Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - Samurott Feraligatr - JadeHex

3-2-2 Samurott
2-2 Jellicent
3-2-2 Feraligatr Prime
2 Manaphy
Pokemon Total = 20

4 Pokemon Communication
3 Pokemon Collector
3 Junk Arm
3 Rare Candy
3 Pokemon Catcher
1 Interviewer's Questions
3 Professor Oak's New Theory
3 Cheren
2 Energy Retrieval
Trainer/Supporter Total = 25

16 Water Energy

Deck Total = 61 (You can only have 60 in a deck)

Pokemon Analysis
While there's a lot of benefits to running manaphy, I prefer a single cleffa. Since feraligatr prime is your source of energy attachment, I'd increase the line to a 4-2-3.  You're going to have hard time with lightning decks, so I'd look into adding kyurem instead of jellicent.  That will allow you to spread damage and be able to snipe with the non ability samurott if your kyurems are KO'd.  Right now samurott is your heavy attacker, so I would increase the line to a 4-2-4 including both the ability and the non ability samurott. 

Supporter/Trainer Analysis
I always recommend 4 pokemon collector in every deck. Since you run 2 stage 2 lines, maxing out your rare candy to 4 will help you get them set up faster.  I'd also increase your junk arm to 4 to be able to reuse any of your other trainers.  I might consider adding sage's training as a supporter to this deck since it will help you discard trainers if you're in a trainer lock game and will also help you get your stage 2 pokemon set up faster.  Since this is going to be a difficult deck to set up quickly, you're likely not going to be able to take an early lead on prizes, so I'd add in a few twins to help you get back into the game.  To make room for these changes, you can probably reduce your PONT and cheren to 2 of each.  You may only need 2 catcher as well.  Right now you have no way to recover pokemon, so super rod would be a great addition.

Energy Analysis
I might add in a couple of rescue so that you can get your pokemon back without having to use super rod and searching the deck.  Your energy line is pretty high, so I think reducing it to around 13 (including rescue energy if you decide to put it in) would give you more room for some additional supporters and trainers.

You already have a great build, so there's not too much that I can suggest.  In your submission, you acknowledged that zekrom was going to be a problem for you, so hopefully adding in some kyurem instead of jellicent will help for those matches.  Otherwise, it's just a matter of tweaking the trainers/supporters to get the deck running.  I hope this helps!

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