Monday, August 29, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - samisnotweird123 - Scizor Ampharos Raichu

2 Zekrom
2-1 Raichu prime
2-2-3 Ampharos (2 prime, 1 non)
2-1 Electrivire triumphant
2-1 Scizor prime
1 Cleffa
1 tyrogue
2 shuckle promo
1 shaymin
pokemon total = 23
2 rare candy
2 pokemon communication
1 switch
1 energy retrieval
1 lost remover
2 revive
1 pokemon collector
1 flower shop lady
energy total = 14
13 electric energy
6 special metal
energy total = 22
Pokemon Analysis
This is mostly a lightning deck with a bit of a steel twist.  It's got some strong attackers in it, but I think it's a bit too spread out.  Both zekrom and raichu are hitting for the same amount, but obviously have their differences. Zekrom is a basic, but does damage to itself.  Raichu can move energy to itself, but has to discard the energy when its done.  I would choose one or the other, possibly raichu if you can add a second one.  Ampharos is a great addition to the deck to speed up energy attachments with the non prime or do small amounts of damage with the non primes body that forces your opponent to take a damage counter each time it attaches an energy.  I would increase the mareep to 3, possibly 4, to ensure that you can get both ampharos out.
The electivire has a nice second attack, but most decks don't spread out their energy that much, so I don't know how useful it would be.  I like the scizor prime as another attacker, but with all the fire in the format, I don't know how long it would stay alive.  Shuckle promo is nice to be able to draw more, but then you have to rely on the raichu to pull the energy off or the bench space for the shaymin.  With 10 different pokemon, you simply won't have the bench space.  So I would take out the shuckle, shaymin and electivire and increase the scizor prime to 2.  Your starters of cleffa and tyrogue are good.
Energy Analysis
22 energy is way too many energy in the deck.  I like the DCE since both ampharos can use it, but would probably drop it down to 2.  You can only have 4 special energy, so I would take out 2 special metal to meet that requirement, and include 2 basic metal energy.  I would drop your lightning energy to 8 for a total of 16.  That's still pretty high, so if you're finding that you need more room for trainers/supporters, I would take out the basic metal and further reduce the lightning energy.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
To search out for basics early on, increase your basic search cards like pokemon collector and dual ball.  Increasing your pokemon communication to 3 will allow you to swap the pokemon in your hand for what you need at the moment.  One of the biggest parts of decks is being able to refresh your hand a bit.  You can do that by adding more professor oaks new theory (4 total) as well as a few cheren from the new emerging powers set.  I would also add in one juniper in case you need a nice big fresh hand. I would take out the energy retrieval since you already run so many of them (you can also get some with flower shop lady), but add in one twins in case you need to come back from behind.  I like the switch to get sleeping babies out as well as the 2 rare candy to speed up ampharos' evolution.
To make room for some of these changes, I would take out the lost remover and revive.  They can both help, but there are others that are needed more in this deck.  I would also add in 3-4 junk arm so you can reuse any of the trainers that you've already used.  Since pokemon catcher will be released soon, I would add in 2 of them so you can use them to either stall by forcing your opponent to bring up heavy pokemon that aren't ready (and hopefully they don't have the switch) or can bring up pokemon that you want to knock out.
I think once you streamline your pokemon a bit, reduce your energy and increase the trainers and supporters, this deck will run much more consistently for you.

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