Monday, July 4, 2011

Canadian Nationals

Pokemon's Canadian Nationals were this past weekend and congrats to all the winners!  Zekrom and yanmega variants were very popular and there's been quite a bit of discussion on the boards about this potentially effecting US Nationals.  For quite a while, it seemed like the best deck in format was Magneboar - a combination of magnezone, ability emboar and rayquaza deoxys legend. Now players seen to be questioning whether they should continue with fire at all. 

There were also some crazy rogue decks, including illumise/volbeat, ambipom/weaville and yanmega/muk/vileplume/jumpluff.  Goes to show that creativity and originality still deserves a place in top cut!  Unfortunately, many players (most of them appearing to be magneboar fans), are saying that Canada players aren't as good as US players and thats why magneboar didn't win overall.  Sounds like poor sportsmanship to me (and possibly a bit of jealousy).  The metagame is different is each tournament.  What is very popular in one area may not be as popular in another area.  Perhaps Canada just had a different meta than the US, but that's no reason to bash Canadian players.

Bottom line is that magneboar will still be a big deck at US Nationals, and now yanmega and zekrom variants will be pretty popular too.  Personally, I'm going to Nationals just to have a lot of fun and will be playing the same deck I've been playing/tweaking for the past several weeks.  Changing your entire deck days before a big tournament is usually not wise (at least not for a player like me).
If you'd like to see more details of Canadian Nationals, check out this forum (which was updated while the tournament was going on).

On a side note, blogspot is one of the few 'social' sites that isn't blocked at my job!  So I should be able to post and update from work! Woo!

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