Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - Reshiphlosion - Meshaun3

4-2-4 Typhlosion
2-2 Ninetales
2 Cleffa
2 Tyrogue
4 Reshiram
Total Pokemon = 22

4 Pokemon Collector
4 Rare Candy
3 Sage's Training
3 Junk Arm 
2 Twins
4 Pokemon Communication
2 PlusPower
3 Pokemon Catcher
Total Trainers/Supporters = 25

13 Fire Energy

Overall Strategy
The goal of th deck is to get two or three typhlosion prime on the bench to be able to continuously afterburner, adding energy to the active reshiram.  Reshiram can then blue flare constantly for 120.  With plus power and junk arm, you can KO heavier pokemon as well.  Ninetales is the draw engine, allowing you to discard a fire energy to draw 3 cards.  This fuels your 'afterburner' as well.

Pokemon Analysis
Your pokemon lines are already solid.  The only change I would make would be reducing the number of babies.  I think tyrogue can be dropped completely and cleffa reduced to one.  This is mainly because kyurem is pretty big in the format, and 1 glaciate will KO any baby left on the bench.  Those extra 3 spaces will allow you to add another quilava if you find that there's a lot of trainer lock in your area, or just increase your supporters/trainers.

Energy Analysis
Your number of energy is perfect.  I've seen many great builds run just straight fire, while other great builds also include 2 rescue energy so that they don't have to rely on revives to get their reshiram back.  Of course there's plenty of other situations where rescue energy can come in handy.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I would add in some shuffle cards in case you need a hand refresher.  Professor Oak's new theory is probably the best option for the deck. N could possibly work to your advantage as well, but you'd need to be careful with it.  If you play it with a low number of prizes left and less than 3 typhlosion, you're relying on luck to draw into another energy card.  But if you play it right, it could be the perfect late game disruption! 

You might be safe in reducing the sage down to 2 since you don't want to mill through your deck too fast.
I would definitely increase your junk arm to 4 and might consider reducing the rare candy down to 3.  You may be able to reduce the communication to 3 as well.  This will give you more room for draw supporters in case of a trainer lock.  If you have any room, cheren would be a great way to fill in those extra spots.  

You already have what appears to be a very consistent build.  As the popularity of trainer lock increases though, I would look at making slight changes to your deck so that it can still function under the lock.  Otherwise, you should do pretty well at tournaments if you don't encounter too much kyurem.

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