Friday, September 16, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - TheSnowWarrior - Kingdra Samurott

2-2 Zoroark
3-2-3 Kingdra (1 non-ability, 2 prime)
2 Manaphy
3-2-3 Samurott (1 non-ability, 2 ability)
1 Tyrouge
Pokemon Total: 23

10 Water Energy
4 Double Colorless
Energy Total: 14

x3 Junk Arm
x1 Twins
x3 Prof. Oak New Theory
x3 Rare Candy
x3 Pokemon Catcher/Reversal
x3 Pokemon Communication
x2 Pokemon Collector
x1 Dual Ball
x1 Flower Shop Lady
x1 Energy Retrieval
x1 Cheren
x1 Switch
Trainers/Supporter: 23

This is another deck review for TheSnowWarrior after some 'tweaking' was made to the deck that was originally submitted.

Pokemon Analysis
You've got a great starter line with manaphy and tyrogue, although I'm seeing fewer decks running tyrogue since there's less cleffa around.  I've also seen many decks just have one shuffle pokemon in their deck.  So if you need more space for other cards, consider dropping one manaphy and tyrogue.  With pokemon catcher being so prevelant, I would increase the number of basic pokemon - adding in one additional horsea and oshawott.  This was you can afford to lose one early game and still be able to recover.  You have the non ability kingdra as an extra attacker to samurott, although you may not need it since samurott is already such a strong attacker.  Adding another prime or decreasing the kingdra line to 3-2-2 (primes only) are some options. Zoroark is your counter to those electric pokemon that will easily KO your water pokemon.  Zekrom and lanturn are the biggest threats and they both have very strong attacks to copy to KO them.

Energy Analysis
No changes are needed here.   Since samurott and zoroark benefit from DCE you run a maximum of 4 and you fill the rest of the spots with water energy to power up samurott for more damage.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'm seeing that a lot more decks are playing 4 cards to search out basics, so I would add in another collector or dual ball.  Collector is of course preferred.  I don't think you'll need the energy retrieval with flower shop and 14 energy, so that could be an extra place for another draw or shuffle card like another PONT, cheren or maybe juniper.  If you can squeeze in another junk arm, that would really help the deck since a lot of late games are coming down to who can 'catcher' up their opponent for that last prize.  Other than that, your trainer and supporter line is very strong and I don't have any other suggestions to make to it!  You've made this a much stronger deck and if you plan on going to battle roads, I hope you do well!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - 21brandielynn - Honchkrow Weaville Grumpig Nidoqueen and many others!!

2-1 Xatu
2-1-1 Nidoqueen
2-1 Banette
2-1 Grumpig
1 Spiritomb
1 Tyrouge
3-2 Houndoom (1 prime, 1 non)
3-2 Weaville
2-1 Honchkrow
2 Sableye
30 pokemon

1 Rescue Energy
4 Dark
5 Special Darkness
5 Psychic
15 energy

1 Flowershop Lady
1 Switch
1 Lost Remover
1 Pokemon Communication
1 Professor Oak's New Theory
1 Professor Elm's Training Method
1 Fisherman
1 Copycat
8 Trainers/Supporters

Deck Total = 53 (Need 7 more cards for a full 60 card deck)

Pokemon Analysis
You've got some great pokemon in the deck, but you have way too many different pokemon that don't always work together.  I immediately noticed that you have somewhat of a disruption deck going on.  Weaville and non prime houndoom can reduce your opponents hand size by forcing them to discard cards from their hand.  The houndoom prime can burn from the bench, which can force your opponent to retreat to prevent burn damage.  I'm not sure which honchkrow you have, but running a couple of the one with shadow binde would be ideal  If you can burn them and use honchkrows shadow bind, they can't retreat out of the burn.  The other honchkrow is more powerful though, being able to snipe for 50, so perhaps including one of those would be a good idea too. 

I like xatu's attacks, so I would keep it in, but I don't think this deck is going to be fast enough to run the stage 2 nidoqueen.  I would also drop the spritomb and sableye.  I like grumpigs second attack, so it might have a spot in this deck.  I like the tyrogue in order to KO your opponents baby pokemon and possibly stall, but you will also need a starter pokemon yourself, like a cleffa or manaphy.

You need to get a few more copies of the pokemon that you decide to focus on.  If you have 3 sableye, then you should run 3 weaville.  Running only one copy of a stage 1 pokemon is tricky, because if it get's KO'd quickly, you may not have a backup plan.  I would focus on increasing the weaville and houndoom lines, maybe running 2-2 honchkrow (one of each), and 2-2 of grumpig and xatu.  Some playtesting will show you which of these pokemon you really like to attack with, and once you find that out, you may want to continue to increase the lines of those and drop others that you don't use as much.

You could also consider dropping a pokemon line and adding in slowking who's power allows you to look at the top 3 cards of your opponents deck and rearrange them.  This could be another way to slow down your opponent!

Energy Analysis
You can only have 4 special energy per deck, so you'll need to reduce the special dark to 4.  Since you run more dark pokemon than psychic, I would also increase the regular dark to 5.  I would drop the rescue energy simply because with only one in the deck, you may not be able to draw into it to use it when you want.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
This is the section that needs the most work.  8 cards to try and get the pokemon/energy out that you need is not going to be enough. So we start by adding in cards to search for basic pokemon like pokemon collector or dual ball.  Elm is fine for searching out higher stages, but I prefer increasing the communication so you can just swap whatever you have in your hand for whatever you need.  You'll need more hand refreshers like professor oaks new theory and copycat(you can have a max of 4 of a card per deck), a juniper and possibly adding in some cheren to be able to draw more.  For recovery, you have the flower shop to get cards back from the discard pile, but you'll need twins in case you're behind.  Junk arms will allow you to reuse your trainers and pokemon catcher will let you drag up your opponents benched pokemon to either stall or to get easy KO's.  You shouldn't need the fisherman with the flower shop since you shouldn't be losing a lot of energy. 

Since you have pokemon that disrupt, the lost remover could be a good addition, but I would just keep one in the deck.  I would increase your number of switch because of other decks using pokemon catcher to bring up your benched pokemon.  Since you run cards that force your opponent to discard from their hand, I would also add in 4 team rockets trickery just to force them to discard more.  You could also add judge in to reduce their hand size before you attack with houndoom to force them to discard, but this might take a bit of practice to play the right way (it's easy to judge yourself into a bad hand when you're bench isn't prepared).

By tripling your trainer/supporter line and reducing your pokemon line, you should have an easier time getting what you want when you need it.  While your deck doesn't attack for a high amount of damage, it has quite a bit of disruption to slow downI hope my suggestions help!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - TheAnimefan608 - Reshiram Typhlosion Magcargo

3-1-2 typhlosion prime
2-2 magcargo {taking this out for ninetales once i get them}
2 cleffa
4 reshiram
Pokemon total - 16

4 copycat
4 pluspower
4 pokemon communication
2 switch
2 pokemon reversal {switch/reversal are going to be catcher once i get them}
1 pokemon collector
2 dual ball {i need two more collector}
3 twins
3 energy retrieval
3 junk arm
2 rare candy
2 professor oak's new theory
Trainer/Supporter total - 32
10 fire
2 double colorless
Energy total - 12
This deck is still a work in progress as TheAnimeFan608 is already planning some changes once he gets various cards that he's looking for.  So I'm going to review the deck as if he's already made the changes that he wants to make  (2-2 ninetales for magcargo, 3 collector with no dual ball and 4 catcher for switch/reversal).

Pokemon Analsysis
With the ninetales, this is already a really strong overall pokemon line.  I would increase the typhlosion to 3-1-3 and decrease the reshiram to 3 since you can always use revives to recover them.  With so many other players using catcher, I might also add in another cyndaquil in case one is 'catcher'd up' and KO'd.  I might even decrease your cleffa to 1 and add in 1 manaphy too.

Energy Analysis
While the double colorless allows you to use outrage and attack easily, I prefer to see all fire in this deck since afterburner can easily put the energy back on your reshiram each turn. 

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
3 pokemon collector is a great number for searching out basics, but since reshiram is a basic itself, I would increase it to 4.  You can always use the 4 communication to swap in basics for higher stages.  While you dropped the switches for the 4 catcher, I would add at least one more switch back in.  You could probably drop your catcher down to 3 easily as well. Increasing your rare candy to 3 and junk arm to 4 will ensure that you get those typhlosion out as fast as possible. You may be able to safely drop your 3 energy retrieval down to 2 with the addition of another junk arm. 

I'm only a fan of copycat in yanmega decks since this format typically keeps hand sizes pretty low (unlike the days of luxchomp when your opponent could easily have a 10+ card hand).  So I would drop all the copycat, max out your number of professor oaks new theory, add in one juniper and possibly a couple of cheren.  I dont think you really need the pluspower in a deck like this, but if you like it, running 2 should be more than enough.  3 twins is way too many for this deck.  While it may take a while to get the typhlosion up, your reshiram should be able to attack and take KO's very quickly.  So I would reduce your twins down to 1.  I would also add in a flower shop because near the end of the game your deck is very small and you might need those 6 cards back in the deck just to prevent you from decking out.

Reshiram Typhlosion is one of the strongest meta decks in the format at the moment and with your noted changes, you already have a very strong line of pokemon and energy.  I think with a few adjustments to your trainer/supporter line, your deck will be much more consistent and harder to beat.

Pokemon Deck Review - TealAmpharos - Ampharos Scizor

3-3 Scizor Prime
2-2-2 Ampharos Prime
2 Tyrogue
2 Manaphy
2-2 Arcanine
20 Pokemon

5 Lightning Energy
2 Fire Energy
6 Metal Energy
15 Energy

1 Pokemon Catcher
2 Pokemon Collector
2 Twins
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Rare Candy
2 Dual Ball
1 Switch
2 Juniper
2 Cheren
3 Junk Arm
2 Elm
25 Trainers/Supporters
Pokemon Analysis
Your starter line is pretty good.  2 manaphy will prevent you from suffering the cleffa donk, but running 2 tyrogue are free prizes for yanmega decks.  I would run only one tyrogue to donk and possibly stall.  Your tech line of ampharos is very stong, although by running rare candy you should be easily able to to bring that down to a 2-1-2.  Ampharos is primarily a tech pokemon, who will sit on the bench most of the game and do damage to your opponent every time they attach energy.  However, it can be used to attack as well.  Your main attacker is scizor prime, which cannot be damaged by pokemon with special energy attached and does more damage depending on how much special energy is attached to it.  I don't quite understand why the arcanine is in the deck.  Your main attacker scizor is weak to fire types, so I would have expected a water tech in this deck to counter that.  However, since you run double colorless energy to allow ampharos to attack, perhaps a zoroark would be a more appropriate substitution.  The biggest fire pokemon in the format right now is reshiram, whose attack zoroark can copy without having to discard the fire energy.  That will free up some spaces to change your energy around as well.  I might also suggest adding a couple of skarmory that can speed up the attachment of metal energy to scizor. 
Energy Analysis
Another reason I recommend dropping arcanine is to reduce the number of energy that you run.  I would add in 4 special metal energy that reduce damage by 10 and drop all the fire energy if you decide to drop the arcanine.  If you add in zoroark, I would increase your DCE to 3-4.  You should be safe dropping your lightning energy down to 2-3 since you won't plan on attacking with ampharos as a main attacker.  To keep your energy total around 14, you can always drop a couple of basic metal (since your adding special metal, this shouldn't hurt the deck).
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have a pretty line of cards for getting basic pokemon with 2 dual ball and 2 collector, although I prefer higher numbers of collector over dual ball.  Increasing your catcher to 3 would make this deck much more aggressive, allowing you to pick off basics before they can evolve (especially decks that run heavy lines of stage 2's).  Your numbers of communication, junk arm and rare candy are excellent, but I might increase the junk arm and communication as well as increasing your switch to 2 because of all the catcher around.  I would take out one twins and one juniper and add in a flower shop.  If you need any more room, I would take out some of the elm.  If you can, I would try and max out your PONT to 4. 
With the addition of skarmory for speed and zoroark to counter weaknesses, I think this deck has a pretty good chance of doing well in a tournament.  While I've made some suggestions for changing around your trainer/supporter line, it's already pretty strong, so a bit of playtesting will show you what changes work for you and which ones don't.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - ThePikachuProject911 - samurott emboar reshiram

1 reshiram
3-2-2 emboar (one ability, one non)
2-1 simisear
3-2-1 stoutland
1-1 Suicune and Entei legend
4-3-2 Samurott (1 ability, 1 non)
pokemon total = 28
11 water energy
11 fire energy
energy total = 22
4 potion
3 switch
1 pokemon communication
1 legend box
1 cheerleader's cheer
trainer/supporter total = 10
Pokemon Analysis
You have quite a few different pokemon in this deck, mostly being split between fire and water.  The only pokemon that doesn't fit is the stoutland.  I dont think the stoutland has a strong enough attack to remain in the deck, so I'd drop it.  Since you don't have a starter in the deck like cleffa or manaphy, you may want to keep a 2-2 line of herdier, but only the ones that allow you to draw cards. That could serve as your starter pokemon. 
I would also recommend dropping the suicune entei legend.  It needs 3 energy to be able to attack, but with pokemon catcher, it can easily be brought up from the benched and KO'd before you can build it up.  That's going to allow your opponent to take 2 easy prizes since its a legend.  I woudl also drop the simisear, since the others are much stronger.  So the pokemon that are left are the reshiram, emboar and samurott.  I would add in one more ability emboar so that you can make sure that you're always able to attach as many fire energy as you like per turn.  Ideally, you'll be able to use your one energy attachment per turn for the water energy on samurott, while adding on as much fire as needing to your reshiram and other emboar to be able to attack each turn.  I like the split between ability and non ability pokemon since the non ability emboar has a more powerful attack and samurott non ability can snipe.
Energy Analysis
22 energy is quite high for this deck, even though you have to discard a lot of them to attack.  All of your pokemon can benefit from double colorless energy, so I would add 4 of them.  This is going to allow you to be able to attack faster while you get your stage 2 lines of pokemon set up.  I would keep the deck primarily fire, with around 7 fire energy, and include only 4 water energy.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Only 10 trainers and supporters are not going to help you get your pokemon and energy out when you need them.  Hopefully by dropping some of the pokemon lines and energy will have made quite a bit of room for additional trainers/supporters. 
You'll need 3-4 cards to search out basics like pokemon collector and dual ball.  Increasing your communication to 3 will help you throw those basics back into for higher stage pokemon.  3 rare candy will allow you to evolve faster and 3-4 junk arm will let you reuse all of your trainer and supporters.  To draw into what you need, add 1 juniper and possibly 3 cheren.  To refresh your hand, add in 4 professor oaks new theory. 
You're discarding quite a bit of energy, so you'll need some recovery cards.  First, twins can help get the cards you need if you're behind in the game.  Flower shop lady will put energy and pokemon back into your deck. Finally, you'll need a combination of energy retrieval and fisherman to put the energy from your discard pile back into your hand to allow you to be able to immediately reuse it.  I would probably try 2-3 of each and see how they work out for you. 
Add in 2 pokemon catcher in case you need to bring up something heavy to stall or bring up something for an easy knock out.  Drop your number of switch down to 1 since you can always reuse them with junk arm.  You can drop the cheerleaders cheer since cheren does the same thing but doesnt help your opponent, potion and legend box.
I hope my suggestions help this deck become more consistent and win a few more games!  As it is, you're going to have a hard time drawing into what you need, when you need it.  With the changes, it should be much more consistent and effective. 

Pokemon Deck Review - SpeedyBasil2 - donphan ampharos scizor

3-3 Donphan Prime
2-1-2 Ampharos Prime
1 Tyrogue from CoL
2 Cleffa from CoL
3-2 scizor (non prime)
pokemon total = 19
2 Pokemon Communication
3 Seeker
2 Pokemon Collector
3 Professor Juniper
1 Flower Shop Lady
1 Dual Ball
1 Great Ball
3 Switch
2 Rare Candy
1 Junk Arm
trainer/supporter total = 22
6 Metal Energy
5 Fighting Energy
7 Electric Energy
energy total = 18
Deck total = 59 (need 60)
Pokemon Analysis
There's not too many changes that I can suggest for the pokemon line.  You have a strong number of starters, but not running too many babies for a potential donk.  Donphan is one of the strongest pokemon in the format, so a 3-3 is a very strong line.  The ampharos line is more of a tech to add damage to your opponents pokemon as they attach energy, but  you could always attack with it, although I wouldn't focus on that. Scizor is your other strong attack, but I'm unclear why you chose the non prime over the prime (other than availability).  The prime scizor would be able to hit for more with the same amont of energy and the pokebody could be great disruption against decks that ran special energy.  If you keep the non prime over the prime, I would increase the line to 3-3 to ensure that you can get it out.  Although I would probably chose to remove it completely in favor of zoroark or something else that could help in difficult match-ups.
Energy Analysis
Since ampharos should be more of a tech rather than attacker, I would decrease the lightning energy and increase the fighting energy.  I still like the idea of DCE even if you didn't run zoroark because it could help get ampharos going if you planned to attack with it, and it could possibly help donphan retreat if you don't have the switch or are under trainer lock.  So if you decide to keep scizor, I would probably do 4 metal, 3 electric and 6 fighting (with room to throw in a couple of DCE).  If you don't run scizor, I would run 7 fighting, 3 electric and 4 DCE. 
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have a pretty good line of cards to search out for basics, but I would increase the communication to 3 so you can toss them back in for stage 1 or 2's that you need.  3 juniper runs a high risk of running out of cards in the deck, but decreasing that to 1 should be safe.  I'm not a fan of seeker in a deck like this since it takes a long time to build the energy back up on your pokemon, so I would take it out and throw in more cards to help you refresh your hand like another PONT and cards to help you draw, lie 2-3 cheren.  I would increase the junk arms to 3-4 so you can safely reduce your switch down to 2.  This way you can have the option of re-using other trainers, but still be able to get your pokemon safely back to the bench if needed.  You'll also need a few pokemon catcher to bring up your opponents benched pokemon for crucial knockouts or to stall until you can get set up.  I'd also add a twins in case you need to come back from behind.  You can easily take out the great ball with the addition of the extra communication. If you wanted another card to search out pokemon, I would go with another dual ball/collector or even an elm over a great ball.
Anything that runs a high number of donphan is going to be fairly hard to beat, even for water decks since very few can do 140 in one turn.  By spreading the damage with ampharos prime and increasing your fighting energy to be able to really build up those donphans, this will be a tough deck to beat.  I think the scizor is your weak area since there's so many fire types that work great in this format, but it still may work for you since beartic is weak to it and I think we'll see quite a few deck with beartic this season.