Monday, October 3, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - MrShadowMountain - Ampharos Zoroark Electivire

4 Zekrom
2-1-1 Ampharos
2-2 Zoroark
2 Rotom
1-1 Electivire
Total pokemon = 17

Burned Tower
4 Professor Oak's New Theory
Flower Shop Lady
3 Defender
3 Switch
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Junk Arm
Energy Returner
Great Ball
Rare Candy
Trainer/Supporter/Stadium Total = 24

15 Basic Electric
4 Basic Darkness
Energy total = 19

Pokemon Analysis
The heavy attacker in this deck is the zekrom, which hits for 120 but does 40 to itself.  Running a high number of defenders will prevent you from doing too much damage to yourself.   Fast zekrom decks usually pair pachirisu and shaymin with zekrom, but ampharos is another option for adding energy.  It's slower but able to search energy out from the deck.  In order to get this working, you'll need a stronger line of ampharos, ideally a 4-2-3 line rather than the 2-1-1 line that you currently have.  Zoroark is excellent for a variety of situations since it can copy your opponents attacks and if you can't seem to draw what you want, you can always use it to search your deck.  I believe you can drop the sableeye since it's not a strong attacker and it's better to use trainers/supporters to get what you need back from the discard pile rather than wasting a potential attack to do it.  I like the rotom since it can help you get out prized cards but can also snipe the bench if they have energy in play.  I would only include one of them though.   I would also drop the electivire since too many lightning pokemon just mean that you'll be destroyed by any fighting type deck.  I'd consider looking at a water pokemon like lanturn prime (who is both water and electric) that could cover your Donphan weakness if you have a lot of donphan in your area.

Energy Analysis
19 energy is a bit too much.  I'd swap out your 4 basic dark energy for 3 special dark energy (this will allow you to one shot reshiram and other zekrom).  I would also add in a couple of double colorless energy for zekroms outrage if you dont have the lightning energy or for zoroarks foul play attack.  You should be easily able to reduce your number of lightning energy down to 9 or so for a total of around 14.

Trainer/Supporter/Stadium Analysis
In order to make this deck work, you'll need a really good line of trainers and supporters.  The burned tower stadium should be easy to drop.  You run a flower shop lady to get energy back, and you shouldn't be losing a lot of energy per turn.  Even reducing your energy to 14 shouldn't affect your ability to draw into them.  This deck is going to be a bit slow to get up, so you'll want to add in another twins to try and get set up once you start losing pokemon.  You should only need 2 switch, especially if you increase your junk arm to 4 to be able to possibly reuse them.  You certainly need cards to search out basic pokemon, primarily 3-4 pokemon collector (but dual ball is a decent substitution as well).  Basic searchers are essential in getting set up as fast as possible.  Since you run a heavy line of zekrom I'd max out your defender at 4.

Cards I think you can easily drop in addition to the burned tower are the seeker, great ball, energy returner and potion.  You'll need the space for more hand refreshers to get this deck working.  It's great that you have 4 oaks new theory and a cheren, but I'd add in a juniper and possibly increase your cheren to 2 or 3.  I'd keep the single rare candy to help get the ampharos up.  I'd also add in 2 or 3 pokemon catcher to be able to stall your opponent or drag up what you need for knock outs. 

This is a very different take on the typical zekrom deck.  However, zekrom variants are currently winning more battle roads than any other deck, so it certainly stands a chance.  Be careful of your match-ups against fighting types.  If there's a lot of them in your area, you may need to do some serious editing to be able to stand up to them.  I hope my suggestions were helpful!

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