Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - Zemero - Reshiram Typhlosion

3-2-2 typlosion prime
3-2 ninetales
2 cleffa
3 reshiram
pokemon total = 17

3 pokemon collector
3 pokmon communication
3 engineer's adjustments
3 switch
3 professor oak's new theory
2 professor elm's training method
2 interviewer's questions
2 energy retrival
1 burned tower
1 flower shop lady
trainer/supporter total = 23

17 fire
3 rescue
energy total = 20

Overall Analysis
Reshiphlosion decks are currently one of the most powerful decks in the format.  The goal is to have 2-3 typhlosion set up on the bench to be able to attach energy from the discard pile to your pokemon in any way that you want.  Ninetales allows you discard a fire energy in order to draw three cards, allowing you go easily draw through your deck to get what you want.  Reshiram is you main attacker (although typhlosion can act as a great secondary attacker too) being able to hit for 120 each turn since typhlosion can easily replace the discarded energy.

Pokemon Analysis
Once you opponent see's a cyndaquil, that will be their first target with either catcher or sniping pokemon like yanmega.  So you'll want increase your line to 4.  I would also suggest adding another typhlosion since having 3 on the bench will allow one to get KO'd and still be able to easily recover.  I would reduce the cleffa down to one since you'll rarely need it and you might be able to safely go down to two vulpix since you only need one ninetales set up at a time. 

Energy Analysis
I would reduce your energy to 2 rescue and 12 fire energy.  That will give you more room for trainers and supporters, but still plenty of energy to work with.  If you need more spaces in the deck, you could always further reduce the fire energy.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd increase your pokemon collector to 4 just to increase the chance of you starting with it.  You shouldn't need more than 1 switch since you can always use your 'afterburner' to attach energy to retreat.  You typically wont have any problems drawing energy, but just in case, I would leave in 1 interviewers questions.  With flower shop, you don't need 2 energy retrieval, so I'd go down to 1, but also add in 1-2 revive.  Revive's can be used not only for reshiram, but in case your opponent knocks out an early cyndaquil.  I'd max out your professor oaks new theory.  I dont think you need the burned tower, especially with the flower shop and energy retrieval (this will likely just help your opponent). 

The last cards in the deck that I'm not sure about are the engineer's adjustments and elm.  I'm more of a fan of cheren for this deck (huge hand sizes make it difficult for yanmega decks), and while engineer is great for putting the energy into the discard pile, you don't necessarily need it past the first few turns.  You do need two critical cards in this deck - junk arm and pokemon catcher.  Pokemon catcher is going to be essential for stalling early game or bringing up benched pokemon for KO's.  You'll need 2-3 of them.  I'd add in 4 junk arms to be able to reuse any of your trainers.  Adding in the junk arms allows you to safely reduce your number of switch and energy retreival too.

Reshiphlosion decks work great once they get set up, but if you get a slow start, your opponent will likely take the game.  The changes to the trainers and supporters should get this deck going much faster.  Hope it helps!

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