Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - TealAmpharos - Ampharos Scizor

3-3 Scizor Prime
2-2-2 Ampharos Prime
2 Tyrogue
2 Manaphy
2-2 Arcanine
20 Pokemon

5 Lightning Energy
2 Fire Energy
6 Metal Energy
15 Energy

1 Pokemon Catcher
2 Pokemon Collector
2 Twins
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Rare Candy
2 Dual Ball
1 Switch
2 Juniper
2 Cheren
3 Junk Arm
2 Elm
25 Trainers/Supporters
Pokemon Analysis
Your starter line is pretty good.  2 manaphy will prevent you from suffering the cleffa donk, but running 2 tyrogue are free prizes for yanmega decks.  I would run only one tyrogue to donk and possibly stall.  Your tech line of ampharos is very stong, although by running rare candy you should be easily able to to bring that down to a 2-1-2.  Ampharos is primarily a tech pokemon, who will sit on the bench most of the game and do damage to your opponent every time they attach energy.  However, it can be used to attack as well.  Your main attacker is scizor prime, which cannot be damaged by pokemon with special energy attached and does more damage depending on how much special energy is attached to it.  I don't quite understand why the arcanine is in the deck.  Your main attacker scizor is weak to fire types, so I would have expected a water tech in this deck to counter that.  However, since you run double colorless energy to allow ampharos to attack, perhaps a zoroark would be a more appropriate substitution.  The biggest fire pokemon in the format right now is reshiram, whose attack zoroark can copy without having to discard the fire energy.  That will free up some spaces to change your energy around as well.  I might also suggest adding a couple of skarmory that can speed up the attachment of metal energy to scizor. 
Energy Analysis
Another reason I recommend dropping arcanine is to reduce the number of energy that you run.  I would add in 4 special metal energy that reduce damage by 10 and drop all the fire energy if you decide to drop the arcanine.  If you add in zoroark, I would increase your DCE to 3-4.  You should be safe dropping your lightning energy down to 2-3 since you won't plan on attacking with ampharos as a main attacker.  To keep your energy total around 14, you can always drop a couple of basic metal (since your adding special metal, this shouldn't hurt the deck).
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have a pretty line of cards for getting basic pokemon with 2 dual ball and 2 collector, although I prefer higher numbers of collector over dual ball.  Increasing your catcher to 3 would make this deck much more aggressive, allowing you to pick off basics before they can evolve (especially decks that run heavy lines of stage 2's).  Your numbers of communication, junk arm and rare candy are excellent, but I might increase the junk arm and communication as well as increasing your switch to 2 because of all the catcher around.  I would take out one twins and one juniper and add in a flower shop.  If you need any more room, I would take out some of the elm.  If you can, I would try and max out your PONT to 4. 
With the addition of skarmory for speed and zoroark to counter weaknesses, I think this deck has a pretty good chance of doing well in a tournament.  While I've made some suggestions for changing around your trainer/supporter line, it's already pretty strong, so a bit of playtesting will show you what changes work for you and which ones don't.

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