy impact is important. 
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Running 4 pokemon collector is a great way to get out those basics and those 4 communication will allow you to swap them back in for stage 1 or stage 2's.  You run way too many professor juniper.  I would recommend 1, but 2 at the max.  At 3, you'll likely be going through your deck too fast and will deck yourself before you can win.  Since you run only one yanmega, I think it's a good idea to run no judge, but I think you should increase the copycat to 4.  If you add in more yanmega in the future, I would add judge as well.  Since emerging powers is coming out, I would swap your reversals with catcher, but I'm sure you were already planning on doing that.
The professor oaks new theory is essential for getting a new hand when you need it, especially to draw into those energy.  Those pluspower will come in handy to knock out magnezone in one hit with donphan or knock out reshiram and zekrom in one hit with zoroark (without special energy).  1 switch is perfect for those donphans or sleeping babies as well as the 3 junk arm for reusing trainers.  I would recommend throwing in one twins since decks that run more yanmega will probably get a prize lead on you, as well as a flower shop lady in case you need a little recovery.  When running juniper I always like to have one card that can possibly retrieve anything I might have been forced to throw away.
This is very similiar to one the decks that I currently love to play (I just run more yanmega).  It's extremely strong and fast since it only has stage 1's.  I hope my suggestions help and make your version even faster!

Deck Review - starharry10 - torterra scolipede

3-2-1/1 Torterra (DP torterra and torterra lv x)
4-2-2 serperior (non ability)
2-2-1 scolipede
2-1 sawsbuck
2 petilil
1-1 musharna
1 pansage
pokemon total = 28

10 grass
8 psychic
energy total = 18
2 Professor Juniper
2 Pokemon Communication
2 Revive
2 Energy Search
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Potion
2 pokeball
trainer/supporter total = 14
Pokemon Analysis
You have quite a few different lines of pokemon going on, which needs to be reduced.  Too many lines of pokemon often leads to dead cards in your hand because you dont have the bench space to play them all.  Your strongest line of pokemon is the serperior, although unless you can add another serperior I would reduce the line to 3-2-2 (taking out 2 snivy)..  With a free retreat and and an attack that also heals, you can easily attack, run to the bench and put something else up, retreat back to serperior to heal and do it again.  For the pokemon with heavy retreat costs, you'll need switch to be able to do this.  The torterra from diamond and pearl are no longer legal, so I would swap them with 2 torterra from the newer set which is still really good.  For a grass and double colorless energy it hits for 40 and also heals itself.  One more energy allows it to hit for 80, I like sawsbuck in the deck since it can do more damage with more energy on the field, but because you're already running so much grass, it should be removed.  I think you can take out the musharna, as I feel that it's not a very strong attacker and your opponent can always recover from being asleep.  I would also take out pansage and petilil since I dont think they contribute much to the deck. 
Your serperior and torterra are going to be very vulnerable against fire pokemon.  One of the biggest fire pokemon out there is reshiram.  You have a few options for countering this.  You could see what sort of water pokemon you have or you could add in a 2-2 line of zoroark from black and white. It copies your opponents moves, and with a special dark energy, can knock it out in one hit. I don't know if you should keep the scolipede in this deck or just exchange it for a starter pokemon like a few cleffa/manaphy and a tyrogue.  You can also use celebi prime as a starter to be able to attach more grass energy per turn.  My biggest problem with scolipede is that you already have 2 stage 2 pokemon (serperior and torterra) so trying to get a third stage 2 pokemon out is going to be difficult.  I would try running something closer to this:
2 celebi prime/cleffa/manaphy (either would be a decent starter in this deck)
1 tyrogue
3-2-3 serperior
2-2 zoroark
2-2-2 torterra
new pokemon total = 21
Energy analysis
Without the psychic pokemon, you no longer need the psychic energy.  I would drop all of those, include 3-4 double colorless energy (not only can zoroark use them, but so can torterra), and decrease your grass energy for a total of around 12 energy in the deck.  It may not seem like a lot of energy, but with the right trainer/supporter line, you should have no problems pulling them.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You need something to search out basics like pokemon collector and/or dual ball (depending on what you have).  I would increase the pokemon communication to 3 so that you can swap those basics out for the stage 1 or stage 2 that you need.  Adding in 3 rare candy is necessary if you're going to run 2 stage 2 pokemon.  I would also include 3 junk arm to be able to reuse any trainers.  Pokemon catcher will be released soon in emerging powers.  It allows you to drag up one of your opponents benched pokemo, so I would include 2 or 3 of them.  I would decrease your juniper to 1 (2 is a bit risky since you'll more likely to discard something you need later).
For recovery, I would add 1 flower shop lady and reduce your energy retrieval down to 1 (you may not need it at all).  I would drop the revive and add in a twins instead, to help you come back from behind.  With the stage 2's, your opponent will likely be pretty fast and able to take a prize or two before you can get going, so twins will be a big help.  You can also drop the energy search, potion and pokeball.  It's more important to get more supporters to get better hands in a deck like this.  I would add in 4 professor oaks new theory and possibly a couple of copycat.  If you decide to keep one energy retrieval, you might be safe in playing engineers adjustments as a supporter as well.  I would also include 2 switch since your torterra has a pretty steep retreat cost. 
Your original deck would likely not do well in a tournament. It runs too many different pokemon without enough trainers and supporters to be able to get out what you need.  By focusing on only a few of those pokemon and making your trainer/supporter line stronger, this deck should stand a better chance.  It will be slow, and you'll likely be behind on prizes, but if you can get it going, you should be able to catch up with a lot of decks.

Pokemon Deck Review - wallacevamp - samurott cincinno reshiram zoroark

2-2 dodrio
3-2-3 Samurott (2 w/ability)
2-2 cinccino
2 reshiram
2-2 zoroark
2 cleffa
pokemon total = 24

3 team rockets trickery
2 flower shop lady
2 engineers adjustment
2 poke collector
3 energy retrieval
2 rare candy
3 poke com.
2 energy search
trainer/supporter total = 19

7 water
5 fire
energy total = 14

Deck Total = 57

The first problem with this deck is that you need 60 total cards.  There's plenty of trainers and supporters that can be added though, so it's good that we have 3 extra spaces to work with at the moment.
Pokemon Analysis
Cleffa is used to help get the deck going by using its attack 'eeeeek' to shuffle in and draw 6.  While it puts cleffa to sleep, if it can stay asleep, its pokebody says that it cant be hurt.  Since you're already running babies, I would include 1 tyrogue to possibly be able to knock out your opponents cleffas.  The dodrio allows you to retreat without having to pay 2 energy cards for the retreat cost.  This is perfect for this deck since all the pokemon have a 2 or less retreat cost, therefore with dodrio on the bench, they can essentially act as if they all have free retreat.  The first pokemon you're probably going to be attacking with is likely going to be reshiram since its first attack only needs 1 double colorless energy.  Reshiram also acts as a great counter to decks that attack with kingdra prime since when a fire pokemon is in play, it reduces the base damage of kingdra from 60 to 20.  But since you have to discard 2 fire energy, you might want to reduce the number that you run to 1. 

The samurott line is your strongest line of pokemon and the line that will take the most time to get up and going.  Ability samurott can reduce damage done to it by 20 and can also hit more for each water energy attached to it.  The non ability samurott can snipe with the attack pike (which also hits the active),  The second attack is also strong, but I would primarily use this as a sniper card to spread some damage around.  The cincinno in this deck is also incredibly strong, doing 100 for only a double colorless as long as the bench is full.  Zoroark is a great counter to just about everything since it can copy your opponents attacks.  Except for the addition of a tyrogue and the withdrawal of a reshiram, I wouldn't change the pokemon lines.

Energy Analysis
All of your pokemon can make use of double colorless energy, so I would increase the number to 4.  I doubt that you'll be using reshirams attack very much since you have to discard, so it should be safe reducing the amount of fire energy to 3 or 4.  You could possibly reduce the water energy by 1 or 2 as well and still be able to draw into them very easily with the right trainers and supporters.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You should increase your basic searching cards to at least 3 if not 4 (pokemon collector is preferred but dual ball is a good subsitution).  The 3 pokemon communication is a good number for being able to swap the pokemon you don't need at the moment for the ones that you do need.  2 rare candy is the right number for trying to evolve those samurott as fast as possible although if you're finding that you need more space in the deck, since you run 2 dewotts, you'll probably be safe going down to 1 rare candy.  You can always reuse it with the addition of 3-4 junk arms (as well as any other trainer that you run). I would suggest adding in 1 twins since yanmega decks are extremely fast and they'll likely be getting the first prize.  Twins will help you get back in the game.

Since I recommend focusing less on reshirams second attack that makes you discard energy, I would reduce your recovery line to 1 flower shop and 1 energy retrieval.  Those should be more than enough since you have quite a few attackers in this deck.  I think you need some cards to refresh your overall hand like professor oaks new theory, copycat and juniper.  I wouldn't add more than 1 juniper, but would add 4 oaks new theory and possibly a couple of copycat.  To make room for them I think you can easily take out the engineer and rockets trickery.  If you were going to keep either one of them in, I would leave in engineer since you can always use energy retrieval/junk arm to be able to get the energy back.  With the hand refreshers and around 14 energy, you shouldn't have any problems drawing into energy, so I think you could drop the energy search.  If you have any room left, I would add in 2 pokemon catcher to bring up pokemon from your opponents bench for easy knock outs, or even stallers while you snipe with samurott. 

Your lines of pokemon are pretty good already and I think with some tweaks to the trainers/supporters and energy, you should be able to really get this deck going.  I was running a deck very similar to it earlier in the year and it has quite a bit of potential, especially with the addition of pokemon catcher.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - ISullstar - Donphan Ursaring Magnezone

1 Tyrogue (COL)
1 Cleffa (COL)
3-3 Donphan Prime (COL)
3-3 Ursaring Prime (Teddiursa=Unleashed)
1-1-1 Magnezone Prime (Triumphant)
1- Bouffalant (BLW)
2-2 Zoroark (BLW)
Pokemon total = 22
6 Fighting
2 Rainbow
Energy Total = 12
2 Judge
2 Potion
2 Plus Power
1 Twins
1 Flower Shop
2 Juniper
3 Energy retrievel
2 Revive
2 Pokemon Reversal (Catcher when released)
1 Collector
2 Junk arm
2 Switch
1 Rare candy
2 Elm
1 Fisherman
Trainer/Supporter - 26
Deck Strategy
Cleffa and tyrogue are the starters for donks and early hand refreshers.  Donphan prime is the first attacker, intentionally damaging the bench with earthquakes to activate the body on ursaring that says it does 60 more when it has damage.  The magnezone prime is for a draw engine, buffalant is for return KO's, and zoroark is the versatile tech, copying the opponents attacks for only a DCE.

Pokemon Analysis
You asked in your submission what card would help with retreat cost.  That would be dodrio, but with pokemon catcher, the chances of him staying safe on the bench are slim without a vileplume.  Your pokemon line is pretty strong, but I think you could be safe in reducing your line of donphan down to 2-2 since your strongest attacker is ursaring.  I would be careful with the babies since they're so easily KO'd and might consider swapping a tyrogue for a manaphy instead.  With pokemon catcher, your magnezone may not be safe, so I would be prepared with plenty of switch and junk arms to get it out.
Energy Analysis
Since magnezone and ursaring can benefit from rainbow energy, I would increase it to 3 (magnezone can always use it with a lost burn and since it adds a damage counter, it would activate ursarings body in case you can't get a donphan out first).  The 4 DCE is perfect, but if you're finding you need some extra space in the deck, I think you're safe to reduce the fighting, especially if you reduce the line of pokemon.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You only have 1 collector as you basic searcher.  You definitely need a combination of at least 3 collector and dual ball if you don't have 3 collector.  The 1 flower shop and twins for recovery are perfect, but I dont think you need the revive, fisherman or energy retrieval.  Revives are typically best for decks that run strong basic pokemon, like reshiram or zekrom.  Since most of your energy cards are special energy, you'd only be able to use them on the fighting.  You shouldn't be losing too much energy in this deck, so the energy cards you recover with flower shop should be more than enough.  If you find you're really going through those basic energy, keeping only one energy retrieval should be more than enough.  You can always reuse it with junk arm if needed.  I would increase your line of junk arm to 4 since you'll likely be using a lot of your 2 switches over again.
Since you only run 1 line of stage 2, you shouldn't need your rare candy.  I would add around 3 pokemon commnication to help get out the pokemon you need.  Keeping those 2 elm will help with that.  The only hand refreshers that you have are 2 judge and 2 juniper.  I would drop the juniper down to 1 because you're likely to throw out something essential if you run 2, but keep the number of judge and only use them if you have a magnezone in play to be able to recover if you judge yourself into a bad hand.  I would add 4 profesor oaks new theory to ensure that you can get out of dead hands.  To make room for these changes, I think you can safely drop the 2 potion, but keep the plus power since it's great for KOing zekroms and reshirams in one hit with zoroark (as well as many other uses).
I think this deck has a lot of potential, but be prepared to recover quickly.  A lot of cards in this format can knock you out in one hit, so you'll need to have something on the bench to return that KO as fast as possible. 

Pokemon Deck Review - TheInnocentPossumGuy - Scolipede Mamoswine

 3-2-3 Scolipede
3-2-3 Mamoswine
1 Regigigas
1 Giratina
Pokemon total = 18
3 fighting
4 psychic
3 water
energy total = 14
4 life herb
4 interviewers
4 rare candy
4 elm
4 collector
4 communication
2 fisherman
2 flowershop
trainer/supporter total = 28
Pokemon Analysis
The first problem I see is that you are running 2 illegal cards - regigigas and giratina.  In place of them, you definitely need a starting pokemon.  I'd recommend absol prime.  It says that when your oppoenent places a basic pokemon on the bench, they have to put damage counters on it.  This allows your mamoswine's second attack to hit harder since it does 70 to the active and 20 to everything on your opoonent's bench that has damage.  I think this combination of mamoswine and absol could be fairly powerful if you can get it set up.  For a fast start, you'd need 2-3 absol prime in the deck.  I would drop or reduce the scolipede in favor of a more versatile attacker, zoroark.  It's attack foul play allows you to copy any of the defending pokemons attacks, which could be extremely useful.  I do like that scolipede is able to poison, which could possibly add more damage counters to the bench if they're retreating a lot, but it's still a costly attack, which is why I would drop it down to a 2-1-2 if you decide to keep it and add in the zoroark (a line of 2-2 should be fine).
Energy Analysis
SInce mamoswine, scolipede, and if you decide to add it, zoroark, all have attacks that require 2 colorless energy, I think 4 DCE is a great number!  I would take out the fighting energy since you no longer need it without the regigigas or giratina and increase the water energy to 5.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have an excellent line of basic searchers with 4 collector.  The 4 communication will easily allow you to swap those in for stage 1 or 2 that you need, but you may be safe in reducing it to 3 if you find you need extra space.  I would drop the life herb because it's a flippy card, and your main pokemon are such tanks that by the time one is KO'd, you should have another on the bench.  You run quite a few energy and even if you take my advice and decrease the overall number to 13, you still shouldn't have a problem drawing into what you need.  If you have problems in testing, perhaps one interviewers could help, but you certainly don't need 4.  I like rare candy in this deck, but you should only need 3 with 2 stage 2 lines.  Since you run so many communication and collector, you shouldn't need 4 elm to search out stage 1 or 2's, so I think you're safe in decreasing this down to 2.  You shouldn't need more than 1 flowershop in the deck, but you might want to include 1 twins in case you're running behind.  When your pokemon are KO'd you will be losing quite a bit of energy attached to them, so I like the fisherman, but think that the trainer energy retrieval is much faster.  Adding 3-4 junk arm to your deck would also allow you to reuse the energy retrieval, as well as the communciation, rare candy and any other trainers you decide to add.  The biggest thing your deck is missing is hand refreshers which will make it easier to draw into what you need.  I would consider adding 4 professor oak's new theory and 1 juniper.  There's a new supporter in the emerging powers set that allows you to draw until you have 7 rather than shuffling in, so I might consider adding that if you have the room. 
You'll have a hard time getting your pokemon going since they're have high cost attacks and are stage 2.  Hopefully you'll be able to spread enough damage early with absol, and use zoroark to attack until you can the big hitters going.  Editing your trainers and supporters to ensure that you can draw into what you need is what is needed to really make this deck work.  Good luck!

Update on Inactivity - Back from Vacation!!

I made it back into town Sunday night, but went straight to work, so I technically didn't get home until Monday morning before I crashed for most of the day.  Now that I've unpacked, I'm slowly catching up on all my pokemon stuff!  I got my inbox down from over 100 to around 20 (and still going down!), have finished one deck review, will be posting a couple of blog reviews later tonight and will soon have tons of vids going up on my channel!  I'm working on a video of my vacation, including pictures and video clips from all the shows and rides that allowed video recording, and hope to upload that within a few days.  Classes start tomorrow, so if I'm slow in getting deck reviews out, please be patient with me.  Emerging powers pre-releases also start this weekend, so I'll be showing plenty of new cards from that set early next week.  A new set also means a new booster box opening coming up soon as well as hopefully a complete set vid!  So while things have been kind of slow last week, prepare for quite a lot to see over the next few weeks!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review – Gamingfieldstudios - Donphan Yanmega Zoroark

4 - 3 Yanmega Prime TM
2-2 Donphan Prime HS
3 -3 Zoroark BLW
1 Cleffa HS/CL
1 Tyrogue HS/CL
1 Manaphy UL
1 Reshiram BLW
Pokemon - 21

4 Pokemon Collector
4 Judge
3 Professor Oak's New Theory
2 Professor Juniper
4 Pokemon Communication
3 Pokemon Reversal
4 Junk Arm
3 PlusPower
1 Switch
Trainers/Supporters - 27

8 Fighting
Energy – 11

Overall Strategy
I think people are getting pretty familiar with this deck.  Yanmega is the primary attacker since it snipes and hits hard for no energy as long as your hand size is identical to your opponent.  It’s weak to lightning which is easily taken care of by donphan prime which can start attacking for only one fighting energy.  The zoroark is a great all around tech since it can copy the defending pokemon attacks for only a DCE.  Reshiram is to decrease the base damage of kingdra’s dragon steam attack which is the most popular water pokemon in the format right now (a danger to donphan).  Manapy and cleffa are for setting up and tyrogue is for getting the donk.

Pokemon analysis
While yanma is a great starter too with free retreat and enough HP to avoid a donk, I still prefer a line of 4-4 or running rescue energy to reuse a yanmega.  I like to choose either cleffa or manaphy instead of going with both.  With so many tyrogue, I think manaphy is the safest choice.  I’m used to seeing higher lines of donphan (3-3) and lower lines of zoroark (2-2) for consistency.   If part of the donphan line is prized, it could really hurt your game if you’re only running a 2-2 line.   I would run the donphan with the pokebody rather than the ‘flail’ donphan so that if you have an energy attached, you don’t damage the benched donphan with earthquake, making it easier for it to be KO’d when it’s a donphan.

Energy Analysis
I like the 3 DCE since both reshiram and zoroark can utilize it, and would keep it at that number even if you decide to reduce the zoroark line to 2-2.  Your fighting energy line is pretty high for just running 2 donphan, but if you increase donphan to 3, it’s perfect.  11 energy might be a little low overall, so I would add in a couple of rescue or grass depending on your play style.  I personally like the back up of being able to rely on grass energy to snipe with yanmega.  You might also want to consider running special dark to increase the power of zoroark (max of 2).

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I like the 4 pokemon collector, but in case you need to find room for another card, you should be able to reduce the number to 3 without problems.  Since yanmega relies on identical hand sizes, I would run both judge and copycat – a combination of 7 or 8.  To make room for 3 or 4 copycat, I would drop 1 juniper and the professor oaks new theory.  Since you run donphan, who has a really heavy retreat cost, I would increase your line of switches to 2.  It would also help your sleeping babies get out of the way.  The 3 pluspower is perfect, especially if you don’t decide to run special dark.  If you still need a little room in the deck, I would drop the communication down to 3 since you can easily reutilize them with junk arm.  The only other suggestions I have would be to add in one flower shop lady, just in case you need a little recovery late in the game.

This deck is extremely well built already and very similar to the video deck review I did of pgmcsskater’s donphan zoroark yanmega deck if you’d like to check that one out.  One of your biggest worries is going to be the mirror match, so If you going to worlds, make sure you get lots of practice against the mirror in!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Deck Review – zoruacards24 - Yanmega Zoroark Donphan

3-3 Donphan Prime (2 Phanpy with the body and 1 Flail)
3-3 Yanmega Prime
2-2 Zoroark (Zorua being Mc Donald)
2 Cleffa
1 Tyrogue
1 Reshiram
Total pokemon = 20

4 PlusPower
2 Junk Arm
1 Switch
3 Pokemon Comm.
2 Reversal
1 flower shop lady
1 Juniper
3 Judge
2 Collectors
4 CopyCat
1 Twins
2 Seeker
1 Elms
Trainer/Supporter total = 29

2 Darkness
7 Fighting
Energy = 11

The main starter is cleffa to ‘eeeeek’, shuffle in and draw a new hand of 6.  Tyrogue allows you to potentially get the donk on your opponent’s cleffa.  Your first attacker is yanmega, who can attack without energy as long as your hand size is the same as your opponent, which you can easily do with judge and copycat.  Donphan and zoroark are secondary attackers.  Donphan is a heavy hitter that can easily take out most lightning pokemon, like magnezone and zekrom.  It’s weak to water, which could be a problem with kingdra being a popular pokemon in this format.  The one reshiram in the deck is to reduce the base damage of kingdra from 60 to 20, ensuring that donphan survives.  Since you run double colorless energy, you can potentially use it as an attacker as well.

Pokemon Analysis
I would include 3 phanphy with the pokebody.  With an energy attached, it won’t be affected by an earthquake from donphan, which could prevent snipe decks from taking it out in one hit.  I would also replace the zorua from mcdonalds with the set zorua.  That extra 10 HP will ensure that your opponent can’t get an easy snipe (example – one spray splash from kingdra and one linear attack from yanmega).  I would recommend reducing your line of cleffa down to one.  If you have a manaphy, I would also try swapping it out.  Manaphy will decrease the chances of you getting donked by your opponent.  However, if you’re struggling with the hand size of 5 instead of 6, I’d just return to the cleffa.

Energy analysis
Change your dark energy to special darkness.  That will allow you to one shot reshiram and zekrom, and you never know when a little extra damage will help out.   I would run 3 DCE if you can find the room for it.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Increase your number of collectors to 3 to ensure that you can draw into one early game.  Since you run 3 donphan, adding another switch in case they’re reversal’d up is necessary.  I would also increase your number of junk arm to 3, possibly 4, so that you can reuse as many trainers as possible.  Increase your reversal to 3 as well since a lot of games in this format seem to rely on being able to drag up your opponents benched pokemon. 

To make room for these increases, I would decrease your line of pluspower to 2.  With the special dark, you’ll be doing the extra damage that you’d typically want the pluspower for.  I would also drop the seeker.  While it can help you, it’s also going to help out your opponent.  The deck’s speed and ability to run to the bench should ensure that you don’t need them.  If you need to drop anything else, I would suggest the PONT.  It’s not necessary since you run the judge and copycat, and you can always increase your judge to 4.

This is an extremely strong deck!  Since you’re doing to worlds, I think it’s the best play, but there will be lots of other variations of this deck to look out for.  Be sure you get lots of practice in the mirror match. Speed and reversals are what will win the mirror match. Hope this helps and good luck at worlds!