Monday, August 22, 2011

Deck Review - starharry10 - torterra scolipede

3-2-1/1 Torterra (DP torterra and torterra lv x)
4-2-2 serperior (non ability)
2-2-1 scolipede
2-1 sawsbuck
2 petilil
1-1 musharna
1 pansage
pokemon total = 28

10 grass
8 psychic
energy total = 18
2 Professor Juniper
2 Pokemon Communication
2 Revive
2 Energy Search
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Potion
2 pokeball
trainer/supporter total = 14
Pokemon Analysis
You have quite a few different lines of pokemon going on, which needs to be reduced.  Too many lines of pokemon often leads to dead cards in your hand because you dont have the bench space to play them all.  Your strongest line of pokemon is the serperior, although unless you can add another serperior I would reduce the line to 3-2-2 (taking out 2 snivy)..  With a free retreat and and an attack that also heals, you can easily attack, run to the bench and put something else up, retreat back to serperior to heal and do it again.  For the pokemon with heavy retreat costs, you'll need switch to be able to do this.  The torterra from diamond and pearl are no longer legal, so I would swap them with 2 torterra from the newer set which is still really good.  For a grass and double colorless energy it hits for 40 and also heals itself.  One more energy allows it to hit for 80, I like sawsbuck in the deck since it can do more damage with more energy on the field, but because you're already running so much grass, it should be removed.  I think you can take out the musharna, as I feel that it's not a very strong attacker and your opponent can always recover from being asleep.  I would also take out pansage and petilil since I dont think they contribute much to the deck. 
Your serperior and torterra are going to be very vulnerable against fire pokemon.  One of the biggest fire pokemon out there is reshiram.  You have a few options for countering this.  You could see what sort of water pokemon you have or you could add in a 2-2 line of zoroark from black and white. It copies your opponents moves, and with a special dark energy, can knock it out in one hit. I don't know if you should keep the scolipede in this deck or just exchange it for a starter pokemon like a few cleffa/manaphy and a tyrogue.  You can also use celebi prime as a starter to be able to attach more grass energy per turn.  My biggest problem with scolipede is that you already have 2 stage 2 pokemon (serperior and torterra) so trying to get a third stage 2 pokemon out is going to be difficult.  I would try running something closer to this:
2 celebi prime/cleffa/manaphy (either would be a decent starter in this deck)
1 tyrogue
3-2-3 serperior
2-2 zoroark
2-2-2 torterra
new pokemon total = 21
Energy analysis
Without the psychic pokemon, you no longer need the psychic energy.  I would drop all of those, include 3-4 double colorless energy (not only can zoroark use them, but so can torterra), and decrease your grass energy for a total of around 12 energy in the deck.  It may not seem like a lot of energy, but with the right trainer/supporter line, you should have no problems pulling them.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You need something to search out basics like pokemon collector and/or dual ball (depending on what you have).  I would increase the pokemon communication to 3 so that you can swap those basics out for the stage 1 or stage 2 that you need.  Adding in 3 rare candy is necessary if you're going to run 2 stage 2 pokemon.  I would also include 3 junk arm to be able to reuse any trainers.  Pokemon catcher will be released soon in emerging powers.  It allows you to drag up one of your opponents benched pokemo, so I would include 2 or 3 of them.  I would decrease your juniper to 1 (2 is a bit risky since you'll more likely to discard something you need later).
For recovery, I would add 1 flower shop lady and reduce your energy retrieval down to 1 (you may not need it at all).  I would drop the revive and add in a twins instead, to help you come back from behind.  With the stage 2's, your opponent will likely be pretty fast and able to take a prize or two before you can get going, so twins will be a big help.  You can also drop the energy search, potion and pokeball.  It's more important to get more supporters to get better hands in a deck like this.  I would add in 4 professor oaks new theory and possibly a couple of copycat.  If you decide to keep one energy retrieval, you might be safe in playing engineers adjustments as a supporter as well.  I would also include 2 switch since your torterra has a pretty steep retreat cost. 
Your original deck would likely not do well in a tournament. It runs too many different pokemon without enough trainers and supporters to be able to get out what you need.  By focusing on only a few of those pokemon and making your trainer/supporter line stronger, this deck should stand a better chance.  It will be slow, and you'll likely be behind on prizes, but if you can get it going, you should be able to catch up with a lot of decks.

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