Monday, October 24, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - PokeMonster54 - Mew Gengar

1 tyrogue
1 jirachi
3-2 slowking
2-1-3 gengar prime
4 mew prime
2 mime jr
1 mr mime
1 spirittomb
1 smeargle
pokemon total = 22

3 rare candy
2 junk arm
2 dual ball
2 revive
4 pokemon collector
2 juniper
4 seeker
2 judge
3 twins
3 lost world
trainer/supporter/stadium total = 27

10 psychic energys
1 rescue energy
energy total =11

Pokemon Analysis
Your lines of pokemon are already very solid, so there's not much that I have to suggest.  I would prefer a single cleffa over the single smeargle.  I'd feel more comfortable with one more gastly just in case one is catcher'd up early (I like to have access to 2 during a game).  I dont think you really need the jirachi since if you use it to attack, any knockouts wouldnt go to the lost zone since jirachi's active.  So it's really only useful for getting energy back and I'd prefer to use a flower shop instead.  If you need more room in the deck, you might even be able to drop the tyrogue, but it's a good staller as well as donker.

Energy Analysis
I like the single rescue (although a second one wouldn't hurt), but you probably dont need that many psychic energy.  Typically gengar decks can run with around 6 energy, so I'd say maxing it out at 8 would be more than enough.  But if you need more room for trainers/supporters, I think going to a single rescue and reducing the psychic further than 8 would still work.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd like to see twins maxed out since you'll rarely be taking prizes.  Since the chances of both lost worlds being prized are slim, I'd lower it to 2.  I'd add in some pokemon catcher (2 should be fine), add 1 switch (in case your slowking is catcher'd up and max out your junk arm.  To make room for these I think you can reduce your rare candy to 2, drop the dual ball and possibly drop the juniper (or at least drop it to 1).  I'd also like to add one flower shop, especially if you decide to drop jirachu.  You definitely need some pokemon communication, at least 2 and ideally 3.

You have a great deck and if I had the time, I'd love to have done a video review of this deck.  I hope to see more mewgar decks in tournaments, especially since gengar is one of my favorite pokemon!

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