Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - CyberGalaxyPegasus10 - lucario samurott

3-2-2 Samurott
2-2 Simisear
3-2-1 Stoutland
2 Basculin
2-2 Lucario
2-1/1 flareon jolteon
2 pidgey
pokemon total = 30
8 fire
9 water
1 special dark
energy total = 18
1 rare candy
1 elm
2 sage
2 communication
2 interviewer
3 juniper
trainer/supporter total = 12
Pokemon Analysis
30 pokemon is a bit too many for a deck.  Pidgey is your starter pokemon, helping you search for other pokemon that you need.  While it can't be knocked out as easy as baby pokemon, I feel that the shuffle power of babies and manaphy are a bit better for decks.  You have an excellent line of non ability samurott.  It's second attack can hit pretty hard while its first attack can snipe.  Unfortunately, this is the only pokemon that I like in this deck.  While I like the variety of different types, none have strong attacks without having to build up quite a few energy on it.  Since samurott is weak to lightning, you need a strong fighting type.  Lucario's best attack is dimension sphere, but it needs pokemon in the lost zone, and you don't have any way of doing that. However, you have a strong line of lucario, so I think we should still focus on that pokemon. 
There's a few ways that you can get your pokemon in the lost zone.  I would recommend either mew or absol prime. Mew allows you to search pokemon out from your deck to put them in the lost zone, while absol requires that you use put a pokemon from your hand into the lost zone as part of its attack.  It's body also does damage when your opponent plays basics, so it would be a great starter too.  I might actually recommend a combination of both of them and not worrying about any other starter in the deck.
So essentially, you'd run a combination of mew/absol as starters while you build up samurott and lucario on the bench.  Drop all the other pokemon to make room for them.  I'd run about 2-3 of each starter, 3-2-3 or 4-3-4 samurott, and 3-3 lucario. 
Energy Analysis
So if you decide to go with my idea about lucario, I would recommend adding 4 double colorless energy since samurott and lucario can use them.  Absol will need dark energy, so add 4 special dark so it can hit harder.  Mew will need psychic energy, so include 4 and samurott will need water, so I would include 4 of those for a total of 16 energy.  This is still pretty high, but you can always go back and take out a few later.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Now that we've reduced the lines of pokemon and energy, we can fill those spots in with cards to get what you need.  To refresh your hand, increase your PONT to 4, reduce your line of juniper to 1 (so you don't deck yourself by discarding too many), and possibly add in a few cheren to draw into a few more.  Since you run so many energy, I dont think you'll need the interviewers, but you can always leave one in if you think you need it.  I would add in some cards to search for basics, like pokemon collector and dual ball (a combination of 3), increase your communication to 3 and add in 3 junk arm to be able to reuse your trainers. 
You'll need some recovery, so add in one flower shop to get cards back from the discard pile and 1 twins to help you get what you need if you're behind.  I would also add in 2-3 pokemon catcher to be able to get as many easy knockouts as you can, or to just stall your opponent until you can get set up.  I'd also increase your rare candy to 2.  To make room for these changes, you can drop the sage and possibly the elm. 
The deck that you have at the moment is pretty scattered as far as pokemon go.  But if you streamline is a bit, reduce your energy and increase your trainers/supporters, you should have a much more sucessful deck.

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