Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - Zombieplatepus - Weaville Umbreon Espeon (and others)

4 - 2/2 Espeon/Umbreon
1 Cleffa
2 Sableye
1-1 Honchkrow
2-1 Weavile (poke power)
2-2 Skuntank
Pokemon total = 20

3 Pokemon communication
3 Defenders
2 Pokemon collector
2 Potion
2 Interviewers question
2 Bill
1 Plus power
1 Professor Oaks new theory
1 Revive
1 Energy retrieval
1 Copycat
1 Professor Elm's training method
1 Flower shop lady
1 Switch
Trainer/Supporter total = 22

9 Dark energy
9 Psychic energy
Energy Total = 18

Pokemon Anaylsis
You have an excellent potential starter/shuffle pokemon - cleffa.  I dont like running any more than 1 cleffa because of the donking potential.  I like the umbreon in the deck since it prevents your opponent from being able to attack you if has pokepowers or abilities, but pokemon catcher is an easy way to get around it.  Espeon is great for moving energy around, but like umbreon, it has a low HP, and both will be knocked out very easily.  Therefore you really need to slow down your opponent.  A way to do this is to increase your line of weaville since you can get rid of crucial cards in their hand.  You might want to throw in a slowking to prevent them from being able to draw into useful things.  Going with a trainer lock deck like vileplume would also slow your opponent down, but you wouldn't be able to play trainers either.

I dont think the skuntank or honchkrow or strong attackers, so if you go with the vileplume I think they can easily be dropped and just focus on disruption with slowking, vileplume and weaville while attacking and spreading the damage with the espeon and umbreon (increasing the number of espeon and umbreon to 3 each just to ensure that you can get them when you need them.  You might also want to include a zoroark since it easily fits in with the dark pokemon and can be used in a variety of situations.  You could also try houndoom which hits for 80 and forces your opponent to discard a card. 

Energy Analysis
18 is quite a bit of energy, so you should be easily able to reduce them to a total of 12-14.  I would include a couple of DCE if you decide to run zoroark, but other than that just split the energy in half (so 6-7 of each energy).  For the darkness energy, I would make sure that 4 of them are special dark since you'll be able to hit harder with them. 

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I would add in more collector (dual ball if you dont have more collector) to a total of 3-4 and increase your number of oaks new theory to 4.  Since we're going for disruption, team rockets trickery and judge would also be good additions (3-4 of them depending on what you have).  If you go with vileplume, I would go with more judge and if not, go with more team rockets trickery.  This deck will be slow to set up, so I'd go with 2-3 twins and possibly a few black belt to be able to hit your opponent harder.  If you go with vileplume, increase your elm to around 3, add in a few sage, and drop all of your trainers except for 3 communication and 2 rare candy (these trainers will help you get your vileplume set up fast).  If you don't go with vileplume I would max out your communications, add in 2-3 catcher, increase your switch to 2, drop some defender and add more pluspower.

There are a lot of cards that you can easily drop like potion, one interviewers (possibly 2), revive, copycat (although you can keep this is you don't have enough of the supporters I mentioned above), and energy retrieval.  Flower shop should be the only card you need for discard recovery in this deck and since your pokemon have low HP, the chances of you being able to use a potion is slim.  With enough shuffle cards you don't need interviewers since you should be able to draw into them with the right supporters.  Without vileplume, I'd also add in 4 junk arms, but would leave them out if you have vileplume. 

I think with vileplume and slowking, this could be a great disruption deck.  Without them, you're going to have a hard time getting set up and preventing your pokemon from being taken out in one hit.

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