Monday, August 29, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - CookieCruncher94 - togekiss blissey tyrogue and many others!

3 Mareep
3 Pikachu
1 Tyrogue
1 Hitmonchan
1 Sandile
3-1 Blissey
3 Clefairy
2 Patrat
4-2-1 Togekiss
1 Lunatone
pokemon total = 26

1 Energy Retrieval
1 Energy Returner
1 Energy Search
1 Plus Power
1 Poke Ball
1 Potion
1 Revive
1 Switch
1 Engineer's Adjustments
1 Professor Elm's Method
1 Professor Juniper
1 Sages Training
trainer/supporter total = 12
20 energy
Pokemon Analysis
As a new player, you may not have a lot of pokemon to work with, but typically just from opening a few packs, you can get a few lines of pokemon together.  Blissey is actually a decent attacker, able to do 80 per turn.  The problem is that it damages itself, however, you can reduce that damage with defender.  While I'm not a fan of togekiss because if you flip tails, you can't do anything, you run a pretty strong line of it.  Tyrogue is a great card because it can possibly knock out other baby pokemon and if it can stay asleep, can't be hurt. 
For the rest of the pokemon in the deck, I would really try to find their evolutions (sandile, mareep, pikachu, etc....).  Otherwise they're just not very strong pokemon.  You can easily trade for them online, at pokemon leagues, if you have some other cards to trade.  They're also relatively cheap too (I could potentially sell you some).
Energy Analysis
You didn't list the types that you run, but I would recomment including some double colorless energy (which you can get just for playing at leagues).  Other than that, I would add in basic energy of the types that you're running until you get around 14.  Some decks can easily run with fewer, but as a new player, you're going to want to be able to draw into them easily.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have some good cards in this section such as the switch, juniper and elm.  Sage could possibly work in this deck, but could also hurt you since you have to discard.  Energy cards in the discard pile aren't useful, so I wouldn't recommend the engineer either.
First you need cards to search for basics (pokemon collector and dual ball), then pokemon communication to swap them out for higher pokemon that you need.  While you do have the energy retrieval, flower shop is much better for being able to recover pokemon as well.  If you decide to decrease your energy line, you may want to add the retrieval, but I wouldn't recommend it.  While juniper is a great hand refresher, I would also add in 4 professor oaks new theory and possibly a few cheren,
I would add in twins in case you're behind as well as some defender for your blissey.  It reduces the damage it does to itself as well as damage from attacks for one turn.  I would add in 3-4 junk arm so you can reuse your trainers.  If you can get some pokemon catcher, I would also add a couple of them in to be able to get the easy knockouts.  Any trainer that I haven't mentioned here can be dropped to make room for the ones that I've suggested.

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