Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - pokepokepokemon1000 - lanturn feraligatr blastoise

2 Manaphy
4-4 Electivire
4-4 Lanturn (3 Prime, 1 non)
4-3-4 Feraligatr (3 prime, 1 non)
4-3-4 Blastoise
Pokemon Total = 40

1 Professor Juniper
1 Junk Arm
Trainer/Supporter Total = 6

7 Lightning Energy
7 Water Energy
Energy Total = 14

Pokemon Analysis
40 pokemon in the deck is way too high; I'd say it's twice the number that you need.  With too many pokemon and not many trainers/supporters, you'll have a hard time drawing into what you need.  So I'd cut out manaphy, add in one cleffa, cut out the electivire line, reduce the lanturn prime line to 3-3, remove the non prime feraligatr and one croconaw (so run a 4-2-3 prime line), and reduce your blastoise line to 3-2-2.  This gives you plenty of room for trainers and supporters.

Energy Analysis
I think you can safely reduce your lightning energy to 3, add in 4 double colorless  (since lanturn prime and blastoise can use them) and keep the 7 water energy.  This still leaves you with the same amount of energy to work with.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Since you don't really have many trainers/supporters, I'm just going to make a list of what I think you should have.
Supporters - 4 collector, 1 interviewers, 4 PONT, 1 twins, 1 flower shop
Trainers - 3-4 communication, 4 rare candy, 2-3 catcher, 2 switch, 2 energy retrieval, 4 junk arm
If you have any more room, I'd add in cheren for draw power.

I think feraligatr prime is a great tech to work with blastoise and lanturn.  Lanturn can be used very quickly since it's a stage 1, while blastoise can snipe the bench as well as help move energy to the active position when needed.  Lots of trainers and supporters will help you get this deck working.

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