Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - pokepokepokemon1000 - Scizor Exeggutor

4-4 Exeggutor
1 Jirachi
4-4 Scizor Prime
Pokemon Total = 20

Pokemon Collector x2
Dual Ball x3
Team Rockets Trickery x1
Flower Shop Lady x2
Twins x1
PONT x 3
Professor Juniper x1
Black Belt x1
Junk Arm x2
Switch x2
Interviewers Questions x1
Judge x1
Energy Search x4
Trainer/Supporter Total = 24

Metal Energy x7
Psychic Energy x8
Energy Total = 15

Pokemon Analysis
You have great starting pokemon with a single cleffa, tyrogue and elekid.  I might consider choosing between either the tyrogue or the elekid since too many babies in the deck usually just means free prizes to your opponent.  You shouldn't really need both of them anyways.  I like exeggutor since it's a really different pokemon that we typically don't see.  However, it doesn't really flow well with the scizor prime.  Scizor is another great pokemon, but there's no synergy between them. So I'd recommend choosing one and fitting other pokemon that work well with it.  For scizor, I'd look at klingklang and skarmory to attach and move energy, and for exeggutor, I'd look at emboar, typhlosion, celebi or skarmory to attach more energy as well. 

Energy Analysis
Your energy will depend on which pokemon you decide to focus on.  If you go with scizor, I would add in 4 special metal and have the rest basic metal.  If you go with exeggutor, I would have psychic, double colorless (since it counts as 2 energy you get another coin flip) and either fire, grass or metal depending on which tech you choose to increase energy attachment (I personally would go for the fire techs since you don't have to waste an attack for the energy attachment or have a pokemon in the active position).

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
If  you could bring your collector up to 4 and drop the dual ball, that would give you a more consistent start without having to rely on the coin flip.  You shouldn't need more than a single flower shop girl.  I'd max out your junk arm at 4, reduce your switch to 1, add in 2-3 pokemon catcher, add in 3 pokemon communication and drop the 4 energy search.  You could probably drop the interviewers as well since you're running quite a bit of energy in the deck, but if you feel more comfortable with it, it won't hurt to keep it.  For your supporters, I'd drop the team rockets trickery and judge and max out your professor oaks new theory to 4.  If you have any empty places in the deck I might also add in a few cheren for extra draw support.  I don't know if you really need the black belt in the deck since you can knock out a gothitelle with a single scizor or exeggutor depending on how powered up they are, but the black belt would help you do that faster, so if you have room, keep it.

I think if you decided which strategy you wanted to take this deck in - exeggutor or scizor - and focus the other pokemon in the deck around a strategy to support it, it would make this deck a lot more consistent and powerful. Good luck!!

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