Monday, October 31, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - PokeGymGlobal - Vileplume Roserade Mismagius

2-2 Roserade
1 Espeon prime
4-3 Leafeon
2-2 Mismagius
2-2-2 Vileplume
Pokemon Total = 23

2 interviewer
2 communication
2 switch
3 twins
2 rare candy
2 judge
2 method
2 cheren
3 collector
Trainer/Supporter Total = 23

4 Rainbow
5 psychic
5 grass
Energy Total = 14

Pokemon Analysis
I really like the concept of adding vileplume to the leafeon/roserade deck.  I would suggest dropping the mismagius line so that you can room for other cards to add.  Adding another oddish will ensure that you can get at least one vileplume out in the game (having 3 ensures that in case one is KO'd in the game you can get another one out even with losing an oddish early on to catcher).  I'd also add another roselia just in case of catcher (before you get vileplume up) as well as another espeon prime (just in case it's prized).

Energy Analysis
I have no suggestions for changes to your energy line.  14 is a pretty good number and you run enough energy that you should be able to draw into it easily without interviewers.  If you need room in the deck for other cards, you can always consider cutting the basic energy down and relying on flower shop get them back.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
4 collector will ensure that you can set up your bench fast.  I'd drop the switch since you won't need them with trainer lock.  I would consider adding sage's training and juniper.  Not only are they great draw cards, you'll be able to get trainers out of the deck late in the game to help you draw into cards that you need.  To make room for these additions, I think you can safely drop at least one, possibly 2 interviewers.  You might be able to go down to 2 twins, however if you're finding that you're typically behind and can use more than one twins to catch back up, then having 3 might be best.  Otherwise, I don't really have any other big suggestions.  I prefer to have 4 PONT in the deck and then play around with the other supporters to see what works (judge and cheren can easily be reduced to find room for another PONT).

I'd really like to see if this deck works well without the mismagius.  I think dropping it will add a bit more consistency to the deck and allow you to get everything else out a bit faster.  Thanks for submitting!

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