Saturday, July 30, 2011

Deck Review – ILIKEPIEKID – kingdra yanmega magnezone (seniors)

4-2-4 kingdra prime
4-4 yanmega prime
3-1-3 magnezone prime
Total = 25 pokemon

4 lightning energy
4 water energy
Total = 8 energy

4 rare candy
4 junk arm
4 pokemon communication
2 pokemon reversal
1 switch
4 judge
4 pokemon collector
2 sage training
2 copycat
Total = 27 trainers/supporters

This deck has an amazing record of 25-3 (the 3 losses due to bad starts) and has been able to beat the other meta decks like magneboar, yanmega magnezone, donphan zoroark yanmega and many others! 

Pokemon Recommendations
The only thing I don’t like about the pokemon line is a lack of a starter.  Your three losses were from being unable to draw a collector, but if you had a starter with shuffle power, you would have been more likely to draw into a collector.  I would recommend manaphy which allows you to shuffle your hand in and draw 5.  It has more HP than a baby pokemon, so it’s going to be more difficult to donk and will be harder to snipe when on the bench. 

The rest of your pokemon line is great! Your magnezone and yanmega lines are perfect, but since many players are throwing in a reshiram to weaken kingdra’s dragon steam attack (which is reduced by 40  when a fire pokemon is in play), I would throw in one non prime kingdra (so you would run three prime and 1 non prime).  The non prime kingdra can hit for 80 if you return 1 energy to your hand, which would be more than enough to know out donphans, reshirams, etc…

Energy Suggestions
If you decide to run the non prime kingdra, I would throw in a couple of double colorless to speed it up a bit.  You can always throw them away with magnezone’s lost burn if you don’t need your non prime kingdra in the match.

Trainer/Supporter Suggestions
Since you’re relying on yanmega as your primary attacker, I would increase your copycats from 2 to 4.  To make room for those two cards, you can drop one communication, collector, junk arm or rare candy.  All of those would run fine at 3, rather than 4.  I would also recommend some recovery cards, like flower shop, twins and energy retrieval.  I recommend energy retrieval since you run sage – you can easily throw away the energy and get it back with energy retrieval.   When pokemon catcher comes out, I would swap those out for pokemon reversal, but I’m sure you were planning to do that already. 

Making a few of these changes should reduce the chances of you getting a bad start.  Sounds like you’re doing amazing with this deck already, so you should do really well when battle roads come around!

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