Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - ljz1997 - Celebi Sawsbuck Serperior

1 tyrogue
2 smeargle
2 celebi prime
2-2 sawsbuck
2-2-2/1 serperior (2 ability, 1 non)
1 jirachi
2-2 espeon
1-1-1 reuniculus
1-1/1 slowking/slowbro
pokemon total = 27

5 psychic
10 grass
energy total = 15

1 switch
3 retrieval
1 twins
1 juniper
2 interviewer
3 communication
3 junk arm
1 flower shop
1 pokeball
trainer/supporter total = 18

Pokemon Analysis
There's way too many different pokemon in the deck.  Smeargle is a good starter, but in decks today, it's relatively safe to just stick with one copy of the starter since you're relying mainly on your trainers and supporters to draw into what you need.  I might even consider dropping the tyrogue to have more space for other cards, but that's just a possibility.  You really want a celebi start so that you can start attaching more energy on the field as fast as possible.  Sawsbuck is your primary attacker, so increasing that line to 3-3 would be ideal.  I dont think you need the non ability serperior.  Relying on the ability serperior for healing should be enough.  I would include more snivy though in case they're catcher'd up early in the game.  I like the reuniculus for moving damage around, but you'll need a heavier line of it, or at least more basics.  I would recommend at least a 2-1-2, but ideally a 3-1-2.  You should be able to drop the espeon, slowking and slowbro as they don't really work well in the deck.  The jirachi can be kept since leveling down your opponents pokemon is a great way to get some KO's or even just stall for a while.

Energy Analysis
There's not much to suggest here.  If you need a spot for another card you can easily reduce the energy to about 3-4 psychic and 8-9 grass.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You'll need cards to search out basics, ideally 4 pokemon collector, but dual ball will substitute for now.  The single switch, juniper and flower shop is great, but I'd increase your hand refreshers to 4 PONT and possible throw in a couple of cheren for draw power.  You'll need some pokemon catcher to get the easy KO's or stall your opponent (2-3 of them), 4 communication since you run a lot of different pokemon and 4 junk arm to reuse all your trainers.  I dont think you need 3 retrieval since you have flower shop and jirachi, but leaving one might be helpful.  You probably don't need the interviewers either since you run so many energy.  The pokeball can be dropped since communication and collector are much better.  This deck might be slow setting up, so increasing your twins and possibly adding a black belt, can help you get set up once you get behind as well as catch up on prizes.  Since you run 2 stage 2 pokemon, including 2-3 rare candy is essential. 

Overall Analysis
If you can get this deck set up, it might work out well.  But it's going to be difficult to get everything going as it should be. Adjusting your trainers and supporters should make it easier for you to do this and hopefully you have some good games with it!

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