Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - pokemonkieran - Blastoise Feraligatr Ursaring

3-2-1 Blastoise UL x1
3-2-1/1 Feraligatr (1 Prime, 1 non)
3-2-2 Scolipede (1 BW, 1 EP)
2-1/1 Ursaring (1 Prime, 1 non)
Pokemon total = 24

Potion x2
Prof. Elm's Training Method x3
Revive x2
Poke Ball x2
Energy Search x3
Max Potion x1
Prof. Juniper x1
Energy Retrieval x1
Engineer's Adjustments x1
Trainer/Supporter total = 16

Psychic Energy x6
Water Energy x10
Double Colorless Energy x2
Rainbow Energy x1
Energy Total = 19

Pokemon Analysis
Blastoise Feraligatr decks are great, but they're very slow to set up, so I think you have a good idea with the ursaring.  It's an attacker that can work fast while you work on setting up the bench.  Having 3 stage 2's with pokemon catcher around are going to be almost impossible to set up, so I'd drop the scolipede completely.  I'd focus on just the ursaring prime (2 of them, dropping the rare) for your primary attacker.  Increasing rainbow energy or even using a turn to attack yourself with teddiursa will work.  Feraligatr should have a 3-2-2 line (2 prime, no rare) and blastoise, since it's your main attacker, should have a 4-2-3 line.  1 cleffa to shuffle your hand in case you need it would also be a good idea. 

Energy Analysis
I'd increase your rainbow to 3 because of ursaring, increase your DCE to 3-4 for blastoise and ursaring and let the remaining energy be water (around 8-9). I would aim for less than 15 total energy.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
To get this deck to work, we're going to have to make a lot of changes to your trainers and supporters.  You need 3-4 cards to search out basic pokemon.  Pokemon collector is ideal, but dual ball is a decent substitution.  Your single juniper is great, but you need a few other shuffle/draw supporters like 4 professor oaks new theory and 3-4 cheren.  Instead of revive, I would include a flower shop.  I might also keep the energy retrieval in the deck so you can get energy back from the discard pile and immediately reuse them.  4 pokemon communication will help you search for exactly what you need and are much better than professor elms (however if you have a lot of trainer lock in your area, I might keep 1-2 elm). 

Even though blastoise is sniping, pokemon catcher is going to be essential for pulling up benched pokemon to stall, so I would include 2-3 of them.  To slow you down, your opponent will be using the same strategy with catcher, so including 2 switch will ensure that you can get your attacker back into the active position.  The other big card you'll need in the deck is rare candy to be able to quickly evolve your stage 2's.  You'll need 4 rare candy as well as 4 junk arm to be able to reuse all of your trainers. 

I've seen quite a few blastoise feraligatr decks in the format right now, but none of them have been doing well because they take too long to set up.  The ursaring addition may allow you the time to stall until you get your stage 2's up and going.  The most important part is changing up the trainers and supporters so that you can get everything working.  Hope my suggestions help!

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