Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chandelure Crobat - jmdilley02

2 cleffa
2 tornadus
2-1 garbodor
3-2-1 chandelure
3-2-2 crobat prime
Pokemon Total = 20

1 N
1 FSL (flower shop lady)
2 Interviewers
2 pokemon collector
1 rare candy
1 xtransceiver
2 pokemon comm.
2 pluspower
2 rocky helmet
2 switch
2 pokemon catcher
3 junkarm
Trainer/Supporter Total = 26

12 psychic energy
2 double colorless
Energy Total = 14

Pokemon Analysis
I think you have an interesting idea combining chandelure and crobat prime.  While garbador and tornadus can certainly have their uses in the deck, I think you'll have a more consistent and powerful deck if you focus on only those 2 pokemon as attackers.  I would recommend a chandelure line of 4-2-3 and a crobat line of 4-2-3 as well.  This will ensure that you can get both pokemon up.  So you don't have to pay a retreat cost for chandelure or always rely on a switch, I'd add dodrio (2-2 line) which will give you free retreat.  That way you can easily move them back and forth and when you use your switch could, attack more frequently.  I'd keep in one cleffa in case you need a new hand or need to stall, but would drop the garbador and tornadus.    If you have any extra room in the deck I would consider adding jirachi which de-evolves your opponents pokemon (and can get energy back from the discard pile).  That way you can spread quite a bit of damage and then take out the pokemon as basics. 

I think you can easily drop to 10 energy in the deck.  Chandelure is the only pokemon that needs a signficant amount of energy, and you don't always need to attack with it (you'll mainly want it for the ability).  Crobat only needs one energy and he'll be your main attacker.  So I would have 8 psychic energy and 2 rescue energy.

You'll want 4 pokemon collector to ensure that you get a fast start setting up your bench.  3 communication and 4 rare candy (since you have two stage 2 pokemon lines) will ensure that you can get them up fairly fast.  Instead of running flower shop lady, I'd recommend super rod.  It doesn't waste your supporter for the turn and you can always reuse it if you need to with junk arm (which I recommend increasing to 4).  I would keep in your two switch so you can move between multiple chandelure and still be able to poison your opponent with crobat.  I might consider increasing your catcher to 3 so you can drag up something with a heavy retreat so that they can't get out of the poison as easily. 

The last suggestion that I'd make is to increase your number of hand refreshers/draw cards.  2-3 N, 3-4 PONT, 2-3 cheren.  To make room for these changes I'd drop the elm (communication/collector works just as well and is much faster), interviewers (since you don't need much energy to attack you should be able to easily draw into it with N, PONT and cheren), rocky helmet, xtransciever and pluspower.  Pluspower will only work when you're attacking with chandelure since crobat is damage counters rather than damage.

I think this deck has a lot of potential if it was just chandelure, dodrio and crobat.  With a solid trainer/supporter line I could see this deck spreading a lot of damage and then taking quite a few knockouts with jirachi.

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