Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - SpeedyBasil2 - donphan ampharos scizor

3-3 Donphan Prime
2-1-2 Ampharos Prime
1 Tyrogue from CoL
2 Cleffa from CoL
3-2 scizor (non prime)
pokemon total = 19
2 Pokemon Communication
3 Seeker
2 Pokemon Collector
3 Professor Juniper
1 Flower Shop Lady
1 Dual Ball
1 Great Ball
3 Switch
2 Rare Candy
1 Junk Arm
trainer/supporter total = 22
6 Metal Energy
5 Fighting Energy
7 Electric Energy
energy total = 18
Deck total = 59 (need 60)
Pokemon Analysis
There's not too many changes that I can suggest for the pokemon line.  You have a strong number of starters, but not running too many babies for a potential donk.  Donphan is one of the strongest pokemon in the format, so a 3-3 is a very strong line.  The ampharos line is more of a tech to add damage to your opponents pokemon as they attach energy, but  you could always attack with it, although I wouldn't focus on that. Scizor is your other strong attack, but I'm unclear why you chose the non prime over the prime (other than availability).  The prime scizor would be able to hit for more with the same amont of energy and the pokebody could be great disruption against decks that ran special energy.  If you keep the non prime over the prime, I would increase the line to 3-3 to ensure that you can get it out.  Although I would probably chose to remove it completely in favor of zoroark or something else that could help in difficult match-ups.
Energy Analysis
Since ampharos should be more of a tech rather than attacker, I would decrease the lightning energy and increase the fighting energy.  I still like the idea of DCE even if you didn't run zoroark because it could help get ampharos going if you planned to attack with it, and it could possibly help donphan retreat if you don't have the switch or are under trainer lock.  So if you decide to keep scizor, I would probably do 4 metal, 3 electric and 6 fighting (with room to throw in a couple of DCE).  If you don't run scizor, I would run 7 fighting, 3 electric and 4 DCE. 
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have a pretty good line of cards to search out for basics, but I would increase the communication to 3 so you can toss them back in for stage 1 or 2's that you need.  3 juniper runs a high risk of running out of cards in the deck, but decreasing that to 1 should be safe.  I'm not a fan of seeker in a deck like this since it takes a long time to build the energy back up on your pokemon, so I would take it out and throw in more cards to help you refresh your hand like another PONT and cards to help you draw, lie 2-3 cheren.  I would increase the junk arms to 3-4 so you can safely reduce your switch down to 2.  This way you can have the option of re-using other trainers, but still be able to get your pokemon safely back to the bench if needed.  You'll also need a few pokemon catcher to bring up your opponents benched pokemon for crucial knockouts or to stall until you can get set up.  I'd also add a twins in case you need to come back from behind.  You can easily take out the great ball with the addition of the extra communication. If you wanted another card to search out pokemon, I would go with another dual ball/collector or even an elm over a great ball.
Anything that runs a high number of donphan is going to be fairly hard to beat, even for water decks since very few can do 140 in one turn.  By spreading the damage with ampharos prime and increasing your fighting energy to be able to really build up those donphans, this will be a tough deck to beat.  I think the scizor is your weak area since there's so many fire types that work great in this format, but it still may work for you since beartic is weak to it and I think we'll see quite a few deck with beartic this season.

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