Monday, October 31, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - PokeGymGlobal - Vileplume Roserade Mismagius

2-2 Roserade
1 Espeon prime
4-3 Leafeon
2-2 Mismagius
2-2-2 Vileplume
Pokemon Total = 23

2 interviewer
2 communication
2 switch
3 twins
2 rare candy
2 judge
2 method
2 cheren
3 collector
Trainer/Supporter Total = 23

4 Rainbow
5 psychic
5 grass
Energy Total = 14

Pokemon Analysis
I really like the concept of adding vileplume to the leafeon/roserade deck.  I would suggest dropping the mismagius line so that you can room for other cards to add.  Adding another oddish will ensure that you can get at least one vileplume out in the game (having 3 ensures that in case one is KO'd in the game you can get another one out even with losing an oddish early on to catcher).  I'd also add another roselia just in case of catcher (before you get vileplume up) as well as another espeon prime (just in case it's prized).

Energy Analysis
I have no suggestions for changes to your energy line.  14 is a pretty good number and you run enough energy that you should be able to draw into it easily without interviewers.  If you need room in the deck for other cards, you can always consider cutting the basic energy down and relying on flower shop get them back.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
4 collector will ensure that you can set up your bench fast.  I'd drop the switch since you won't need them with trainer lock.  I would consider adding sage's training and juniper.  Not only are they great draw cards, you'll be able to get trainers out of the deck late in the game to help you draw into cards that you need.  To make room for these additions, I think you can safely drop at least one, possibly 2 interviewers.  You might be able to go down to 2 twins, however if you're finding that you're typically behind and can use more than one twins to catch back up, then having 3 might be best.  Otherwise, I don't really have any other big suggestions.  I prefer to have 4 PONT in the deck and then play around with the other supporters to see what works (judge and cheren can easily be reduced to find room for another PONT).

I'd really like to see if this deck works well without the mismagius.  I think dropping it will add a bit more consistency to the deck and allow you to get everything else out a bit faster.  Thanks for submitting!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - pokepokepokemon1000 - Scizor Exeggutor

4-4 Exeggutor
1 Jirachi
4-4 Scizor Prime
Pokemon Total = 20

Pokemon Collector x2
Dual Ball x3
Team Rockets Trickery x1
Flower Shop Lady x2
Twins x1
PONT x 3
Professor Juniper x1
Black Belt x1
Junk Arm x2
Switch x2
Interviewers Questions x1
Judge x1
Energy Search x4
Trainer/Supporter Total = 24

Metal Energy x7
Psychic Energy x8
Energy Total = 15

Pokemon Analysis
You have great starting pokemon with a single cleffa, tyrogue and elekid.  I might consider choosing between either the tyrogue or the elekid since too many babies in the deck usually just means free prizes to your opponent.  You shouldn't really need both of them anyways.  I like exeggutor since it's a really different pokemon that we typically don't see.  However, it doesn't really flow well with the scizor prime.  Scizor is another great pokemon, but there's no synergy between them. So I'd recommend choosing one and fitting other pokemon that work well with it.  For scizor, I'd look at klingklang and skarmory to attach and move energy, and for exeggutor, I'd look at emboar, typhlosion, celebi or skarmory to attach more energy as well. 

Energy Analysis
Your energy will depend on which pokemon you decide to focus on.  If you go with scizor, I would add in 4 special metal and have the rest basic metal.  If you go with exeggutor, I would have psychic, double colorless (since it counts as 2 energy you get another coin flip) and either fire, grass or metal depending on which tech you choose to increase energy attachment (I personally would go for the fire techs since you don't have to waste an attack for the energy attachment or have a pokemon in the active position).

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
If  you could bring your collector up to 4 and drop the dual ball, that would give you a more consistent start without having to rely on the coin flip.  You shouldn't need more than a single flower shop girl.  I'd max out your junk arm at 4, reduce your switch to 1, add in 2-3 pokemon catcher, add in 3 pokemon communication and drop the 4 energy search.  You could probably drop the interviewers as well since you're running quite a bit of energy in the deck, but if you feel more comfortable with it, it won't hurt to keep it.  For your supporters, I'd drop the team rockets trickery and judge and max out your professor oaks new theory to 4.  If you have any empty places in the deck I might also add in a few cheren for extra draw support.  I don't know if you really need the black belt in the deck since you can knock out a gothitelle with a single scizor or exeggutor depending on how powered up they are, but the black belt would help you do that faster, so if you have room, keep it.

I think if you decided which strategy you wanted to take this deck in - exeggutor or scizor - and focus the other pokemon in the deck around a strategy to support it, it would make this deck a lot more consistent and powerful. Good luck!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - PokeMonster54 - Mew Gengar

1 tyrogue
1 jirachi
3-2 slowking
2-1-3 gengar prime
4 mew prime
2 mime jr
1 mr mime
1 spirittomb
1 smeargle
pokemon total = 22

3 rare candy
2 junk arm
2 dual ball
2 revive
4 pokemon collector
2 juniper
4 seeker
2 judge
3 twins
3 lost world
trainer/supporter/stadium total = 27

10 psychic energys
1 rescue energy
energy total =11

Pokemon Analysis
Your lines of pokemon are already very solid, so there's not much that I have to suggest.  I would prefer a single cleffa over the single smeargle.  I'd feel more comfortable with one more gastly just in case one is catcher'd up early (I like to have access to 2 during a game).  I dont think you really need the jirachi since if you use it to attack, any knockouts wouldnt go to the lost zone since jirachi's active.  So it's really only useful for getting energy back and I'd prefer to use a flower shop instead.  If you need more room in the deck, you might even be able to drop the tyrogue, but it's a good staller as well as donker.

Energy Analysis
I like the single rescue (although a second one wouldn't hurt), but you probably dont need that many psychic energy.  Typically gengar decks can run with around 6 energy, so I'd say maxing it out at 8 would be more than enough.  But if you need more room for trainers/supporters, I think going to a single rescue and reducing the psychic further than 8 would still work.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd like to see twins maxed out since you'll rarely be taking prizes.  Since the chances of both lost worlds being prized are slim, I'd lower it to 2.  I'd add in some pokemon catcher (2 should be fine), add 1 switch (in case your slowking is catcher'd up and max out your junk arm.  To make room for these I think you can reduce your rare candy to 2, drop the dual ball and possibly drop the juniper (or at least drop it to 1).  I'd also like to add one flower shop, especially if you decide to drop jirachu.  You definitely need some pokemon communication, at least 2 and ideally 3.

You have a great deck and if I had the time, I'd love to have done a video review of this deck.  I hope to see more mewgar decks in tournaments, especially since gengar is one of my favorite pokemon!

Pokemon Deck Review - gamerz34 - Gothitelle Jirachi

4-3-4 Gothitelle (Ability)
4 Cleffa
3 Jirachi(Ability)
2 Shaymin (Ability)
Pokemon total = 20

2 Juniper
3 Pokemon Collector
4 Junk Arm
3 Super Scoop Up
3 Seeker
3 Rare Candy
3 Pokecomm
3 Pokemon Catcher
3 Engineer's Adjustment
Trainer/Supporter Total = 28

3 Rescue
10 Psychic
Energy total = 13

Pokemon Analysis
While I typically see gothitelle paired with reuniculus to ensure that it lasts a long time, you have a very interesting idea by pairing it with jirachi.  I don't think you need that many cleffa though since you're just setting yourself up for being donked by running 4. I'd rather run 1 and leave those extra spots for trainers and supporters.

Energy Analysis
I think you'll be safe going down to 2 rescue energy and adding one more psychic to the deck.  That will ensure that there will be more to get back with jirachi.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Since you're trying to get psychic into the discard pile with juniper and junk arm, I'd max out your juniper at 4 to ensure that you can draw into it when you need it.  However, I'd personally prefer to use engineers to get that psychic into the discard pile, so I'd rather max that out.  I'd also max out your collector to 4 to ensure that you can get one early and start setting up your bench.  With you trying to go through your deck so fast, I'd add in a few professor oak's new theory just to ensure that you can shuffle your hand back in to prevent you from decking yourself out.  I'd also add in a flower shop girl for the same reason.

I don't really have too many suggestions for this deck since it's already looking pretty good.  The biggest problem is just getting this deck set up and not running out of bench space.  You'll want a gothitelle on the bench as well as in the active position, which leaves 2 spots each for jirachi and shaymin.  So you'll really have to rely on drawing into your seeker or hitting heads on super scoop up to keep your strategy going.  I'd love to hear how this does in tournament!

Pokemon Deck Review - Stackster172 - Magnezone Emboar Cincinno

3-1-3 Magnezone
3-1-2 Emboar (Ability)
2-2 Cincino
3-3 Donphan
2 Reshiram
1 Cleffa
Pokemon Total = 26

3 Rare Candy
3 Communications
3 Catcher
2 Junk Arm
3 Proffesor Oak
1 Fisherman
1 Cheren
Trainer/Supporter Total = 16

6 Fire
4 Lightning
3 Fighting
Energy total = 15

Pokemon Analysis
While Donphan prime is a powerful, fast attacker, I dont think it flows well with the other pokemon of this deck.  I think it would be better to focus on the other lines and drop the donphan completely.  Cincinno is definitely an unexpected tech in a deck that looks a lot like a magneboar deck, so I'd like to keep that in.   I'd add in another magnemite and tepig in case you lose one early due to pokemon catcher.    Otherwise I think your lines of pokemon are really strong.  If you have one more ability emboar, it would be ideal to add it to increase the chance of you getting one set up as early as possible.  Or you could add in the other emboar as an alternate attacker. 

Energy Analysis
By dropping the donphan, you can drop the fighting energy as well.  I'd use those extra spaces for fire energy.  I might even consider taking out the DCE and replacing them with fire energy as well since emboar will let you attach them all at once.  You won't need them for reshiram and cincinno as long as you have emboar in play.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You need to be able to search out basics early with 4 pokemon collector.  I'd increase your fisherman to around 3 and also add in a few energy retrieval to ensure that you can get the energy back from the discard pile for emboar.  I like cheren as a draw supporter, but 3 will be much more helpful.  Since you have twp stage 2's, maxing out your rare candy and junk arms at 4 each will ensure that you can get them up as fast as possible.  It's likely that you'll still be behind at the beginning of the game, so adding twins will help you get back.  You also have pokemon with heavy retreat costs, so I'd add in 2 switch as well. 

By removing the donphan, you should have more room for trainers/supporters that will make this deck faster and more consistent.  Since you rely on two stage 2 lines, you'll need as much speed and consistency as possible for a few wins!  Good luck!

Pokemon Deck Review - pokepower22 - Reshiram Emboar

4 Zekrom
4 Reshiram
1 Tyroge
3 Cleffa
2-2-1 Emboar (ability)
1-1 Rayquaza Deoxys Legend
Pokemon total = 19

1 Communication
2 Pokemon Catcher
2 Energy Search
3 Revive
1 Junk Arm
1 Sages Training
3 Profesor Oaks New Theory
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Profesor Elms Training Method
1 Rare Candy
2 Pluspower
2 Pokemon Collector
1 Twins
Trainer/Supporter total = 21

2 Rescue Energy
1 Double Coulorless
8 Lightning
8 Fire
Energy total = 19

Pokemon Analysis
You dont need the zekrom because reshiram can still knock out yanmega primes in one shot with blue flare.  I would increase your number of ability emboar just in case one is knocked out or prized.  Adding more tepigs will allow you potentially lose a few due to catcher if you can't get an emboar set up in the next turn.  So I would recomment a 4-2-3 line of emboar.  You don't need 3 cleffa in the deck since you don't always need it, so cutting it down to one should be enough.  I really like the RDL in the deck since it's a nice tech that's not always seen in reshiboar decks and could give you the advantage over other reshiboar decks.

Energy Analysis
You shouldn't need the double colorless energy since you run so many fire, but I do like the rescue for being able to reuse your reshirams (or possibly other pokemon as well).  Without the zekrom, you should be able to reduce your lightning energy to around 3 since you'll only need it for RDL.  I'd increase your fire by a couple as well.  So my recommendation would be around 10 fire, 2 rescue and 3 lightning.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I would max out your pokemon collector to 4 to make sure you can get a fast start.  Since you run several different pokemon, increasing your pokemon communication to 3 would also help you get out your emboars.  I'd add in another rare candy as well to increase the chances that you draw into it.  I like one flower shop girl in the deck as a bit of recovery, especially if your deck gets low.  With that, you can decrease your revive to 2.  Since emboar relies on having energy in your hand, I'd increase your energy retrieval to 3 or 4 and also add around 3 fisherman.  That way you can constantly use blue flare.  Maxing out your junk arm to 4 will also ensure that you can reuse any of your trainers.  You shouldnt have problems drawing into your energy, so I'd drop the energy search.  You don't necessarily need the Elm or Sage either, but if you have room in the deck, it certainly wouldn't hurt to keep them. I'd also consider increasing your twins to 2 and adding in another draw supporter like cheren since you don't run ninetales for draw power.   I'd also add in 1 switch so you don't have to pay a retreat cost in case your opponent tries to stall you by using catcher to bring up an emboar.

Once you drop the sigalyph and zekrom and increase the emboar line, you should have plenty of room to increase your trainers and supporters to make this deck a lot faster and more consistent!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - Jairyoku - Mew Gengar

1 Cleffa
4 Mime Jr.
2-1-3 Gengar Prime
1 Mr.Mime
4 Mew Prime
2 Spiritomb
2-2 Slowking Prime
Pokemon total = 22

2 Lost World
2 Revive
4 Pokemon Collector
2 Switch
3 Pokemon Communication
3 Seeker
3 Judge
4 Twins
3 Professor Juniper
2 Rare Candy
Trainer/Supporter Total = 28

10 Psychic Energy
Energy Total = 10

Pokemon Analysis
I'd add in another gastly just so you can ensure that you can possibly get 2 set up during the game. (This is because of the pokemon catcher threat.)  I would like to see another Mr. Mime in the deck, just in case one is prized, and you can easily get rid of a mime jr to make room for it.  The more babies in a deck, the more I worry about losing the game due to being donked.

Energy Analysis
I might add in a rescue energy or two, just to be able to reuse your gengar or mew without using a revive.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd try and find room for 4 junk arm and 2-3 pokemon catcher (great for stalling while you snipe or work on their hand).  Maxing out your seeker to 4 is going to be essential for getting those pokemon into their hand to put them into the lost zone.  To make room for this, I think you can reduce your juniper and judge.  If you still need room, you can reduce your energy to 7-8 psychic (no rescue). 

This deck is pretty close to what I would consider perfect.  The biggest flaw with this deck is that it's slow, so it tends to struggle in tournaments, especially in top cut.  But overall I think it's a great deck and has a lot of potential.

Pokemon Deck Review - pokepokepokemon1000 - Magmortar Donphan

4-4 Donphan (3 prime, 1 hgss)
3-3 Magmortar
2 Zekrom
3-2-3 Reuniculus
Pokemon total = 24

4 fire
6 fighting
4 lightning
4 psychic
Energy Total = 20

4 collector
2 flower shop
4 pokedex
2 rare candy
1 twins
Trainer/Supporter Total = 16

Pokemon Analysis
I'll start off by suggesting  that you add one starter, a single cleffa, just in case you need to refresh your hand or stall for a while.  I like the reuniculus to move damage around, but you should be safe with a 3-2-2 line.  You can also drop the HGSS donphan since 3 donphan prime should be more than enough.  I'm not sure which magmortar you're including, but I want to think that it's the one that discards cards from your opponents deck equal to the number of energy attached to it.  This is an interesting addition, without an energy accelerator like emboar, you'll have a hard time using it.  I think dropping it and sticking to the zekrom, reuniculus and donphan should be enough.  Adding in vileplume for a trainer lock deck would be an interesting combination, but only if you're willing to play without trainers as well. 

Energy Analysis
I'd drop the fire and psychic energy, keeping the rest for a total of 12 energy, which should be more than enough.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You've got a great start with 4 pokemon collector.  I'd add in 2-3 pokemon catcher to bring up your opponents benched pokemon, 4 junk arm to reuse any trainers, 3 communication to make sure you get the trainers that you need, another PONT to increase your hand shuffling, a few cheren to have some draw power, and max potion so you can get rid of some of the damage on the field.  You should be able to drop one flower shop and all the pokedex.  Adding in a switch will prevent you from having to pay the retreat cost.  If you have any more available spots, you might want to consider juniper and pluspower.

This is similar to 'The Truth', a deck that won 2nd place at worlds, but it's missing vileplume.  It would be easy to make a few adjustments to make this a trainer lock deck (adding in sage, reducing your own trainers, etc....)  Otherwise you have some very strong attackers which should be able to last a long time with the reuniculus sitting on the bench.

Pokemon Deck Review - ljz1997 - Celebi Sawsbuck Serperior

1 tyrogue
2 smeargle
2 celebi prime
2-2 sawsbuck
2-2-2/1 serperior (2 ability, 1 non)
1 jirachi
2-2 espeon
1-1-1 reuniculus
1-1/1 slowking/slowbro
pokemon total = 27

5 psychic
10 grass
energy total = 15

1 switch
3 retrieval
1 twins
1 juniper
2 interviewer
3 communication
3 junk arm
1 flower shop
1 pokeball
trainer/supporter total = 18

Pokemon Analysis
There's way too many different pokemon in the deck.  Smeargle is a good starter, but in decks today, it's relatively safe to just stick with one copy of the starter since you're relying mainly on your trainers and supporters to draw into what you need.  I might even consider dropping the tyrogue to have more space for other cards, but that's just a possibility.  You really want a celebi start so that you can start attaching more energy on the field as fast as possible.  Sawsbuck is your primary attacker, so increasing that line to 3-3 would be ideal.  I dont think you need the non ability serperior.  Relying on the ability serperior for healing should be enough.  I would include more snivy though in case they're catcher'd up early in the game.  I like the reuniculus for moving damage around, but you'll need a heavier line of it, or at least more basics.  I would recommend at least a 2-1-2, but ideally a 3-1-2.  You should be able to drop the espeon, slowking and slowbro as they don't really work well in the deck.  The jirachi can be kept since leveling down your opponents pokemon is a great way to get some KO's or even just stall for a while.

Energy Analysis
There's not much to suggest here.  If you need a spot for another card you can easily reduce the energy to about 3-4 psychic and 8-9 grass.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You'll need cards to search out basics, ideally 4 pokemon collector, but dual ball will substitute for now.  The single switch, juniper and flower shop is great, but I'd increase your hand refreshers to 4 PONT and possible throw in a couple of cheren for draw power.  You'll need some pokemon catcher to get the easy KO's or stall your opponent (2-3 of them), 4 communication since you run a lot of different pokemon and 4 junk arm to reuse all your trainers.  I dont think you need 3 retrieval since you have flower shop and jirachi, but leaving one might be helpful.  You probably don't need the interviewers either since you run so many energy.  The pokeball can be dropped since communication and collector are much better.  This deck might be slow setting up, so increasing your twins and possibly adding a black belt, can help you get set up once you get behind as well as catch up on prizes.  Since you run 2 stage 2 pokemon, including 2-3 rare candy is essential. 

Overall Analysis
If you can get this deck set up, it might work out well.  But it's going to be difficult to get everything going as it should be. Adjusting your trainers and supporters should make it easier for you to do this and hopefully you have some good games with it!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - Zemero - Reshiram Typhlosion

3-2-2 typlosion prime
3-2 ninetales
2 cleffa
3 reshiram
pokemon total = 17

3 pokemon collector
3 pokmon communication
3 engineer's adjustments
3 switch
3 professor oak's new theory
2 professor elm's training method
2 interviewer's questions
2 energy retrival
1 burned tower
1 flower shop lady
trainer/supporter total = 23

17 fire
3 rescue
energy total = 20

Overall Analysis
Reshiphlosion decks are currently one of the most powerful decks in the format.  The goal is to have 2-3 typhlosion set up on the bench to be able to attach energy from the discard pile to your pokemon in any way that you want.  Ninetales allows you discard a fire energy in order to draw three cards, allowing you go easily draw through your deck to get what you want.  Reshiram is you main attacker (although typhlosion can act as a great secondary attacker too) being able to hit for 120 each turn since typhlosion can easily replace the discarded energy.

Pokemon Analysis
Once you opponent see's a cyndaquil, that will be their first target with either catcher or sniping pokemon like yanmega.  So you'll want increase your line to 4.  I would also suggest adding another typhlosion since having 3 on the bench will allow one to get KO'd and still be able to easily recover.  I would reduce the cleffa down to one since you'll rarely need it and you might be able to safely go down to two vulpix since you only need one ninetales set up at a time. 

Energy Analysis
I would reduce your energy to 2 rescue and 12 fire energy.  That will give you more room for trainers and supporters, but still plenty of energy to work with.  If you need more spaces in the deck, you could always further reduce the fire energy.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd increase your pokemon collector to 4 just to increase the chance of you starting with it.  You shouldn't need more than 1 switch since you can always use your 'afterburner' to attach energy to retreat.  You typically wont have any problems drawing energy, but just in case, I would leave in 1 interviewers questions.  With flower shop, you don't need 2 energy retrieval, so I'd go down to 1, but also add in 1-2 revive.  Revive's can be used not only for reshiram, but in case your opponent knocks out an early cyndaquil.  I'd max out your professor oaks new theory.  I dont think you need the burned tower, especially with the flower shop and energy retrieval (this will likely just help your opponent). 

The last cards in the deck that I'm not sure about are the engineer's adjustments and elm.  I'm more of a fan of cheren for this deck (huge hand sizes make it difficult for yanmega decks), and while engineer is great for putting the energy into the discard pile, you don't necessarily need it past the first few turns.  You do need two critical cards in this deck - junk arm and pokemon catcher.  Pokemon catcher is going to be essential for stalling early game or bringing up benched pokemon for KO's.  You'll need 2-3 of them.  I'd add in 4 junk arms to be able to reuse any of your trainers.  Adding in the junk arms allows you to safely reduce your number of switch and energy retreival too.

Reshiphlosion decks work great once they get set up, but if you get a slow start, your opponent will likely take the game.  The changes to the trainers and supporters should get this deck going much faster.  Hope it helps!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - TuxPenguin00 - Blastoise Feraligatr Beartic

2-2-2 Feraligatr
2-2-1 Blastoise
2-2 Zoroark
2-2 Beartic
2-2 Honchkrow
1 Delibird
Pokemon Total = 24

2 cheren
2 communication
4 elm
2 switch
1 retrieval
1 catcher
1 twins
2 crushing hammer
Trainer/Supporter Total = 17

8 darkness
8 water
Energy total = 19

Pokemon Analysis
You've got quite a few different lines of pokemon going on that I think would work better together if you cut a few out.  Instead of Delibird and Honchkrow, I would focus on increasing the strength of your other lines and adding in a cleffa as a possible staller and hand refresher.  With pokemon catcher your basic pokemon are going to be vulnerable, so I'd add in another totodile, squirtle and cubchoo.  Since zoroark is a 'just in case' tech, you should be fine with only 2 zorua.  I'd also add in another blastoise since only having one will make it difficult to get out (especially if it's prized).

Energy Analysis
I'd max out your DCE to 4 since blastoise, zoroark and beartic can use it.  You don't need the darkness energy since you'll be mainly using zoroark's second attack.  By doing this you'll have room to add a couple more water energy (I'd say 10 water and 4 DCE overall).  If you really want dark energy, add in a couple of special dark that will allow zoroark to hit for more. 

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
This is where I'll be making the most changes.  The list of pokemon isn't bad, but if they're going to work, you'll need a really good line of trainers and supporters.  First you need cards to search out basic pokemon.  The best would be pokemon collector, but if you dont have 4 of them, adding in dual balls instead will be a decent second option.   I like the 2 cheren and might even increase it to 3.  PONT is your only hand refresher, so I would max it out at 4.  Since you run quite a few different pokemon, add in another communication for a total of 3 to ensure that you can get what you want.  With these, you should be able to reduce your number of elm if you need more room in the space.  One flower shop girl will help you get critical pokemon back into your deck as well as a few energy.  I like the 2 switch since you have very heavy retreat costs on your pokemon.  Catcher definitely needs to be increased to 2-3.  I'd also include 4 junk arm to be able to reuse any of your trainers. I dont think the crushing hammer card is very strong, especially since it needs a coin flip, so I think it could be safely dropped.  You'll definitely need to keep the twins and I might even increase it to 2 or 3 since your 2 stage 2 lines will take a while to get up and going.

I think blastoise feraligatr decks still have a decent shot in the current format, especially since the beartic and zoroark give you a few other options.  Hopefully the changes I've suggested will have this deck running more consistently.  Good luck in your battle roads this weekend!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - pokemonkieran - Blastoise Feraligatr Ursaring

3-2-1 Blastoise UL x1
3-2-1/1 Feraligatr (1 Prime, 1 non)
3-2-2 Scolipede (1 BW, 1 EP)
2-1/1 Ursaring (1 Prime, 1 non)
Pokemon total = 24

Potion x2
Prof. Elm's Training Method x3
Revive x2
Poke Ball x2
Energy Search x3
Max Potion x1
Prof. Juniper x1
Energy Retrieval x1
Engineer's Adjustments x1
Trainer/Supporter total = 16

Psychic Energy x6
Water Energy x10
Double Colorless Energy x2
Rainbow Energy x1
Energy Total = 19

Pokemon Analysis
Blastoise Feraligatr decks are great, but they're very slow to set up, so I think you have a good idea with the ursaring.  It's an attacker that can work fast while you work on setting up the bench.  Having 3 stage 2's with pokemon catcher around are going to be almost impossible to set up, so I'd drop the scolipede completely.  I'd focus on just the ursaring prime (2 of them, dropping the rare) for your primary attacker.  Increasing rainbow energy or even using a turn to attack yourself with teddiursa will work.  Feraligatr should have a 3-2-2 line (2 prime, no rare) and blastoise, since it's your main attacker, should have a 4-2-3 line.  1 cleffa to shuffle your hand in case you need it would also be a good idea. 

Energy Analysis
I'd increase your rainbow to 3 because of ursaring, increase your DCE to 3-4 for blastoise and ursaring and let the remaining energy be water (around 8-9). I would aim for less than 15 total energy.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
To get this deck to work, we're going to have to make a lot of changes to your trainers and supporters.  You need 3-4 cards to search out basic pokemon.  Pokemon collector is ideal, but dual ball is a decent substitution.  Your single juniper is great, but you need a few other shuffle/draw supporters like 4 professor oaks new theory and 3-4 cheren.  Instead of revive, I would include a flower shop.  I might also keep the energy retrieval in the deck so you can get energy back from the discard pile and immediately reuse them.  4 pokemon communication will help you search for exactly what you need and are much better than professor elms (however if you have a lot of trainer lock in your area, I might keep 1-2 elm). 

Even though blastoise is sniping, pokemon catcher is going to be essential for pulling up benched pokemon to stall, so I would include 2-3 of them.  To slow you down, your opponent will be using the same strategy with catcher, so including 2 switch will ensure that you can get your attacker back into the active position.  The other big card you'll need in the deck is rare candy to be able to quickly evolve your stage 2's.  You'll need 4 rare candy as well as 4 junk arm to be able to reuse all of your trainers. 

I've seen quite a few blastoise feraligatr decks in the format right now, but none of them have been doing well because they take too long to set up.  The ursaring addition may allow you the time to stall until you get your stage 2's up and going.  The most important part is changing up the trainers and supporters so that you can get everything working.  Hope my suggestions help!

Pokemon Deck Review - Zombieplatepus - Weaville Umbreon Espeon (and others)

4 - 2/2 Espeon/Umbreon
1 Cleffa
2 Sableye
1-1 Honchkrow
2-1 Weavile (poke power)
2-2 Skuntank
Pokemon total = 20

3 Pokemon communication
3 Defenders
2 Pokemon collector
2 Potion
2 Interviewers question
2 Bill
1 Plus power
1 Professor Oaks new theory
1 Revive
1 Energy retrieval
1 Copycat
1 Professor Elm's training method
1 Flower shop lady
1 Switch
Trainer/Supporter total = 22

9 Dark energy
9 Psychic energy
Energy Total = 18

Pokemon Anaylsis
You have an excellent potential starter/shuffle pokemon - cleffa.  I dont like running any more than 1 cleffa because of the donking potential.  I like the umbreon in the deck since it prevents your opponent from being able to attack you if has pokepowers or abilities, but pokemon catcher is an easy way to get around it.  Espeon is great for moving energy around, but like umbreon, it has a low HP, and both will be knocked out very easily.  Therefore you really need to slow down your opponent.  A way to do this is to increase your line of weaville since you can get rid of crucial cards in their hand.  You might want to throw in a slowking to prevent them from being able to draw into useful things.  Going with a trainer lock deck like vileplume would also slow your opponent down, but you wouldn't be able to play trainers either.

I dont think the skuntank or honchkrow or strong attackers, so if you go with the vileplume I think they can easily be dropped and just focus on disruption with slowking, vileplume and weaville while attacking and spreading the damage with the espeon and umbreon (increasing the number of espeon and umbreon to 3 each just to ensure that you can get them when you need them.  You might also want to include a zoroark since it easily fits in with the dark pokemon and can be used in a variety of situations.  You could also try houndoom which hits for 80 and forces your opponent to discard a card. 

Energy Analysis
18 is quite a bit of energy, so you should be easily able to reduce them to a total of 12-14.  I would include a couple of DCE if you decide to run zoroark, but other than that just split the energy in half (so 6-7 of each energy).  For the darkness energy, I would make sure that 4 of them are special dark since you'll be able to hit harder with them. 

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I would add in more collector (dual ball if you dont have more collector) to a total of 3-4 and increase your number of oaks new theory to 4.  Since we're going for disruption, team rockets trickery and judge would also be good additions (3-4 of them depending on what you have).  If you go with vileplume, I would go with more judge and if not, go with more team rockets trickery.  This deck will be slow to set up, so I'd go with 2-3 twins and possibly a few black belt to be able to hit your opponent harder.  If you go with vileplume, increase your elm to around 3, add in a few sage, and drop all of your trainers except for 3 communication and 2 rare candy (these trainers will help you get your vileplume set up fast).  If you don't go with vileplume I would max out your communications, add in 2-3 catcher, increase your switch to 2, drop some defender and add more pluspower.

There are a lot of cards that you can easily drop like potion, one interviewers (possibly 2), revive, copycat (although you can keep this is you don't have enough of the supporters I mentioned above), and energy retrieval.  Flower shop should be the only card you need for discard recovery in this deck and since your pokemon have low HP, the chances of you being able to use a potion is slim.  With enough shuffle cards you don't need interviewers since you should be able to draw into them with the right supporters.  Without vileplume, I'd also add in 4 junk arms, but would leave them out if you have vileplume. 

I think with vileplume and slowking, this could be a great disruption deck.  Without them, you're going to have a hard time getting set up and preventing your pokemon from being taken out in one hit.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - PokeGymGlobal - Roserade Meganium Serperior Muk

3-2 Muk
3 Grimer
3-2-2 Serperior
1 Celebi prime
2 Cleffa
3-2 Tangrowth
2-2-2 Meganium prime
1-1 Roserade
Pokemon Total = 31

2 Pokemon Collector
3 Communication
2 Switch
2 Twins
Trainer/Supporter Total = 11

6 psychic E
13 grass E
Energy Total = 21

A pokemon deck is only allowed to have 60 cards and you currently have 63, so we'll have to cut a few cards to make it tournament legal.

Pokemon Analysis
You have lots of great pokemon in your deck, but way too many of them.  Reducing the pokemon you play will allow you to focus on certain strategies and give you the bench space to be able to do so.  1 cleffa should be sufficient in case you need a new hand.  1 celebi prime is great against decks that dont attack with just basic pokemon and allows you to have an extra energy attachment per turn.  I like the muk since it drags up your opponents benched pokemon and inflicts special conditions on them.  Then it deals extra damage with it's second attack if those conditions are still present.  Increasing your number of roserade to be able to inflict conditions on the active without having to use muk first, could also be helpful (a line of 4-3). I would also increase the line of muk to 4-3 rather than 3-2.  I would also consider adding in a line of leafeon which also does more damage when there are special conditions on the active (possibly 3-2 or 4-3).  To make room for these, I would drop the tangrowth, serperior and meganium prime. 

Energy Analysis
21 energy is way too much.  When you attack rainbow energy to roserade, you'll be inflicting both conditions on your opponent, so I would add 4 of those.  I'd increase your DCE to 3-4 as well since muk is your primary attacker.  The remaining energy should focus mostly on psychic since leafeon only needs a colorless for it's ideal attack or a grass for the secondary attack.  I'd recommend 5 psychic and 2 grass.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
This part of the deck should contain almost half of your cards.  It's not helpful to have great cards in your deck if you dont have enough resources to get to them.  Early game you want a pokemon collector, so increasing the number in the deck to 3-4 (adding in dual ball if you don't have enough to meet this number) is ideal.  You could also increase your pokemon communication to ensure that you can get what you need.  Muk has a heavy retreat cost, so you'll want to add a few switch to get it out of the way in case your opponent uses pokemon catcher before it's ready.  You'll also need 2-3 pokemon catcher of your own and 4 junk arm to reuse all of your trainers. Your deck is going to be a bit slow to set up, so the 2 twins is a great idea.  You'll also want a flower shop for recovery later in the game.

The biggest part missing in this deck is draw/shuffle power to get what you need.  Increasing your number of professor oaks new theory, adding in a juniper and a few cheren will solve this problem.  You could also try running seeker to be able to reuse your roserade and rainbow energy to inflict more confusion (but be prepared with a roselia on the bench ready to evolve or another roserade ready to attach the rainbow to). 

By reducing the types of pokemon you run, you'll be able to focus on a strategy - to inflict special conditions on your opponent and do more damage because of them.  I hope my suggestions help!

Pokemon Deck Review - MrShadowMountain - Ampharos Zoroark Electivire

4 Zekrom
2-1-1 Ampharos
2-2 Zoroark
2 Rotom
1-1 Electivire
Total pokemon = 17

Burned Tower
4 Professor Oak's New Theory
Flower Shop Lady
3 Defender
3 Switch
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Junk Arm
Energy Returner
Great Ball
Rare Candy
Trainer/Supporter/Stadium Total = 24

15 Basic Electric
4 Basic Darkness
Energy total = 19

Pokemon Analysis
The heavy attacker in this deck is the zekrom, which hits for 120 but does 40 to itself.  Running a high number of defenders will prevent you from doing too much damage to yourself.   Fast zekrom decks usually pair pachirisu and shaymin with zekrom, but ampharos is another option for adding energy.  It's slower but able to search energy out from the deck.  In order to get this working, you'll need a stronger line of ampharos, ideally a 4-2-3 line rather than the 2-1-1 line that you currently have.  Zoroark is excellent for a variety of situations since it can copy your opponents attacks and if you can't seem to draw what you want, you can always use it to search your deck.  I believe you can drop the sableeye since it's not a strong attacker and it's better to use trainers/supporters to get what you need back from the discard pile rather than wasting a potential attack to do it.  I like the rotom since it can help you get out prized cards but can also snipe the bench if they have energy in play.  I would only include one of them though.   I would also drop the electivire since too many lightning pokemon just mean that you'll be destroyed by any fighting type deck.  I'd consider looking at a water pokemon like lanturn prime (who is both water and electric) that could cover your Donphan weakness if you have a lot of donphan in your area.

Energy Analysis
19 energy is a bit too much.  I'd swap out your 4 basic dark energy for 3 special dark energy (this will allow you to one shot reshiram and other zekrom).  I would also add in a couple of double colorless energy for zekroms outrage if you dont have the lightning energy or for zoroarks foul play attack.  You should be easily able to reduce your number of lightning energy down to 9 or so for a total of around 14.

Trainer/Supporter/Stadium Analysis
In order to make this deck work, you'll need a really good line of trainers and supporters.  The burned tower stadium should be easy to drop.  You run a flower shop lady to get energy back, and you shouldn't be losing a lot of energy per turn.  Even reducing your energy to 14 shouldn't affect your ability to draw into them.  This deck is going to be a bit slow to get up, so you'll want to add in another twins to try and get set up once you start losing pokemon.  You should only need 2 switch, especially if you increase your junk arm to 4 to be able to possibly reuse them.  You certainly need cards to search out basic pokemon, primarily 3-4 pokemon collector (but dual ball is a decent substitution as well).  Basic searchers are essential in getting set up as fast as possible.  Since you run a heavy line of zekrom I'd max out your defender at 4.

Cards I think you can easily drop in addition to the burned tower are the seeker, great ball, energy returner and potion.  You'll need the space for more hand refreshers to get this deck working.  It's great that you have 4 oaks new theory and a cheren, but I'd add in a juniper and possibly increase your cheren to 2 or 3.  I'd keep the single rare candy to help get the ampharos up.  I'd also add in 2 or 3 pokemon catcher to be able to stall your opponent or drag up what you need for knock outs. 

This is a very different take on the typical zekrom deck.  However, zekrom variants are currently winning more battle roads than any other deck, so it certainly stands a chance.  Be careful of your match-ups against fighting types.  If there's a lot of them in your area, you may need to do some serious editing to be able to stand up to them.  I hope my suggestions were helpful!