Monday, August 22, 2011

Deck Review - MrIceyCream - Yanmega Donphan Zoroark Cincinno

3-3 cinccino
2-2 donphan prime
2-2 zoroark
1-1 yanmega prime
1 reshiram
1 cleffa
1 tyrogue
1 smeargle
Pokemon total = 20

3 copycat
4 proffesser oaks new theory
3 proffesser juniper
4 pokemon collector
4 pokemon communication
2 pluspower
1 switch
3 junk arm
3 pokemon reversal
Trainer/Supporter total = 27

4 fighting
3 special dark
2 rescue
Energy Total = 13
Pokemon Analysis
The starters are smeargle and cleffa to either draw into a new hand or use two supporters in one turn (and hope your opponent doesnt have a lone juniper in hand).  I would drop the smeargle in favor of the cleffa. The tyrogue is to hopefully get easy donks or even to stall.  The reshiram is there to prevent kingdra prime from taking out your donphan since when a fire pokemon is in play, it's base damage is reduced from 60 to 20.  Since you run double colorless energy, you can also attack with it! Donphan is a great counter to the extremely popular magnezone, zoroark can copy your opponents attacks and cincinno can do a powerful 100 if it has a full bench. Your lines of these pokemon are fine and don't need to be changed.  Yanmega can snipe the bench and attack with no energy if your hand size is the same as your opponent.  If you can get a few more yanmega, I would increase this line to 3-3 if possible (to make the room you can always drop a 1-1 cincinno).
Energy Analysis
Since you only run one yanmega, the rescue is essential.  Even if you can get ahold of another yanmega, I might throw in one more yanma to be able to play another yanmega immediately after one is knocked out.  I would increase your line of fighting energy to 5 and drop one of the special dark.  You may not always need the extra 10 hit for zoroark (especially since you run pluspower), and I think having more fighting so you can possibly build up donphan for heavy impact is important. 
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Running 4 pokemon collector is a great way to get out those basics and those 4 communication will allow you to swap them back in for stage 1 or stage 2's.  You run way too many professor juniper.  I would recommend 1, but 2 at the max.  At 3, you'll likely be going through your deck too fast and will deck yourself before you can win.  Since you run only one yanmega, I think it's a good idea to run no judge, but I think you should increase the copycat to 4.  If you add in more yanmega in the future, I would add judge as well.  Since emerging powers is coming out, I would swap your reversals with catcher, but I'm sure you were already planning on doing that.
The professor oaks new theory is essential for getting a new hand when you need it, especially to draw into those energy.  Those pluspower will come in handy to knock out magnezone in one hit with donphan or knock out reshiram and zekrom in one hit with zoroark (without special energy).  1 switch is perfect for those donphans or sleeping babies as well as the 3 junk arm for reusing trainers.  I would recommend throwing in one twins since decks that run more yanmega will probably get a prize lead on you, as well as a flower shop lady in case you need a little recovery.  When running juniper I always like to have one card that can possibly retrieve anything I might have been forced to throw away.
This is very similiar to one the decks that I currently love to play (I just run more yanmega).  It's extremely strong and fast since it only has stage 1's.  I hope my suggestions help and make your version even faster!

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