Friday, September 16, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - TheSnowWarrior - Kingdra Samurott

2-2 Zoroark
3-2-3 Kingdra (1 non-ability, 2 prime)
2 Manaphy
3-2-3 Samurott (1 non-ability, 2 ability)
1 Tyrouge
Pokemon Total: 23

10 Water Energy
4 Double Colorless
Energy Total: 14

x3 Junk Arm
x1 Twins
x3 Prof. Oak New Theory
x3 Rare Candy
x3 Pokemon Catcher/Reversal
x3 Pokemon Communication
x2 Pokemon Collector
x1 Dual Ball
x1 Flower Shop Lady
x1 Energy Retrieval
x1 Cheren
x1 Switch
Trainers/Supporter: 23

This is another deck review for TheSnowWarrior after some 'tweaking' was made to the deck that was originally submitted.

Pokemon Analysis
You've got a great starter line with manaphy and tyrogue, although I'm seeing fewer decks running tyrogue since there's less cleffa around.  I've also seen many decks just have one shuffle pokemon in their deck.  So if you need more space for other cards, consider dropping one manaphy and tyrogue.  With pokemon catcher being so prevelant, I would increase the number of basic pokemon - adding in one additional horsea and oshawott.  This was you can afford to lose one early game and still be able to recover.  You have the non ability kingdra as an extra attacker to samurott, although you may not need it since samurott is already such a strong attacker.  Adding another prime or decreasing the kingdra line to 3-2-2 (primes only) are some options. Zoroark is your counter to those electric pokemon that will easily KO your water pokemon.  Zekrom and lanturn are the biggest threats and they both have very strong attacks to copy to KO them.

Energy Analysis
No changes are needed here.   Since samurott and zoroark benefit from DCE you run a maximum of 4 and you fill the rest of the spots with water energy to power up samurott for more damage.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'm seeing that a lot more decks are playing 4 cards to search out basics, so I would add in another collector or dual ball.  Collector is of course preferred.  I don't think you'll need the energy retrieval with flower shop and 14 energy, so that could be an extra place for another draw or shuffle card like another PONT, cheren or maybe juniper.  If you can squeeze in another junk arm, that would really help the deck since a lot of late games are coming down to who can 'catcher' up their opponent for that last prize.  Other than that, your trainer and supporter line is very strong and I don't have any other suggestions to make to it!  You've made this a much stronger deck and if you plan on going to battle roads, I hope you do well!!

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