Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - epicskittles14 - Magnezone Emboar Reshiram RDL

2-1-2 emboar
3-1-3 magnezone
2 reshiram
1-1 rayquaza deoxys legend
1 tyrogue
1 cleffa
pokemon total = 18

12 fire
4 electric
2 rescue
energy total = 18

3 energy retrieval
3 communication
3 elm
4 rare candy
2 switch
2 junk arm
2 twins
2 energy search
2 reversal
1 collector
trainer/supporter total = 24

Overal Strategy
This is your standard magneboar deck.  Ability emboar allows you to attach as many fire energy as you want per turn.  Magnezone acts as your draw engine as well a heavy hitter, allowing you do send energy to the lost zone hitting for 50 for each energy.  Since you don't always want to be attacking with magnezone since you'll lose a lot of energy that way, you run reshiram to hit for 120 per turn.  Emboar allows you to attach those energy that you discarded as long as you can get them back into your hand.  Rayquaza deoxys legend is great for mid-late game to grab 2 prizes per knockout.  Cleffa is your lone baby starter, allowing you to refresh your hand as its attack, while tyrogue is for hopefully getting the donk on other baby pokemon.

Pokemon Analysis
I might consider adding one more magneton to the magnezone line if vileplume starts becoming more of a problem.  Other than that, I think your pokemon line is perfect.

Energy Analysis
18 is a bit high, even for a deck like this that forces you to discard and lost zone a lot of energy.  I don't think you really need the rescue energy, so I would drop them (I prefer to use a flower shop).  However, if you really like them, I would just drop a couple of fire.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I really like the energy retrieval, but I also like fisherman in case you're under trainer lock.  I think you'll be fine with 3 rare candy rather than 4.  I typically only see one switch per deck, but with catcher coming out, you'll want to have 2 in case your magnezone's are dragged out.  Your line of pokemon communication is great, but I like to see more basic searching cards.  I would increase your 1 collector to 3, possibly 4, relying on those communication to swap them out for evolutions.  If you don't have collector, you can always try dual ball.  When catcher comes out, I would replace the reversal with it, but I'm sure you were already planning on that. 

While I like the twins in the deck in case you're behind, I don't think you need two of them.  I would stick to 1 and add in 1 flower shop lady so you don't have to rely so much on your rescue.  Increase your line of junk arm to 3-4 since you run quite a few trainers, most of them cards that you'll want to reutilize.  With a strong line of communication/collector, you won't need the elm, but if you really like it, keeping 1-2 shouldn't hurt.  I don't think you'll need the energy search since you run so many energy cards as it is.  Magnezone's draw power will easily let you draw into them.  I would also run a card to help you refresh your hand a bit/draw a little more.  You have a few options, but I would consider judge (since magnezone can easily increase  your hand size), sage (since you can always use junk arm to reuse trainers that you had to throw away), or engineer.  You run a high number of cards to get energy back and if you add the fisherman to that, engineers would be a great addition.

This is a really solid deck and I'm impressed by how nice your pokemon line is (many variants of magneboar are pretty scattered, but yours seems pretty streamlined).  My trainer/supporter suggestions might help this deck be a little more consistent, but overall, it's still a really great deck!

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