Monday, August 29, 2011

Pokemon Deck Review - thesnowwarrior deck - Kingdra Samurott

3-2-3 Kingdra (2 prime, 1 non)
3-2-3 Samurott (2 ability, 1 non)
2-2 Floatzel (unleashed)
1 Manaphy
pokemon total = 21

x13 Water Energy
energy total = 13

x2 Seeker
x1 Twins
x3 Junk Arm
x2 Prof. Oak New Theory
x4 Rare Candy
x4 Pokemon Catcher/Reversal
x2 Judge
x3 Pokemon Communication
x2 Pokemon Collector
x1 Flower Shop Lady
x2 Energy Retrieval
trainer/supporter total = 26

This is pretty much a straight water deck with some of the strongest water pokemon in the format.  Kingdra prime is primarily for the spray splash poke power that places one damage counter per turn.  The other kingdra can hit for 80 if you return an energy to your hand.  Samurott is a tank, reducing all damage done to it by 20, but also being able to hit more for each water energy attached.  The non ability samurott is perfect for sniping the bench while being able to do some damage to the active.  Floatzel allows you to attach extra energy per turn to itself.

Pokemon Analysis
While floatzel is a great way to increase the amount of energy you can attach per turn, but without shaymin or blastoise, you can't move it around.  Otherwise, it's not a terribly strong attacker.  So I would drop it completely, unless you plan on running either of those pokemon.  I might increase your basics to 4, rather than 3, because with pokemon catcher there's a higher chance of them being KO'd before you can evolve them.  I might also increase your manaphy to 2, to increase the chance that you'll draw it on the first turn and reduce the chance of it being prized.  Other than that, I think you have great lines of pokemon.

Energy Analysis
Since both samurott and the non prime kingdra can utilize double colorless energy, I would include 4 of them and reduce the water energy to 8-9.  If you decide to include a pokemon to move around the extra energy attached with floatzel, then maybe you can stick to all DCE.  But otherwise, DCE will greatly speed up the deck. 

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
To increase the chances of getting basic pokemon out early, I would increase the line of pokemon collector to 3-4, adding in dual ball if you don't have any more collector.  I don't really like judge in this deck, because you don't have a pokemon draw engine like magnezone to be able to recover from it or a card that needs to control the hand size of your opponent like yanmega.  I think increasing your professor oaks new theory and possibly adding in a cheren would be more beneficial. I would add in one switch in case something is catcher'd up before you're ready so you don't have to pay the energy to retreat.  I would drop the seeker since without BTS, it's going to be difficult to set a stage 2 pokemon going again.  However, if you decide to keep the seeker, adding in switch's become even more important.  I doubt that you'll need 2 energy retrieval in a game, so I would decrease that to 1.  I would also increase your junk arm to 4, and consider decreasing your catcher and rare candy since you can always just use junk arm to reuse them.   Getting more hand refreshers like cheren and PONT in your

I think this is already a pretty good deck.  The pokemon lines are really strong and there's not that much that I can suggest that could improve the deck.  Thanks for submitting it!

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