Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - BoosterKracker - Reshiram Ninetales Typhlosion

3 reshiram
1 zekrom
3 cleffa
1 tyrogue
2-1-2 emboar
1-1 ninetales
1-1-1 typhlosion
1-1 rayquaza deoxys legend
3 electric
11 fire
3 collector
2 sage
2 juniper
4 communication
3 candy
2 revive
2 reversal
3 retrieval
2 junk arm
1 switch
Overall Strategy
This deck revolves around reshiram who can hit for 120, but must discard 2 energy.  Techs like typhlosion and emboar allow you to add those energy on fairly quickly.  Ninetales allows you to draw 3 cards when you discard 1 energy.  The rayquaza deoxys legend is great for the late-game, being able to take 2 prizes when it knocks out a pokemon.
Pokemon Analysis
You have both ability emboar and typhlosion for adding energy to reshiram.  I would choose one or the other for consistency.  With yanmega and magnezone decks constantly judging you, you'll want to rely on something that doesn't focus on what's in your hand, therefore typhlosion is the better play.  4-3-4 or 3-2-3 would be best, although you can always decrease the stage 1 and increase rare candy.  I would increase your ninetales to 2-2 since it will be a great target for pokemon catcher.  I would take out the zekrom since you'll be hitting hard enough to knock out most water pokemon.  You can always rely on RDL to take out a really big water pokemon if needed.  Reduce your number of cleffa or replace them with manaphy so there's a smaller risk of being donked by your opponents tyrogue. 
Energy Analysis
I wouldn't change anything.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I would add in one twins if you're behind since yanmega decks will typically take the first prize and flower shop for recovery of not just energy, but also pokemon.  Increasing your junk arm would allow you to be able to reuse your trainers more often, and also allow you to safely reduce your communication to 3.  If you decide to focus more on typhlosion rather than emboar, you can easily reduce your energy retrieval down to 1-2.  The only reason I would keep them would be to use ninetales body or get the energy you need to attach for the turn rather than afterburner.  With multiple juniper, you're more likely to run through your deck pretty fast, so I would decrease it to 1.  Increasing your sage, PONT or adding in cheren, would allow you to get what you need faster.   Now that catcher is out, you can replace your reversals (being able to reuse catcher is another reason why you want to increase your number of junk arm). 
This is a great deck as long as you increase your lines of tech and focus only on one, rather than both.  I like the idea of RDL in a reshiram deck since your opponent wouldn't expect it outside of a magneboar deck.  I can easily see it getting set up in one turn with the use of 3 typhlosions, so it wouldn't be bait for catcher.

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