Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - TheAnimefan608 - Reshiram Typhlosion Magcargo

3-1-2 typhlosion prime
2-2 magcargo {taking this out for ninetales once i get them}
2 cleffa
4 reshiram
Pokemon total - 16

4 copycat
4 pluspower
4 pokemon communication
2 switch
2 pokemon reversal {switch/reversal are going to be catcher once i get them}
1 pokemon collector
2 dual ball {i need two more collector}
3 twins
3 energy retrieval
3 junk arm
2 rare candy
2 professor oak's new theory
Trainer/Supporter total - 32
10 fire
2 double colorless
Energy total - 12
This deck is still a work in progress as TheAnimeFan608 is already planning some changes once he gets various cards that he's looking for.  So I'm going to review the deck as if he's already made the changes that he wants to make  (2-2 ninetales for magcargo, 3 collector with no dual ball and 4 catcher for switch/reversal).

Pokemon Analsysis
With the ninetales, this is already a really strong overall pokemon line.  I would increase the typhlosion to 3-1-3 and decrease the reshiram to 3 since you can always use revives to recover them.  With so many other players using catcher, I might also add in another cyndaquil in case one is 'catcher'd up' and KO'd.  I might even decrease your cleffa to 1 and add in 1 manaphy too.

Energy Analysis
While the double colorless allows you to use outrage and attack easily, I prefer to see all fire in this deck since afterburner can easily put the energy back on your reshiram each turn. 

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
3 pokemon collector is a great number for searching out basics, but since reshiram is a basic itself, I would increase it to 4.  You can always use the 4 communication to swap in basics for higher stages.  While you dropped the switches for the 4 catcher, I would add at least one more switch back in.  You could probably drop your catcher down to 3 easily as well. Increasing your rare candy to 3 and junk arm to 4 will ensure that you get those typhlosion out as fast as possible. You may be able to safely drop your 3 energy retrieval down to 2 with the addition of another junk arm. 

I'm only a fan of copycat in yanmega decks since this format typically keeps hand sizes pretty low (unlike the days of luxchomp when your opponent could easily have a 10+ card hand).  So I would drop all the copycat, max out your number of professor oaks new theory, add in one juniper and possibly a couple of cheren.  I dont think you really need the pluspower in a deck like this, but if you like it, running 2 should be more than enough.  3 twins is way too many for this deck.  While it may take a while to get the typhlosion up, your reshiram should be able to attack and take KO's very quickly.  So I would reduce your twins down to 1.  I would also add in a flower shop because near the end of the game your deck is very small and you might need those 6 cards back in the deck just to prevent you from decking out.

Reshiram Typhlosion is one of the strongest meta decks in the format at the moment and with your noted changes, you already have a very strong line of pokemon and energy.  I think with a few adjustments to your trainer/supporter line, your deck will be much more consistent and harder to beat.

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