Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review -Kingdra Cincinno Blastoise - PokiePieProductions

3-3-3 Blastoise
3-3 Floatzel
2 Mantine
2-2 Cincinno(BW)
2-1-1 Kingdra Prime
1 Cleffa
Pokemon Total = 26

2 Energy Retrieval
1 Super Rod
3 Poke Comm
3 Elm
2 Rare candy
2 Switch
1 Blackbelt
1 Junk Arm
1 N
2 Interviewers
1 Twins
Trainer/Supporter Total = 21

12 Water Energy
1 Rescue Energy
Energy Total = 13

Pokemon Analysis
You have a huge weakness in your deck - lightning.  One of the biggest decks right now are based around the energy acceleration of Eelectrik (variants with zekrom, thundurus, magnezone etc.....)  Except for Cincinno and Cleffa, every pokemon in your deck is weak to lightning.  So I would consider making this more of a Kingdra Cincinno deck.  You try to build up the bench with pokemon to hit for 100 with Cincinno and then add more damage across the field with kingdra.  If you really want another water type in here, adding kyurem (which is weak to metal) would be a good addition.  Since cincinno can be power up with a single double colorless energy, that will give you time to build up a kyurem on the bench to spread more damage with it's big attack "Glaciate".  My recommendation would be 4-2-4 Kingdra, 4-4 Cincinno, 1 Cleffa and 3 Kyurem.

Energy Analysis
Adding in 4 double colorless energy will get your Cincinno powered up in one turn.  2 rescue energy could be helpful, and let the rest be water for a total of 12-13.  You might be able to go to a smaller energy line, but until you test with the deck, I'm not sure if it's safe to go below that.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You'll need 4 pokemon collector to get basics onto the field as early as possible.  Increasing your rare candy to 3 will ensure that you can get a kingdra up as fast as possible without having to get the seadra.  Increasing your PONT to 3-4 will help you refresh your hand when needed and I'd probably increase your twins to 2-3 since this deck might be a bit slow getting up because of the kingdra.  Since you have a lot of recovery (retrieval and super rod) you might be interested in playing Sage's Training.  It will help you draw through your deck faster to get set up.  2 Juniper may also be helpful for the same reason.  Cheren would also be helpful for drawing through your deck.  Except for kyurem, your pokemon don't have high retreat costs, so you should be safe in playing only one switch.  You could definitely use some pokemon catcher (2-3 of them) as well as maxing out your junk arm to 4 so that you can reuse any of your trainers.

Cards that I think can be dropped would be elm, because the combination of pokemon collector/communication is typically more consistent.  I'd only use elm in a trainer lock situation (and even then would only run 1).  The blackbelt you may not need either.  I prefer to use twins when I'm behind to help me get set up to take prizes rather than relying on black belt to get that prize count even, but possibly still leave you unprepared to take another prize later.  With an increase in shuffle/draw power, you shouldnt need the interviewers questions.

Right now, with lightning decks being extremely popular, I'm afraid that you'll have too many weaknesses to be able to play out a full game. However, by swapping the blastoise/floatzel for kyurem and increasing the cincinno/kingdra line, you'll be able to counter some of those weaknesses, spread damage, and hopefully be able to keep up with your opponent.  The biggest part of that is getting your trainer/supporter line working for you so that you're drawing into what you need to get properly set up.  I'd like to add that out of the decks that I've reviewed for PokePieProductions, this is definitely one of the best ones.  It seems that he's really understanding how crucial trainers and supporters are to making decks work!

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