Monday, August 22, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - TheCharizardFang - Yanmega Metagross Klingklang

2-2-2 klingklang
4-4 yanmega
1 manaphy
2-0-2 metagross
2 tyrouge
Pokemon total = 21
2 Twins
2 Rare candy
2 Black belt
3 Pkmn catcher
2 Junk arm
2 Plus power
1 Juniper
2 Oak
2 Defender
1 potion
trainer/supporter total = 19
13 Grass energy
10 metal energy
3 rescue
4 double colorless
energy total = 30

Deck Total = 70 (you can only have 60)
Pokemon Analysis
The biggest problem with your pokemon line is that there are no metang in your metagross line.  This line goes beldum, metang, then metagross.  Without rare candy, you have no way to get out your metagross.  So I would add in 2 metang.  You should only need one tyrogue, so I would drop the other one. . Since you didn't put that yanmega is the prime version (and since you don't run copycat or judge) I'm assuming its the other version.  I think metagross is the stronger attacker of the two (even if it is a bit flippy), and would increase your line of metagross to 3-2-3 and decrease the yanmega to 3-3.  The klingklang are there only for the ability to move energy around, so a 2-2-2 line should be fine.  You might be able to easily go down to a 2-1-2 line.
Energy Analysis
You have way too many energy which has caused this deck to go 10 over the limit of 60 cards per deck.  I would keep the 4 double colorless since you can use them for both yanmega and metagross to speed up their attacks, but with pretty large lines, you shouldn't need the rescue.  I would add 4 special metal to decrease the amount that opponents can hit you for by 10 when attached to a metal pokemon (like metagross).  Reduce the number of regular metal to 2 and grass to 4 (since yanmega only needs one grass energy for either attack and the rest can be colorless).  That should be a total of 14, which should still be more than enough to easily draw into.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
The first thing I would add to this deck are at least 3 cards to search out for basics (pokemon collector and dual ball, depending on what you have).  Then add in at least 3 pokemon communciation to be able to help you find the cards that you need.  You currently run 4 cards that require you to be behind on prizes, 2 twins and 2 black belt.  You don't want to be behind the entire game long enough to have to use all of them.  If you do, there's a good chance that you'll probably lose anyways.  So I would decrease those to 1 twins.  The extra space can be used to help get your pokemon going.  2 rare candy for those metagross and klingklang are perfect, but I would increase the junk arm to 3 or 4 in case you need to reuse them or any other trainer.
3 pokemon catcher and 2 pluspower are a good number, but I dont think you need the defender and potion.  With fire being big right now and yanmega having only 90 HP, you'll likely be getting KO'd in one, possibly 2 hits.  Defender will probably not help much and I doubt you'll be able to use the potion for anything significant.  Instead I would focus those extra spaces on hand refreshers like increasing your oak to 4 and possibly throwing in some copycat.  I would also add in 2 switch.  Since yanmega forces you to swap with something on the bench, you're going to want to be able to get something heavy like a metagross out of the way if possible, without having to discard all the energy.
Overall Analysis
The metagross can be great if you can flip enough heads, but you'll have to be very careful with all the fire pokemon running around.  If you find that reshiram is a big problem for you, you might want to decrease the line of metagross down and add in a 2-2 zoroark who can knock out the reshirams in one hit with the double colorless energy that you already run.

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