Monday, December 26, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - TheAnimefan608 - Reshiphlosion (Tyram)

4-3-4 typhlosion prime
4 reshiram
1 cleffa
Pokemon Total = 16

4 pokemon collector
3 juniper
3 sage's training
2 pont
4 pokemon communication
4 pluspower
4 rare candy
3 junk arm
3 pokemon catcher
2 eviolite
Trainer/Supporter Total = 32

10 fire
2 rescue
Energy Total = 12

Overall Strategy
Most players are pretty familiar with how reshiphlosion works, but for those of you that don't, here it is.  Reshiram is your primary attacker, hitting for 120 (or more with pluspower) every turn.  Typhlosion puts the fire energy back onto your reshiram from the discard pile, making sure that it can fully attack each turn. Cleffa is there to help get set up or possibly to stall later in the game.

Pokemon Analysis
Your pokemon lines are perfect. Some people prefer to have a 2-2 line of ninetales to help them get set up, but it's certainly not necessary.  I've also seen people put in a small magnezone prime line to help out in various matches (like taking out gothitelle or other big hitters in one shot).  It also acts a source of draw power instead  of the ninetales.

Energy Analysis
Perfect, I wouldn't change a thing.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You already have a very consistent supporter/trainer line.  If it's working for you, I wouldn't change anything.  However, I do have some alternative suggestions for you in case you wanted to try something new.  N can be a great card for your deck.  Since you can play off the field when fully set up, it can serve as great disruption to your opponent.  Near the end of the game, you can N them and bring their hand size down to a few cards (hopefully they won't be able to recover from it), while your typhlosions will ensure that you can keep hitting for 120 each turn.  I wouldn't add more than 2-3 of the card though since you wouldn't ideally want to use it until your set up.  Using N when your not set up could prove to hurt you more than help you. I'd like to see a little recovery in this deck, just in case something essential is prized and KO'd early (like having 2 cyndaquils prized and losing one early in the game from catcher), so 1 super rod would be a safe addition.  It's also great for adding cards back into the deck to prevent you from decking out.  I also like having the option of reusing 4 trainers in a game, so I'd add in another junk arm.  If you decide to go with any of these suggestions, I think there are a few cards you could safely cut out.  I find that 2 pluspower with the 4 junk arm is usually enough to get those 1 hit knock outs.  You can swap N for PONT for a hand refresher.  And you can always reduce your juniper to 2 (I'm always a bit nervous with 3, I tend to get close to decking out due to it being the only usable supporter in my hand during many games).

You already have a great build of reshiphlosion.  I hope that my suggestions might help you out in case you're struggling with certain match ups.  Thanks for submitting!

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