Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - PokeViets408 - Serperior Cincinno

4-3-3 serperior (1 non ability, 2 ability)
3-3-2 scolipede
2-1 murshana
1-1 cincinno
Pokemon total  = 23

2 potion
2 energy search
1 pokeball
1 pokemon collector
1 team rockets trickery
1 sages training
3 pokemon comunication
3 professor juniper
Trainer/Supporter Total = 14

8 poison energy
9 grass energy
2 double colorless energy
Energy total = 19
Deck total = 56 (need 60)

Pokemon Analysis
I'd recommend focusing on 2 of your strongest pokemon cincinno and serperior.  You have a strong serperior line (although you could always add in one more serperior), but could easily increase cincinno to 4-4.  I recommend dropping scolipede and musharna because musharna isn't very strong and have more stage 2 pokemon (scolipede) is just going to slow this deck down.  You'll also need one cleffa to refresh your hand or stall if you can't get set up.  You mentioned in your PM that you might like to add zoroark as well.  I think this is a great idea, since you already run the double colorless energy that it needs.  2 zorua and 2 zoroark should be sufficient.

Energy Analysis
I'd max out your double colorless energy to 4 and your grass energy to 7.  This deck doesnt need a lot of energy to attack, so a low number should be fine.  If you decide to add in the zoroark, one or two special dark might also come in handy.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
To get your bench full, you'll need 4 pokemon collector.  To evolve that serperior faster, adding in 2 rare candy should help.  4 professor oaks new theory will help you refresh your hand a bit to be able to draw into what you need.  I'd reduce your juniper to 2 because if you use it too much, you'll run out of cards in the deck.  You could increase the sage to 2 to speed up the deck a bit as well.  I'd add in a couple of catcher and 4 junk arm to reuse any trainers. One switch will prevent you from having to pay a retreat cost if someone uses catcher to bring up a pokemon with no energy attached to it.

This deck will take some time to set up, so I'd suggest a couple of twins as well as a flower shop in case you lose something critical early in the game.  If you have any more room in the deck, you could try adding in cheren for draw power, or possibly some tools like evolite and rocky helmet to make it a little more frustrating for your opponent to attack you.  Everything else that you currently have in the deck can be dropped (like potion, energy search, etc....)

By focusing on cincinno, with serperior to heal, I think you have a very interesting deck if they can't knock you out in one shot.  The hardest part is going to be setting up fast enough before your opponent can deal a ton of damage.

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