Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - Eelektrik Zekrom Thundurus - yugioh4ev

4 thundurus
4 zekrom
3-2 eelektrik
3-2-2 reuniclus
Pokemon Total = 20

3 catcher
4 eviolite
4 comunication
3 rare candy
4 collector
4 pont
2 sage training
2 cheren
Trainer/Supporter Total = 26

12 thunder energy
2 double colorless
Energy Total = 14

Overall Strategy
Eelektric's ability allows you to attach one lightning energy from the discard pile to one of your benched pokemon per turn.  With 2 eel set up, you can attach 3 energy each turn (one from your hand) allowing you to power up a thundurus or a zekrom.  Thundurus is your ideal starter since it can attach energy from the deck to itself as its attack.  This helps the energy acceleration.  It's second attack forces you to discard an energy, but that's okay, since you can reattach it with your eels, allowing you to power up a heavier attacker like zekrom. Reuniclus allows you to move damage around to be able to outrage rather than bolt strike with zekrom for knockouts.

Pokemon Analysis
While I see how reuniclus is useful, in a non trainer lock deck, it's going to be big catcher bait with such a low HP.  I think it would be better to take it out and focus more on the other pokemon.  Increasing your eel line to a 4-3 will allow you to get a third eel up if one is knocked out.  The extra basic ensures that if you lose one early to catcher, you can easily recover.  I find that with only 2 eel in the deck, often one is prized, which can make your game very difficult.  I also like one cleffa in the deck in case of horribly bad hands as well as being a free retreater to serve in the active position once something is knocked out.  That will allow you to use your eels to get something powered back up, then free retreat into that pokemon.  I try to avoid the 30 HP tynamo because of kyurems glaciate as well as chandelure's ability.  Both do 30, so your tynamos would never have a chance to become eels. 

Energy Analysis
I find that it's more consistent to run straight lightning energy rather than including the DCE.  Often I find in eel variant  decks that rescue is a better special energy option.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
If you take my suggestion about dropping reuniclus, then you can also drop the rare candy.  3 communication should be enough to search out for what you need, especially since everything is a basic except for the eels,. I'd add in a super rod just in case you need to prevent yourself from decking out, or if you have crucial pokemon prized and lose some early (mainly the eels).  I'd add in 4 junk arm to be able to reuse any trainers.  Junk arm is also great for getting lightning into the discard pile.  Increasing your sage to 3 will also help you get the lightning in the discard pile.  I'd add in one switch, just in case you don't want to pay the retreat cost of your active. I find that a switch is particularly useful when I dont have a free retreater on the bench and I need to power something up on the bench after a knock out.  I'd also consider adding some N rather than cheren.  Once your eels are set up, you can live off of the field and a low hand size shouldnt hurt you.  However, your opponent may not have a deck that can live off the field, so bringing their hand size down to a few cards can really hurt them.  N can also serve as a great hand refresher early in the game as well (when you have most of your prizes left) yet still serves as a bit of disruption.

Eel variant decks are currently doing very well in cities tournaments because they can utilize big HP basics as main attackers and can keep a fresh stream of energy going when one is knocked out.  While the reuniclus is a good idea, I think it's just catcher bait (especially since it's lower stages are so weak).  I feel like too many of your resources would be used on getting it out, and a lot of the speed that eel decks have would be lost because of it.  I hope my suggestions help!

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