Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - Carracosta Beartic Samurott - fottballplayer54

4-3-2 ability samurott
3-2 beartic (sheer cold)
1-1 carracosta
Pokemon Total  = 16

4 potion
2 rare candy
2 fisherman
2 bill
2 pokemon communication
2 revive
2 switch
2 energy search
1 cover fossil
1 great ball
1 flower shop lady
1 energy switch
2 prof. juniper
Trainer/Supporter Total = 24

18 water energy
1 double colorless
1 multi energy
Energy Total = 20

Pokemon Analysis
The fossil engine is very difficult to run right now.  The chances of you playing one fossil card and hitting the one tirtouga in the deck is very slim.  Your lines of samurott and beartic are strong though.  So I would increase your carracosta line to a 4-2 or 4-3.  I would also include a cleffa in case you need to refresh your hand size.

Energy Analysis
20 is way too many energy in the deck.  I would stick to around 13, especially since you have ways to recover energy from your discard pile.  Running 4 double colorless energy, possibly a couple of rescue and the rest water should be sufficient.  There's no need for multi energy and it's a card that's not in the current format anyways.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Your going to have a hard time getting this deck set up.  So you'll need a way to get back into the game once you start to lose prizes.  The best card for that is twins.  Since you don't have any energy acceleration cards like feraligatr, I'd probably max your twins out at 4 since you'll likely be using at least 2 or 3 per game.  You'll need 4 pokemon collector to search out basics and 3-4 Professor Oaks New Theory to refresh your hand.  Increasing your pokemon communication to three will help get out the pokemon you need throughout the game.  You'll need at least 2 catcher to be able to bring up your opponents bench for easy knockouts.  Increasing your cover fossil to 4 will give you a better shot of hitting the tirtouga.  Combining that with research record (3-4 of them) will also increase that probability.

Instead of running flower shop lady, I'd swap it out for super rod.  It's a trainer, so it can be reused again with junk arm (which I'd recommend you add 4 of) and will still allow you to play a supporter for the turn.  Cards I think you can be safe in dropping are revive, bill, great ball, energy switch and potion.  If you find that you need more room in the deck, you might also consider throwing out the professor juniper.  If you do keep it, reducing it to one so you don't discard too much of your deck is recommmended.

Overall Analysis
Right now, you're going to struggle getting this deck working.  But by increasing your fossil line and fossil engine, you have a higher chance of getting it out. Even then, you'll probably still be behind on prizes which is why it's crucial to add in 4 twins so that you can search out for exactly what you need to keep you in the game.  I hope these suggestions help!

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