Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review -Reshiphlosion with Reuniclus - woodzy64

4 Reshiram
4-2-4 Typhlosion prime
2-1-2 Reuniclus
Pokemon - 19

2 Pluspower
3 Eviolite
3 Junk arm
3 Pokemon Communication
3 Rare candy
2 Switch
2 Juniper
3 Pokemon Collector
2 Pokemon Catcher
1 Super Scoop up
T/S/S - 27

3 Double colourless
2 Rescue Energy
9 Fire Energy
Energy - 14

Overall Strategy
This is a little bit different than your typical reshiram typhlosion deck.  It lacks the draw power of ninetales, but instead includes reuniclus to be able to move around damage on his side of the field.  This is great for being able to move the damage from an 'afterburner' off to keep reshiram out of knock out ranges from other reshirams (or zekroms) as well as building up a reshiram for knock outs with just outrage.

Pokemon Analysis
If you have a lot of trainer lock in your area, I might like to see another quilava since that's your energy engine.  I would also consider adding a single cleffa just in case you need a hand refresher early in the game or you need to stall later.

Energy Analysis
While I often see DCE in reshiram lists for a quick outrage, I find that the energy is typically better served with just fire energy.  That makes the probability of a sucessful juniper increase (juniper works in this deck because if you discard fire energy, you can just reattach it with typhlosion, but if you're discarding DCE, it's just a waste).

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I would definitely recommend maxing out your pokemon collector to 4.  That will make it more likely that you get to start with it, and you can always use the communication to get other pokemon that you need.  I'd also increase the junk arm to 4 and reduce the eviolite to 2.  You can always use junk arm to get back an eviolite and that can help you put fire into the discard pile early in the game.  Since you have 2 stage 2 pokemon I think you should increase your rare candy to 4 to make it more likely to be able to get that typhlosion and reuniclus up fast.  To make room, you should be able to drop one of the switch.  You can always use junk arm to reuse your one switch, or use some of the afterburner'd energy to pay the retreat cost.  Other than that, I think you have a great line of trainers and supporters!

You have an awesome, yet different build of reshiphlosion.  My only concern is that without vileplume, reuniclus is going to be catcher bait.  But you with a few tweaks to the trainers/supporters, hopefully you'll be able to get up a second one if the first one is knocked out.

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