Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - Athbi2000 - zoroark zekrom and many others!

1-1 servine
1 maractus (wring out)
1-1 dewott
1 basculin (BW)
1-1 simipour (BW)
1-1-1 emboar (non ability)
1-1 klang (BW)
1-1 musharna
1-1 zoroark (BW)
1-1 zebstrika
1 zekrom
1-1 tranquil (BW)
total pokemon = 22
2 fire
3 scramble
1 call
3 lightning
3 water
2 grass
2 dark
1 metal
1 psychic
2 fighting
total energy = 20
1 pokedex
1 full heal
1 potion
1 super scoop up
1 plus power
1 energy search
2 energy retrieval
trainer/supporter total - 8
total number of cards in deck - 50
Overall Strategy
I honestly can't say what the strategy of this deck is.  There's a pokemon line for almost every energy type and I think it was just built on whatever he had rather than having a specific idea in mind.  One big problem is that there are not enough cards in the deck.  A legal deck must have 60 cards in it and this only has 50.
Pokemon Analysis
While this deck is kind of all over the place as far as pokemon go, there are some good lines such as the 1-1-1 emboar, 1-1 zoroark and zekrom.  Since zoroark and zekrom are promos, you should be able to relatively easily get a few more to increase the line of zoroark to 2-2 and zekrom to 3 or 4.  The common tech with zekrom is pachirisu and shaymin, but those are quite expensive, so I would go with the cheaper option of the rare ampharos from HGSS or CoL (they have the same attacks, it's just been reprinted).  Ampharos' first attack will allow you to search for lightning energy to attack to zekrom.  While the emboar line is complete, it just doesn't go with this deck, so I wouldn't include it.  It's going to be pretty difficult to retrieve and attach all those energy without the ability emboar. 
Since zekrom and zoroark are weak to fighting and donphan is your biggest/most common fighting pokemon out there, I would increase your line of water pokemon.  Basculin isn't terribly strong, but you've already got a nice start to a possible samurott line.  I would try a 3-2-2 line of non ability samurott (non ability since you can snipe and they're easier to get than the ability samurott).  All the other pokemon you can drop.  If you have anything like manaphy, cleffa, smeargle, stantler, pichu or any other good starter pokemon, I would include at least 2 of them.
Energy Analysis
20 energy is way too many.  If you take my suggestions and reduce your pokemon to samurott, zekrom, ampharos and zoroark, then I would run 2 double colorless energy, 4 water and 7 lightning energy.  Running so many different types of energy makes it very difficult to get what you need for the right pokemon.  Also, scramble energy is no longer legal since it's from a set that's been rotated out.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
One of the biggest things to remember when building decks is that you might have great pokemon in it, but it doesnt matter if you can't get to them.  That's why trainers/supporters are so important.  I would add 3 cards to search out basic pokemon, like pokemon collector and dual ball.  Add 1 flower shop to recovery pokemon and energy in the discard pile and 1 twins in case you're behind in the game.  You'll need a few hand refreshers like professor oaks new theory and I might even add some cheren from the new emerging powerrs set to allow you to draw more.  The card defender is great to use with zekrom, so I would add 3 of those.  You'll need at least 3 pokemon communication to make sure that you can get out the exact pokemon you need and maybe even 1 rare candy to evolve that samurott faster.  I'd add in 3-4 junk arm so you can reuse all of your trainers.  2 pokemon catcher (if you can get your hands on them) are great for pulling up your opponent from the bench.  Honestly, I would probably drop all of your current trainers and supporters.  You might be able to use the pluspower occasionally, but everything else isn't very useful.  If you're having trouble drawing into your energy, you can add an interviewers questions.
The way that your deck is now, it's going to be very difficult to get exactly what you need out to win.  Hopefully my suggestions will help you streamline the deck to be more effective!

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